Strategic plan

RSNA's strategic plan was created by our leadership to guide our organization's work for the next five years. This plan was updated in 2018 and is effective through 2023.


RSNA aspires to be the premier professional association dedicated to patient care through science and education in radiology.


RSNA promotes excellence in patient care and health care delivery through education, research and technologic innovation.

Core values

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Service
  • Volunteerism

Goals and strategies

Goal #1: RSNA will advance the radiological sciences and foster the development of new technologies.


  • Make the RSNA annual meeting the forum of choice for presenting and discussing imaging science and new imaging technologies
  • Make the Radiology family of journals the journals of choice for publishing and learning about imaging science
  • Improve the ability of the R&E Foundation to fund research by increasing its endowment
  • Foster the development of the next generation of imaging scientists
  • Promote translation of radiologic science and quantification to high value clinical care

Goal #2: RSNA will diversify and expand educational offerings in a variety of media to meet the needs and interests of members, other healthcare providers and the public.


  • Develop educational content to meet the continuing professional development needs of members in a customized manner
  • Make RadioGraphics the journal of choice for publishing and consuming educational material on the practice of imaging
  • Disseminate information on radiologic science and practice to the public and patients through diverse vehicles
  • Respond to member preferences for and attitudes toward digital delivery of RSNA content

Goal #3: RSNA will optimize the annual meeting experience for all attendees.


  • Continually improve attendee experience
  • Enhance the experience and benefits of the RSNA annual meeting for existing and new technical exhibitors
  • Develop and maximize relationships with stakeholders in the host city

Goal #4: RSNA will develop and facilitate informatics strategies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare.


  • Promote the development and adoption of interoperability standards
  • Develop and promote informatics performance solutions
  • Support innovations in the delivery of education and science content
  • Develop initiatives to address the relevance of machine learning in radiology

Goal #5: RSNA will enhance its status as the worldwide leader in radiology.


  • Increase international participation in the RSNA annual meeting
  • Increase international participation in the RSNA outside the annual meeting
  • Increase RSNA’s physical presence internationally
  • Increase international customer base
  • Serve as the convener of thought leaders in radiology

Goal #6: RSNA will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the organized radiology community.


  • Develop a plan to assess interest and needs for potential partners
  • Develop methodologies for effective collaborations and integration among organized radiology
  • Develop a process to coordinate and promote consistent messages and statements across radiologic organizations

Goal #7: RSNA will ensure that members, related organizations and business partners recognize the value of RSNA.


  • Continue to develop and publicize customized member benefits, services and resources
  • Position as an essential tool
  • Regularly communicate with key contacts in top exhibiting companies
  • Promote participation in RSNA to the greater medical community

Goal #8: RSNA will operate an efficient and effective organization in support of its mission.


  • Achieve financial performance to accomplish RSNA’s mission
  • Enhance staff effectiveness
  • Enhance volunteer participation
  • Respond to changes in the environment and evolving member needs