RSNA 2019 Trending Topics

Breast Imaging

AI, ML and computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) remain topics of high interest for breast imaging. The Breast Series: Emerging Technologies focuses on the value that AI, CAD and ML bring to breast imaging. Genetics, radiomics and biomarkers are featured in the session, Breast Series: MRI.

The Hot Topic session for breast imaging, Management of the Axilla-Biopsy and Staging, focuses on imaging and biopsy of the axilla, along with surgical management techniques.

Those looking for an interactive session can attend the Diagnosis Live™ challenges on BI-RADS and tomosynthesis or the Review of the Breast session featuring cases from around the world.

The Newly Diagnosed Cancer: Different Viewpoints session focuses on the role of MRI, contrast-enhanced mammography and ultrasound (US) in the evaluation of newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.

Breast screening is the focus of the New Science: A Bridge to Breast Cancer Screening session featuring perspectives on current and future screening challenges. Hands-on courses held throughout the meeting cover topics such as MRI-guided breast biopsy, US-guided interventional breast procedures and breast elastography.

Also note this session on breast cancer screening, New Science: A Bridge to Breast Cancer Screening

Education exhibits focus on topics including DBT, radiomics and contrast-enhanced mammography.

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