The Foundation would like to thank our donors who made donations to recognize and honor someone who has made an impact on their lives.

   In memory of Mokhtar H. Gado, MD
   In memory of Fred J. Hodges, MD

Anton M. Allen III, MD
   In honor of the R&E Foundation (via WebMD)

Eamonn C. Bannan, MD
   In memory of William P. Bannan

Shirley R. Baron, PhD
   In memory of Richard L. Baron, MD

H. Scott Beasley, MD, FACR
   In memory of R. Todd Beasley

Claire E. Bender, MD
   In memory of Paul J. Bender Jr., MD

Paul E. Berger, MD
   In memory of William G. Bradley Jr., MD, PhD, FACR

Martha & James Borgstede, MD
   In memory of Christopher G. Ullrich, MD

Mark C. DeLano, MD
   In memory of E. James Potchen, MD, JD, FACR

Andrew P. Durkin, MD
   In memory of Alexander R. Margulis, MD

Mari Yamashita & Christopher G. Filippi, MD
   In memory of Timo & Leena Sivonen

Lori Gottlieb, MD & Elliot K. Fishman, MD
   In honor of Max & Sam Zember

Deborah A. Markiewicz, MD & Adam E. Flanders, MD
   In memory of David C. Levin, MD

Diane L. & James M. Forde, MD
   In honor of Diane L. Forde

Christine M. Glastonbury, MBBS
   In honor of Yoshimi Anzai, MD, MPH

Verena S. & Basil J. Grieco, MDs
   In honor of John P. Tampas, MD

Gloria J. Guzman Perez-Carrillo, MD, MSc, MPH
   In memory of Jaime Weist

Mary & Peter R. Hulick, MD, MS
   In memory of Peter V. Hulick, MD

Miriam T. Hussey
   In memory of David H. Hussey, MD

Hossein Jadvar, MD, PhD
   In honor of Giving Tuesday

Michele H. Johnson, MD
   In honor of Larissa T. Bilaniuk, MD
   In honor of Beverly G. Coleman, MD, FACR
   In honor of Elizabeth A. Patterson, MD, FACR
   In honor of Renate L. Soulen, MD, FSIR
   In memory of Mary Stuart Fisher, MD
   In memory of Esmond M. Mapp, MD
   In memory of Lionel W. Young, MD

Susan L. & Theodore C. Larson III, MD
   In honor of Colin P. Derdeyn, MD

Karen* L. & Joe C. Leonard, MD
   In honor of Richard G. Lester, MD
   In memory of Bobby G. Eaton, MD
   In memory of Melvin C. Hicks, MD

Steven Lev, MD & Michael H. Lev, MD
   In memory of Bertram Lev

Gregory M. Lim, MD
   In honor of Horacio R. D'Agostino, MD

Laurie A. Loevner, MD
   In memory of Steven A. Berger

Katarzyna J. Macura, MD, PhD & Robert T. Macura, MD, PhD
   In honor of Bronwyn Jones, MD, FRACP, FRCR

Mary C. Mahoney, MD
   In memory of Sarah Abbottsmith

Doug Maynard, MD
   In memory of Robert E. Campbell, MD

Fiona Miller
   In memory of Scott A. Walter, MS

Kathryn A. Morton, MD
   In honor of David G. Bragg, MD

Martha M. Munden, MD & Reginald F. Munden, MD, DMD
   In memory of our son, James (Jamie) Ryan Munden

Patricia C. & William W. Olmsted, MD
   In honor of Steven Drew

Christine E. & John O. Olsen, MD
   In memory of A. John Christoforidis, MD

Diana Parker
   In memory of Robert G. Parker, MD

Samir B. Patel, MD
   In honor of Valerie P. Jackson, MD

Rupa Radhakrishnan, MD
   In memory of Janet L. Strife, MD

Patricia A. Randall, MD
   In memory of E. Robert Heitzman, MD

Vijay M. Rao, MD
   In memory of David C. Levin, MD

John W. Renner, MD
   In memory of William G. Bradley, MD, PhD

RSNA Informatics Department & Committee
   In memory of William G. Bradley Jr., MD, PhD, FACR

Drs. Carol & Barry Rumack
   In memory of Drs. Ruth & Ray Masters

Sandra K. Fernbach, MD, FACR & Eric J. Russell, MD, FACR
   In memory of Michael S. Huckman, MD

Frank J. Rybicki, MD, PhD
   In honor of Mary C. Mahoney, MD

Karuna V. Shekdar, MD
   In honor of Kalpana Joshi

Anne Stewart & Claude B. Sirlin, MD
   In memory of Alberto Sirlin

Renate L. Soulen, MD & Richard Soulen
   In memory of Patricia F. Borns, MD
   In memory of Mary S. Fisher, MD

Robert M. Steiner, MD
   In memory of C. Carl Jaffe, MD

Jason M. Stoane, MD
   In honor of Leonard Stoane, MD

Jadranka Stojanovska, MD, MS
   In honor of the Stojanovski Family

Sandralee & William M. Thompson, MD
   In memory of Charles Moreau Thompson, MD

Susan & Evan C. Unger, MD
   In memory of Theron W. Ovitt, MD

Luanne & Alan L. Williams, MD
   In memory of Robert H. Sagerman, MD

Ellen L. Wolf, MD
   In memory of Bernard S. Wolf, MD

Shirley S. Yang, MD, MBA & Andrew Yang, MSEE, MD
   In honor of Pearl & YH Yang

Corine A. Yee, MD & Michael T. Oliver, MD
   In memory of William & May Yee & Thomas E. Oliver

Edith Ann & Carl J. Zylak, MD
   In honor of M. Paul Capp, MD on his 92nd Birthday
   In memory of Theron Ovitt, MD
   In memory of Thomas A. (Archie) Yeo, MD