COVID-19: Preparedness and Response

Resources to help radiology departments prepare for patient surges

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RSNA Hosts Radiology Surge and Second Surge Preparedness Webinars

RSNA hosted the first of two RSNA webinars on COVID-19 surge preparedness in radiology departments.  Entitled, “Radiology Surge and Second Surge Preparedness (Part 1),” the first webinar focused on strategies and tactics hospitals in the U.S. and internationally can implement to prepare for and handle the surge of COVID-19 patients.

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Radiologists Use 3D Printing to Create Testing Supplies, PPE to Aid COVID-19

3D printing is a stop-gap solution to ease supply shortage on the front lines. 

International Collaboration Key to Consensus on Thoracic Imaging in COVID-19

The international effort to develop a consensus statement on when and how thoracic imaging should be used by radiologists during the current pandemic.

Personal Protective Equipment in Short Supply for Some Radiology Staff

As members of the front-line team battling the coronavirus pandemic, radiologists and radiologic technologists need personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep their patients and themselves safe. But since the pandemic began, PPE has been in short supply for many health care professionals.


BOD Report Haffty

RSNA Board of Directors Report - RSNA Develops Initiatives and Resources to Assist During COVID-19 Pandemic

Bruce G. Haffty, MD, Chair of the Board writes, "This is a stressful and uncertain time for all of us. As COVID-19 began to spread around the world, and in the midst of increased burdens on your institutions and practices, our members responded in the way you do best, collaborating to ensure dissemination of the latest research, provide education, and connect radiologists. Since the beginning of this crisis, your Society has created several initiatives and resources."


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Experts Stress Radiology Preparedness for COVID-19

Paper and recorded webinar encourage long-range planning for radiology operations in preparation for COVID-19.

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RSNA Responds to COVID-19 Outbreak With Rapid Publication of Original Research and Images

Radiology Editorial Board leads effort to fast-track free COVID-19 resources.

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RSNA Assembles Task Force Volunteers to Tackle COVID-19 Pandemic

Groups will work on focused projects to provide needed resources for radiologists.

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RSNA Offers Resources for Residents and Fellows to Continue Learning During COVID-19

To help radiology trainees keep learning and take advantage of any downtime during the COVID-19 pandemic, RSNA is highlighting some of its available online learning activities.