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  • Research Medical Student Grant

  • Deadline Date: February 1, 2018

    Purpose: To increase the opportunities for medical students to have a research experience in medical imaging and to encourage them to consider academic radiology as an important option for their future. Recipients will gain experience in defining objectives, developing research skills and testing hypotheses before making their final choices for residency training programs. Students are expected to undertake a research project requiring full time efforts for at least 10 weeks under the guidance of a scientific advisor during personal/vacation time or during a research elective approved by their medical school.

    Nature of Projects: Any area of research related to the radiologic sciences, from hypothesis-driven basic science and clinical investigations to topics such as drug, device, and therapy development; comparative effectiveness, evidence-based radiology, ethics and professionalism, quality improvement, clinical practice efficiency, and imaging informatics.

    Amount: $3,000 to be matched by the sponsoring department ($6,000 total), as a stipend for the medical student. Funds are intended to secure protected time for the recipient and may not be used for non-personnel research expenses.


    • Applicant must be an RSNA Member at the time of application. The scientific advisor or one of the co-investigators must be a dues-paying member. Check your membership status, or become a member today - visit RSNA Membership for details.
    • Applicant must be a full-time medical student at an accredited North American medical school.
    • The research project must take place in a department of radiology, radiation oncology, or nuclear medicine in a North American educational institution; however, it is not required that the research take place in the same institution where the student is enrolled.
    • Applicant must not have been principal investigator on external/extramural grant/contract amounts totaling $60,000 or more in a single year. The restriction on prior funding includes support from single or combined grants or contracts from any source including government, private or industrial/commercial sources.
    • Applicant/co-principal investigator(s) must not be agents of any for-profit, commercial company in the radiologic sciences.
    • Applicant may not submit more than one research or education grant application to the RSNA R&E Foundation per year.
    • Recipients may not have concurrent RSNA grants.
    • Supplementation of funding from other grant sources must be approved by Foundation staff if not described in the original research plan. Awards from other sources may be approved by Foundation staff if the investigator submits a satisfactory plan to address any budgetary overlap.

    Full Details: Download the Research Medical Student Grant Policies and Procedures (now with grant application instructions and guidelines)

    Application Process: Applications are completed online using the Online Grant Application System. 

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  • Grant Recipients

  • To view additional recipients from prior years, please use our online Grant and Award Recipient Search tool.

  • Current Research Medical Student Grant Recipients

    Thomas Battey, BS Thomas Battey, BS
    University of Maryland
    RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    Prediction of Post-traumatic Abdominal Compartment Syndrome Using Computed Tomography and Semi-automated Segmentation of Intra-abdominal Fluid Volumes
    Mark Alexander Forsberg, BS Mark Alexander Forsberg, BS
    Thomas Jefferson University
    Canon U.S.A./RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    Evaluation of Fluoroscopic Image Quality Using Quantitative Metrics Derived From Clinical Images
    Mansur Ghani, BS Mansur Ghani, BS
    Yale University
    RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    Early Survival Prediction After Radioembolization for HCC: A 3D Quantitative MRI Assessment of Tumor Response
    Christopher Thomas Hensley, PhD Christopher Thomas Hensley, PhD
    UT Southwestern Medical Center
    RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    Understanding the Cellular Origins of Tumor Tracer Data in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Tumors
    Xiaojing Huang, PhD Xiaojing Huang, PhD
    Washington University in St. Louis
    RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    Effect of Glucose Metabolism on Sensitivity to Chemoradiation in Cervical Cancer Cells
    Manoj Jagani, BS Manoj Jagani, BS
    Mayo Clinic, Minnesota
    RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    RNA Sequencing Analysis and Quantification of Intracranial Gadolinium Deposition in a Rat Model
    Brian Gabriel Jiang, BS Brian Gabriel Jiang, BS
    Duke University
    RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    Optimization of a Frequency-based Fusion Technique for Improving the Image Quality on Low Energy Virtual Monochromatic Images From Dual Energy CT
    Aasheesh Kanwar, BS Aasheesh Kanwar, BS
    The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
    RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    Radiomic Assessment of Oropharyngeal Cancers Treated with Radiation Therapy: Predictive and Prognostic Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers From CT Texture Analysis
    Mike Kwon, MSBME Mike Kwon, MSBME
    University of Southern California
    RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    Lacunar Viewpoint of Renal Masses: A Quantitative Technique
    Howard Jinsoo Lee, BA Howard Jinsoo Lee, BA
    Enrolled at Duke University Medical School
    Research conducted at University of Washington
    RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    Correlation of Functional Imaging Heterogeneity in Lung Cancer Radiation Treatment to Clinical Outcomes of Toxicity and Efficacy with SPECT/CT Ventilation/Perfusion Scans and FDG PET/CT Scans
    Shruti Mishra, BS Shruti Mishra, BS
    Washington University in St. Louis
    RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    Quantitative Assessment of In Vivo Tau Pathology in Preclinical Alzheimer Disease and Early Dementia
    Angel Moran, BS Angel Moran, BS
    University of California, Davis
    RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    Combined PET/CT-based Radiomics Modeling for Locally Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer: Toward Personalized Radiotherapy
    Michael Nguyentat, BA Michael Nguyentat, BA
    University of California, Irvine
    RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    Risk Assessment of Prostate Lesions by Utilizing Multiparametric MRI PIRADSv2 and MRI/Transrectal Ultrasound (TRUS) Fusion Biopsy
    Jean-Pierre Obeid, BS Jean-Pierre Obeid, BS
    University of Miami
    Philips/RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    Multiparametric Evaluation of Preoperative MRI in Early Stage Breast Cancer: Prognostic Impact of Peri-tumoral Fat
    Jeremy Paluch, BS Jeremy Paluch, BS
    University of Southern California
    RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    Utility of Shear Wave Elastography to Assess Liver Fibrosis in Liver Transplant Patients with Chronic Liver Disease
    Neil Panjwani, BSE Neil Panjwani, BSE
    University of California, San Diego
    RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    Develop and Test a Novel Interactive Contouring Atlas for Radiation Oncology
    Sherveen Nick Parivash, MS Sherveen Nick Parivash, MS
    Enrolled at Duke University Medical School
    Research conducted at Stanford University
    RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    Characterizing the Radiologic Abnormalities Observed in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Assessing the Potential Use of Advanced MRI in Clinical Diagnosis
    Benjamin Vincent Park, PhD Benjamin Vincent Park, PhD
    University of Illinois at Chicago
    RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    Histological Evaluation of Radiologic Diagnosis in HCC Patients After Y90 Radioembolization
    Charles Puza, BA Charles Puza, BA
    Duke University
    RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    Investigation of Mechanisms of Thermal Ablation Zone Enlargement When Combined with Transarterial Embolization for Treatment of Liver Tumors
    Omid Shearkhani, HBSc Omid Shearkhani, HBSc
    University of Toronto
    RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    Developing and Evaluating the Accuracy of a Jacobian Operator-based Vector Displacement Field Technique to Detect Volume Changes of Metastatic Brain Tumors in Serial MR Imaging of the Brain
    Jacob Scott Thurston, BS Jacob Scott Thurston, BS
    Medical College of Wisconsin
    FUJIFILM Medical Systems/RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    Cost-effective Analysis of Percutaneous Femoral Artery Access in Endovascular Aortic Repair
    Chidubem Godwin Ugwueze, MS Chidubem Godwin Ugwueze, MS
    University of Southern California
    RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    Three Dimensional Texture Analysis of Perirenal Fat as an Image Based Predictor of Intra-operative Adherent Perinephric Fat
    Janis Yee, BA Janis Yee, BA
    University of Southern California
    RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    Time Intensity Curve Analysis of Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound in Renal Masses
    Jason Yoon, BA Jason Yoon, BA
    Washington University in St. Louis
    RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    Next-generation Radioimmunotherapy: Characterizing Fully Human Monoclonal Anti-CD20 Antibodies Labeled with Zirconium-89
    Andrew Zureick, AB Andrew Zureick, AB
    Enrolled at University of Michigan Medical School
    Research conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital
    RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

    Quantitative MRI Analysis of Radiotherapy-induced Structural, Functional and Developmental Changes in the Brain: Potential Predictors of Adverse Neurocognitive Effects in Pediatric Brain Tumor Survivors