Board of Directors: Call for nominations

RSNA’s Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for two open positions on the Board of Directors with terms beginning in December 2023. 

The at-large director will serve a three-year term and the standing director will serve a seven-year term, including serving as chair of the Board in their sixth year and as RSNA president in their seventh year.

The Board and the Nominating Committee work to ensure the inclusion of diverse perspectives and needed expertise, including areas of identified emphasis when making slate recommendations.

Areas of emphasis for 2023

The Nominating Committee seeks individuals with areas of emphasis and experience in one or more of the following:

  • International leadership
  • Member engagement experience
  • Private practice
  • Early to midcareer radiologists

For more details, review the criteria, eligibility and FAQs below. Please submit candidates for consideration via the nomination form below.

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Important dates and deadlines

The 2023 Board Call for Nominations will run from Feb. 1 through March 20.

Nominations open: Feb. 1
Nomination deadline:
March 20; 5 p.m. CT
Number of open positions:
Standing director (2023–2030); At-large director (2023–2026)

Timeline details
After nominations close on March 20, the Nominating Committee will review the nominations and recommend a slate of candidates to the Board. Eligible members will vote on the final slate of candidates during the business meeting held during the annual meeting. New Board members will begin their term at the close of the annual meeting. 

About the Board of Directors and Nominating Committee

Board of Directors
RSNA’s Board of Directors is a highly skilled and carefully selected group of individuals committed to improving the future of radiology and advancing the Society’s mission. The Board consists of seven to 11 members, including the president, chair, five standing directors and up to four at-large directors.

Learn more about the current members of the Board of Directors and find additional details on how the Board functions.

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee is responsible for recommending new Board members. The 2023 Nominating Committee members are:

  • Curtis P. Langlotz, MD, PhD, Chair
  • Matthew D. Bucknor, MD
  • Christine Chung, MD
  • Melissa A. Davis, MD
  • Bruce G. Haffty, MD
  • Amy Hara, MD
  • Diego Jaramillo, MD, MPH
  • Nina Kottler, MD, MS

Criteria and eligibility

Candidates should meet the following criteria:

  • Appropriate expertise needed to meet the goals and mission of RSNA
  • A history of RSNA engagement
  • Ability to regularly participate in Board of Director meetings (four in-person meetings and the annual meeting) and fulfill outlined role during term
  • International Board portfolio responsibilities will require additional international travel throughout the year during term of service.  
  • Knowledge of the Society and its mission
  • Commitment to diversity and inclusive leadership


  • A candidate must be part of RSNA's current "Active" membership category, which consists of North American radiologists or other radiologic scientists as outlined in the bylaws.
  • Candidates outside of North America are not eligible.
  • Self-nominations are accepted.
  • If a candidate meets the criteria for both open positions, a willingness to serve in either open position may be indicated on the form and the candidate may be considered for either position.
  • At-large directors must be willing to serve a three-year term and carry out the powers and duties of the Board of Directors as outlined in the bylaws.
  • Standing directors must be willing to serve a seven-year term and carry out the powers and duties of the Board of Directors as outlined in the bylaws, including serving as chair of the Board in their sixth year and president in their seventh year.
  • Cannot have previously completed a term as a standing director of the Board.
  • If previously served as an at-large director, candidate must have a gap in service on the Board of at least three years to be considered for a standing director position and is not eligible to serve another term as an at-large director.

To be considered, a complete nomination must be submitted via the online form and include the following information:

  • A personal nominating statement written by the candidate (500 words or less); candidate should indicate their willingness to serve if selected
  • No more than two letters of support (original nominator letter counts as one of the two letters of support)
  • Current CV (limit of 10 pages)

If a candidate receives multiple nominations, only the initial nomination file will be considered by the Nominating Committee. 



What criteria are considered in choosing a Board candidate?

Please see the section "Criteria and eligibility" above. Candidates must be current and active RSNA members.

What is an “active member” of RSNA?

As defined by the RSNA bylaws, an active member is a radiologist or other radiologic scientist who fulfills the requirements set forth in 2.111 and 2.112.

Can a member from outside of North America be nominated?

No. Residency and practice in a North American country is part of the requirement of active membership and eligibility to serve on the Board of Directors.

Nomination process

How does the nominating process work?

The RSNA bylaws outline an open call for nominations for seeking candidates to serve on the Board of Directors. The call for nominations opens Feb. 1. The RSNA Nominating Committee will then review the nominations and present a slate to the Board of Directors. The slate of individuals presented by the Nominating Committee will be voted on by the members of the Society at the business meeting held during the annual meeting.

New Board members will begin their terms at the close of the annual meeting.

All required documentation is needed in order to complete the online nomination process. It is recommended for nominators to review all details and have all required documents prepared before filling out the online submission form

Are self-nominations accepted?

Yes. Nominations (including self-nominations) are welcome and may be submitted via the online form during the open call for nominations.

Note: There is no need to be nominated more than once. Only the initial nomination of an individual will be considered by the Nominating Committee.

May I be nominated for more than one open position?

Yes. If there is more than one open Board of Director position in a nomination year, candidates may be considered for multiple positions. Only one form needs to be submitted and should include willingness of the candidate to serve in one or either position. 

May I be nominated more than once for a single position?

The Nominating Committee will consider only the first nomination for an individual. Submitting more than one complete nomination for an individual is not recommended.

How will I know if my nomination was received?

When you submit the nomination form, you will receive a message that confirms it was successfully received. To receive a copy of your completed form, check the box at the bottom of the form: “Send me a copy of my responses.”

Required documentation

What documentation is required to submit a nomination?

A personal statement written by the candidate, a CV and two letters of support (original nominator letter counts as one of the two letters of support) are required for a complete nomination. An individual cannot be considered without all the necessary documentation. These materials should be submitted via the online nomination form. A PDF file is the preferred format for submitting documents within the online form. 

What details should be included in the personal statement?

A personal nominating statement of 500 words or less should be written by the candidate indicating their ability to meet the goals and responsibilities of the role, as well as to confirm willingness to serve if selected. A willingness to serve as an at-large director, standing director, or in either position should also be included in the personal statement. A PDF file is preferred.

To convert a Word document into a PDF file, select:  “File” then “Save as Adobe PDF.”

What if I cannot obtain the required documentation for a complete nomination?

If you know of someone who meets the position criteria and might be willing to serve, you may encourage them to submit a self-nomination and offer to write a letter of recommendation on their behalf. 

Announcement of selected candidates

When will I hear back about my nomination?

Nominators and nominees can expect to hear back in the fall of 2023 regarding the final status of the nomination. See the timeline at the top of the page for more information.

Will my nomination be considered for future years?

Only one to two candidates are selected out of a large number of highly qualified applicants each year. If a candidate remains interested in serving, the Nominating Committee encourages nominees to resubmit a nomination for the current cycle. The nomination should meet all of the current year’s requirements and provide the latest candidate information. 

Board of Director roles

What is the time commitment for a Board member?

All standing and at-large directors must be available to regularly participate in Board of Directors meetings, as well as participate in occasional virtual meetings as needed throughout the year. The Board holds in-person meetings four times a year (January, March, June, September) and during the annual meeting. Board members are expected to fulfill the outlined role during their term, including participating in various committee meetings as required, as a part of their Board liaison role.

The new Board member who will assume the international portfolio responsibilities will have significant time commitments in addition to the above. The Board member that assumes international responsibilities will be expected to represent RSNA in person at various international radiology meetings throughout the year, including in Austria (late February/early March) and Brazil (late April/early May). Candidates must be willing and able to make these additional time and travel commitments in order to serve. 

Standing director candidates must be willing to serve a term of seven years, serving as chair of the Board in the sixth year and RSNA president in the seventh year. In addition to Board meetings, the presidential year includes various domestic and international travel. 

All individuals considering submitting a nomination are encouraged to visit the Board of Directors page to learn more about the current members. For additional details on how the Board functions, review the Board of Directors cabinet structure.

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