Board of Directors: Call for nominations

RSNA’s Nominating Committee seeks nominations for qualified candidates for two at-large director positions on RSNA’s Board of Directors for the 2021-2024 term. 

The special criteria for the at-large director positions for this nomination cycle (as determined by the Board) are members who have direct experience with, or who are, private practice radiologists or early/midcareer radiologists. At-large directors will participate in Board discussions to give early to midcareer professionals and private practitioners strong representation in the development of organizational strategies, programs and services.

The Society’s strategic plan includes the crucial goal of promoting diverse representation within the profession and ensuring diversity in RSNA leadership. The Nominating Committee aims to contribute to this goal when considering nominations for the at-large director positions. This effort, in conjunction with the recent bylaw amendments to modify the size of the RSNA Board from eight to a range of seven to 11 members, provides new opportunities for additional voices, perspectives and skill sets to join the organization’s leadership and help further the Society’s mission.

Consider nominating yourself or a peer who meets the position criteria listed below.

Nominations open: June 1
Nomination deadline: July 15 at 5 PM Central Time (CT)
Number of at-large director positions open: Two
Term length: Three years (December 2021 to December 2024)

Timeline details: After nominations close on July 15, the Nominating Committee will review the nominations and recommend a slate of candidates to the Board. Eligible members will vote on the final slate of candidates during the annual business meeting on Tuesday, November 30. New Board members will begin their term at the close of the annual meeting on December 2.

About the Board of Directors

RSNA’s Board of Directors is a highly skilled and carefully selected group of individuals committed to the future of radiology and advancing the Society’s mission. The Board consists of seven to 11 members, including the president, chair, five standing directors and up to four at-large directors. 

Learn more about the current members of the Board of Directors and find additional details on how the board functions.

About the at-large director position

At-large directors will help provide a diversity of perspectives across the Society and expertise to RSNA. 

At-large directors have all of the powers and duties of the Board of Directors as outlined in the Society’s bylaws. While not in the line of succession for the chair or president roles, at-large directors are eligible to serve in a leadership capacity as secretary-treasurer or as an RSNA Board liaison to various committees or representative to external organizations. 

A gap in service of at least three years is required before an at-large director is eligible to serve as a standing director. The number of at-large directors is determined by the Board based on the priorities and needs during each election cycle. Both positions that are currently open are non-renewable, three-year terms and will begin in December 2021 and end in December 2024 at the close of the RSNA annual meeting.

Nomination criteria

Nominations for at-large director candidates must be submitted by Thursday, July 15 at 5 PM Central Time (CT). Those who have previously completed a term as a standing director of the Board are ineligible for this position. 

Please review the following criteria before submitting your nomination:

  • All nominations must include a nominating statement and the nominee’s CV
  • Nominees and nominators must be a current Active RSNA member (board certified, North American radiologists)
  • Self-nominations are accepted
  • Candidates should:
    • Have direct experience with or as a private practice radiologist and/or early/midcareer radiologist (7 to 15 years out of training)
    • Be able to regularly participate in Board of Director meetings (four in-person meetings in addition to the annual meeting) and fulfill the outlined role during the three-year term
    • Have history of engagement with RSNA, knowledge of the Society and its mission, and the expertise needed to meet the goals and mission of the Society
    • Be committed to diverse and inclusive leadership
Submit your nomination 

For questions, please email