RSNA 2019 Trending Topics

Chest Radiology

The imaging and management of patients with lung cancer remains a popular topic for this subspecialty. Look for sessions focusing on lung cancer screening, AI and neural networks, along with DL for lung cancer diagnosis and treatment. 

Attendees looking to confirm compliance with lung cancer screening guidelines can compete with their colleagues in the Diagnosis Live™ session, Lung Cancer Screening. There is also a Diagnosis Live™ session on Occupational Lung Disease.

The Hot Topic Session, Radiomics in Thoracic Imaging, addresses AI radiomics and its future uses for cancer characterization, especially during lung screening. The diagnosis of pulmonary embolism is the topic of the Controversy Session, Are We Over Diagnosing Pulmonary Emboli?

Essentials of Chest Imaging covers large and small airway diseases, pulmonary hypertension and metabolic and depositional lung diseases. 

A wide variety of topics, including pulmonary fibrosis, nodules and infections are covered during the International Symposium on Cardiothoracic Imaging. Participants can use the audience-response system during Practical HRCT of the Lung to answer questions about nodular patterns and cystic and fibrotic lung disease.

Also, note this session on lung disease, Interstitial Lung Disease in the Community: A Practical Approach

Lung cancer screening, emphysema and cystic fibrosis diagnosis and treatment are popular topics for the education exhibits in this subspecialty.

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