Member Spotlight: Thomas Tullius, MD


Thomas Tullius, MD completed his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering at Princeton University. He was a member of the inaugural medical school class at the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, El Paso. Following medical school, Dr. Tullius completed both his diagnostic radiology residency and interventional radiology fellowship at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Dr. Tullius served on the RSNA Resident and Fellow Committee (RFC) and chaired the RFC subcommittee on communication. He is an interventional radiologist at X-Ray Associates of New Mexico and also practices at Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

What or who sparked your interest in radiology?

 Radiology and now interventional radiology are my passions. Initially, I was drawn to radiology by the highly technical aspects and cutting-edge equipment, which complemented my engineering background.

What would you describe as the biggest professional challenge you face today?

The biggest professional challenge is transitioning from training to practice. While I feel my training has given me a strong foundation, practice will bring many unanticipated hurdles that will require problem solving on my feet.

What is the biggest reward?

The most rewarding aspect of my practice is providing care to my patients in a multidisciplinary setting, whether it be a tumor board or in conjunction with a referring clinician. Of course, there is no feeling that compares to performing a complex interventional procedure and having an excellent result.

How does your membership with RSNA help you in your daily practice?

My membership with RSNA is invaluable. I use the excellent technical articles on a routine basis to work through complex diagnostic cases. In addition, my experience with RSNA has provided a network of colleagues who have aided both my clinical and professional development.

How do you like to spend your free time?

Outside of work, I love spending my free time with my family including my wife, Zoe, who is a neonatologist, and my daughter, Rose. My wife and I play on a co-ed soccer team and my daughter is at every game cheering us on.