Country Presents

Thailand Presents

Thailand Presents

We’ve partnered with the Royal College of Radiologists of Thailand (RCRT) for the RSNA 2020 Country Presents: Thailand. Members of the RCRT highlight a diverse array of research, including specific topics affecting their patient population.

To Perform MRI Spine in Thailand: What to Keep in Mind
Suphaneewan Jaovisidha, MD

Aging Brain Imaging Research in Thailand
Orasa J. Chawalparit, MD

Strengthening Nuclear Medicine Neuroimaging in Thailand
Tanyaluck Thientunyakit, MD

Interventional Neuroradiology in Thailand: Trend of Practice and Training
Anchalee Churojana, MD

Emerging of Interventional Radiology Practice in Thailand
Jirawadee Yodying, MD

Many Faces of Pediatric Tuberculosis in Thailand
Supika Kritsaneephaiboon, MD