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RSNA 2019 Highlights

Breast Imaging

New Science: A Bridge to Breast Cancer Screening – RC715

MR Imaging-guided Breast Biopsy (Hands-on) – RC150

Cardiac Radiology

Rapid Fire: 80 Cardiac Cases in 80 Minutes – RC503

•  Hot Topic Session: 4D Flow Imaging in Congenital and Acquired Cardiovascular Disease – Clinical Impact – SPSH52

Chest Radiology

•   Controversy Session: Are We Over Diagnosing Pulmonary Emboli? – SPSC20

•  Interstitial Lung Disease in the Community: A Practical Approach – RC401

Emergency Radiology

•   Hot Topic Session: Mass Casualty Incidents – When Disaster Strikes – SPSH40

•  Emergency Radiology: Trauma Imaging New Concepts – SSJ06

Gastrointestinal Radiology

Understanding Anorectal and Cloacal Malformations with 3D Printed Models – RCA32

 • Abbreviated/Faster MRI Abdominal Pelvic Protocols – RC109

Genitourinary Radiology/Uroradiology

•   Chronic Pelvic Pain: Added Value of MRI in Endometriosis, Fibroids, and Pelvic Floor Relaxation – RC407

•  Renal Sonography 2019: Update and Controversies – RC310

Health Service Policy and Research/Policy and Practice

•  Reimbursement Topics in 3D Printing – RCC34

 •  Radiologist Peer-Review and Peer Learning: Options and Implementation Strategies in Academic and Private Practices – RC527


•  Using Imaging Informatics to Enable Patient Experience Improvements in Radiology – RC153

•   Preparing your Radiology Practice and IT Department for Big Data – RCC42

Molecular Imaging

•  Molecular Imaging Symposium: Neurologic MI Applications  – MSMI23

•  Hot Topic Session: Imaging of Traumatic Brain Injury — Present and Future – SPSH54

Multisystem/Special Interest

Anatomical MR Imaging for Radiotherapy Planning and Guidance – RC422

Quantitative Imaging: Image Modality Specific Issues – RC225

Musculoskeletal Radiology

•  Advanced Muscle Imaging: State of the Art – RC104

•  Common Spinal Injection Procedures for Diagnosis and Treatment of Back Pain – RC631


•  Emerging Technology: Imaging of Dementias and Movement Disorders Update 2019 – RC117

•  Horse or Zebra? Case-based Review of Common Mimics in the Head and Neck – RC606

 Nuclear Medicine

•  Hot Topic Session: Patient-facing Nuclear Medicine Clinics for Prostate Cancer – SPSH30

•  Metabolic Tumor Imaging: Current and Beyond – RC518

Obstetric/Gynecologic Radiology

•  Hot Topic Session: Imaging of the Placenta — Where Do We Stand in 2019? – SPSH53

•  MRI O-RADS (Interactive Session) – RC129

Pediatric Radiology

Pediatric Neuroemergencies – RC813

Essentials of Pediatric Imaging – MSES44


•  Innovations in Medical Imaging Physics with Deep Learning – RC621

•  Optimization and Technology in Interventional Radiology – RC623

 Radiation Oncology and Radiobiology

•  Advanced PET Imaging for Radiotherapy Planning and Response Assessment – RC222

 •  Pearls and Tips in Oncologic Image Interpretation  – RC718


•  Body MR Angiography: 2019 Update – RC312

•  Emergency Cardiothoracic CT Angiography – RC208

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