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Gold medalists

The Gold Medal is RSNA's highest honor. It is awarded annually by the board of directors to those persons who, in the judgment of the board, have rendered unusual service to the science of radiology. Typically, three medals are awarded each year in accordance with the bylaws. Unanimous vote of the board of directors is required (locations indicated are at time of award).

2019 D. David Dershaw, MD, New York, NY
2019 N. Reed Dunnick, MD, Ann Arbor, MI
2019 J. Anthony Seibert, PhD, Sacramento, CA
2018 William J. Casarella, MD, Atlanta, GA
2018 Deborah Levine, MD, Boston, MA
2018 Sarah S. Donaldson, MD, Stanford, CA
2017 Richard L. Baron, MD (posthumously), Chicago, IL
2017 George S. Bisset III, MD, Houston, TX
2017 J. William Charboneau, MD, Rochester, MN
2017 Roderic I. Pettigrew, PhD, MD, Bethesda, MD
2016 Paul J. Chang, MD, Chicago, IL
2016 Burton P. Drayer, MD, New York, NY
2016 Robert J. Stanley, MD, Vestavia, AL 
2015 Hedvig Hricak, MD, PhD, New York, NY
2015 Robert A. Novelline, MD, Boston, MA
2015 Steven E. Seltzer, MD, Brookline, MA 
2014 Gary J. Becker, MD, Tucson, AZ
2014 Allen S. Lichter, MD, Alexandria, VA
2014 Etta D. Pisano, MD, Charleston, SC
2013 Theresa C. McLoud, MD, Boston, MA
2013 Harvey L. Neiman, MD, McLean, VA
2013 J. Frank Wilson, MD, Milwaukee, WI
2012 R. Gilbert Jost, MD, Saint Louis, MO
2012 William W. Olmsted, MD, Potomac, MD
2012 Stephen R. Thomas, PhD, Cincinnati, OH
2011 Robert R. Hattery, MD, Tucson, AZ
2011 Bruce J. Hillman, MD, Wake Forest, NC
2011 Herbert Y. Kressel, MD, Boston, MA
2010 William R. Brody, MD, PhD, La Jolla, CA
2010 David H. Hussey, MD, Georgetown, TX
2010 Elias A. Zerhouni, MD, Columbia, MD
2009 Gary M. Glazer, MD, Stanford, CA
2009 Brian C. Lentle, MD, Victoria, BC
2009 David C. Levin, MD, Philadelphia, PA
2008 Peggy J. Fritzsche, MD, Redlands, CA
2008 Anthony V. Proto, MD, Richmond, VA
2008 Lee F. Rogers, MD, Tucson, AZ
2007 R. Nick Bryan, MD, PhD, Philadelphia, PA
2007 William R. Hendee, PhD, Whitefish Bay, WI
2007 James H. Thrall, MD, Boston, MA
2006 George R. Leopold, MD, La Jolla, CA
2006 Anne G. Osborn, MD, Salt Lake City, UT
2006 Jerry P. Petasnick, MD, Chicago, IL
2005 Edmund A. Franken, Jr, MD, Iowa City, IA
2005 C. Douglas Maynard, MD, Winston-Salem, NC
2005 H. Rodney Withers, MD, DSc, Los Angeles, CA
2004 Alexander Gottschalk, MD, East Lansing, MI
2004 Seymour H. Levitt, MD, Minneapolis, MN
2004 John G. McAfee, MD, Chevy Chase, MD
2003 Stanley Baum, MD, Philadelphia, PA
2003 William G. Bradley, Jr, MD, PhD, San Diego, CA
2003 David B. Fraser, MD, Musquodoboit Harbor, NS
2002 Michael S. Huckman, MD, Chicago, IL
2002 Stanley S. Siegelman, MD, Baltimore, MD
2002 Michael A. Sullivan, MD, New Orleans, LA
2001 M. Paul Capp, MD, Tucson, AZ
2001 Ernest J. Ferris, MD, Little Rock, AR
2001 Mutsumasa Takahashi, MD, Kumamoto, Japan
2000 Jose Luis Ramirez-Arias, MD, Mexico City, Mexico
2000 Helen C. Redman, MD, Dallas, TX
2000 Delmar J. Stauffer (posthumously), Oak Brook, IL
2000 James E. Youker, MD, Milwaukee, WI
1999 Malcolm A. Bagshaw, MD, Stanford, CA
1999 Jerzy Einhorn, MD, PhD, Stockholm, Sweden
1999 O. Wayne Houser, MD, Rochester, MN
1998 Thomas S. Harle, MD, Winston-Salem, NC
1998 Eugene C. Klatte, MD, Indianapolis, IN
1998 Carl J. Zylak, MD, Detroit, MI
1997 Derek C. Harwood-Nash, MD, DSc (posthumously), Toronto, ON
1997 Daniel H. Johnson, Jr, MD, Metairie, LA
1997 Wallace T. Miller, Sr, MD, Philadelphia, PA
1996 Morton A. Bosniak, MD, New York, NY
1996 Robert G. Parker, MD, Los Angeles, CA
1996 Jerome H. Shapiro, MD, Boston, MA
1995 Herbert L. Abrams, MD, Stanford, CA
1995 Malcolm D. Jones, MD, Santa Ana, CA
1995 Edward B. Singleton, MD, Houston, TX
1994 E. Robert Heitzman, MD, Syracuse, NY
1994 Irvin I. Kricheff, MD, New York, NY
1994 Rosalyn Yalow, PhD, Bronx, NY
1993 Robert E. Campbell, MD, Philadelphia, PA
1993 Frank L. Hussey, MD, Park Ridge, IL
1993 Eugene L. Saenger, MD, Cincinnati, OH
1992 Eric J. Hall, PhD, DSc, New York, NY
1992 Jack S. Krohmer, PhD, Georgetown, TX
1992 James J. McCort, MD, Walnut Creek, CA
1991 W. Peter Cockshott, MD, Hamilton, ON
1991 Douglas W. MacEwan, MD, Winnipeg, MB
1991 William J. Tuddenham, MD, Philadelphia, PA
1990 Richard E. Buenger, MD, Chicago, IL
1990 Robert G. Fraser, MD, Birmingham, AL
1990 Paul A. Riemenschneider, MD, Santa Barbara, CA
1989 Luther W. Brady, Jr, MD, Philadelphia, PA
1989 Sidney W. Nelson, MD, Seattle, WA
1989 Elias G. Theros, MD, Winston-Salem, NC
1988 James G. Kereiakes, PhD, Cincinnati, OH
1988 Richard G. Lester, MD, Norfolk, VA
1988 George Schuyler, Oak Brook, IL
1987 Giovanni Di Chiro, MD, Bethesda, MD
1987 Paul C. Lauterbur, PhD, Urbana, IL
1986 Gerald D. Dodd, Jr, MD, Houston, TX
1986 Melvin M. Figley, MD, Seattle, WA
1986 Theodore Tristan, MD, Camp Hill, PA
1985 Milton Elkin, MD, Bronx, NY
1985 Eleanor D. Montague, MD, Houston, TX
1985 Leonard Stanton, MS, Philadelphia, PA
1984 John A. Campbell, MD, Los Angeles, CA
1984 Henry P. Pendergrass, MD, Nashville, TN
1984 Adele Swenson, Oak Brook, IL
1983 Gilbert H. Fletcher, MD, Houston, TX
1983 William T. Meszaros, MD, Chicago, IL
1983 Alexander R. Margulis, MD, New York, NY
1982 Hillier L. Baker, Jr, MD, Rochester, MN
1982 John W. Coltman, PhD, Pittsburgh, PA
1982 Alice Ettinger, MD, Brookline, MA
1981 Charles T. Dotter, MD, Portland, OR
1981 R. Brian Holmes, MD, Toronto, ON
1981 Russell H. Morgan, MD, Baltimore, MD
1980 John W. Beeler, MD, Indianapolis, IN
1980 Godfrey Hounsfield, DSc, Middlesex, United Kingdom
1980 Juan M. Taveras, MD, Boston, MA
1979 Benjamin Felson, MD, Cincinnati, OH
1979 F. Mason Sones, MD, Cleveland, OH
1979 Robert E. Wise, MD, Wellesley Hills, MA
1978 David S. Carroll, MD, Memphis, TN
1978 Philip Hodes, MD, Philadelphia, PA
1977 J. W. J. Carpender, MD, Carbondale, PA
1977 Maurice D. Frazer, MD, Lincoln, NE
1977 E. Dale Trout, DSc (posthumously), Corvallis, OR
1976 William R. Eyler, MD, Detroit, MI
1976 Ivan J. Miller, MD, San Francisco, CA
1975 Robert P. Barden, MD, Philadelphia, PA
1975 John R. Hodgson, MD, Rochester, MN
1974 Richard H. Marshak, MD, New York, NY
1974 Stanley M. Wyman, MD, Belmont, MA
1973 Reynold F. Brown, MD, San Francisco, CA
1973 Robert D. Moreton, MD, Houston, TX
1972 Harold G. Jacobson, MD, Bronx, NY
1972 Lucy Frank Squire, MD, New York, NY
1971 Richard H. Chamberlain, MD, Philadelphia, PA
1970 Cesare Gianturco, MD, Urbana, IL
1969 Theodore J. Wachowski, MD, Wheaton, IL
1968 Laurence L. Robbins, MD, Boston, MA
1967 John A. Evans, MD, New York, NY
1966 Juan A. del Regato, MD, Colorado Springs, CO
1965 Marvin M. D. Williams, PhD, Rochester, MN
1964 H. Dabney Kerr, MD, St. Michaels, MD
1963 Harold O. Wyckoff, PhD, Silver Spring, MD
1962 Arthur C. Singleton, MD, Toronto, ON
1961 L. Henry Garland, MD, San Francisco, CA
1960 Thomas B. Bond, MD, Fort Worth, TX
1960 Warren H. Cole, MD, Chicago, IL
1959 Frederick W. O'Brien, MD, Boston, MA
1958 Robert R. Newell, MD, San Francisco, CA
1957 Eugene P. Pendergrass, MD, Philadelphia, PA
1957 Merrill C. Sosman, MD, Boston, MA
1956 Lawrence Reynolds, MD, Detroit, MI
1955 John S. Bouslog, MD, Denver, CO
1955 Ira H. Lockwood, MD, Kansas City, MO
1954 Warren W. Furey, MD, Chicago, IL
1954 Lauriston S. Taylor, ScD, Bethesda, MD
1953 Leo G. Rigler, MD, Minneapolis, MN
1952 Ross Golden, MD, New York, NY
1951 George E. Pfahler, MD, Philadelphia, PA
1950 James T. Case, MD, Chicago, IL
1950 Howard P. Doub, MD, Detroit, MI
1949 John D. Camp, MD, Rochester, MN
1949 Donald S. Childs, MD, Syracuse, NY
1948 W. Edward Chamberlain, MD, Philadelphia, PA
1948 Lowell S. Goin, MD, Los Angeles, CA
1947 Gioacchino Failla, MD, New York, NY
1947 Douglas Quick, MD, New York, NY
1946 Robert S. Stone, MD, San Francisco, CA
1941 Edith Hinkley Quimby, MD, New York, NY
1939 Francis C. Wood, MD, New York, NY
1937 George W. Holmes, MD, Boston, MA
1936 Edwin C. Ernst, MD, St. Louis, MO
1936 Otto Glasser, MD, Cleveland, OH
1933 Eben J. Carey, MD, Milwaukee, WI
1933 Chevalier Jackson, MD, Philadelphia, PA
1932 Leon J. Menville, MD, New Orleans, LA
1931 Carlos Heuser, MD, Buenos Aires, Argentina
1931 Maximilian J. Hubeny, MD, Chicago, IL
1930 Robert A. Millikan, MD, Pasadena, CA
1930 Henry Schmitz, MD, Chicago, IL
1929 Joseph Colt Bloodgood III, MD, Baltimore, MD
1929 Russell Loudrum Haden, MD, Cleveland, OH
1928 Arthur Compton, PhD, Chicago, IL
1928 Albert Bouwers, PhD, Eindhoven, Netherlands
1926 Amedee Granger, MD, New Orleans, LA
1926 William G. Hettich, Chicago, IL
1926 W. Walter Wasson, MD, Denver, CO
1925 Evarts S. Graham, MD, St. Louis, MO
1924 Preston M. Hickey, MD, Ann Arbor, MI
1924 Benjamin H. Orndoff, MD, Chicago, IL
1923 Emil G. Beck, MD, Berkeley, CA
1923 H. Clyde Snook, MD, New York, NY
1922 Percy Brown, MD, Egypt, MA
1922 Mme. Marie Curie, Paris, France
1922 Gosta Forssell, MD, Stockholm, Sweden
1922 Maud Slye, MD, Chicago, IL
1921 Lewis Gregory Cole, MD, White Plains, NY
1921 Augustus W. Crane, MD, Kalamazoo, MI
1921 Henry K. Dunham, MD, Cincinnati, OH
1921 Hollis E. Potter, MD, Chicago, IL
1919 Heber Robarts, MD, Belleville, IL