Maintaining Influence as Imaging Moves Beyond Radiology


Join this panel of engaging speakers for a free webinar as they discuss enterprise imaging and its impact on the field of radiology.



As more health care organizations and specialty departments become increasingly involved in imaging decisions at the point-of-care, it can feel as if radiology’s influence is diminishing. During this hour-long webinar, sponsored by Hyland Healthcare, an expert panel will discuss how radiologists can maintain their influence as enterprise imaging becomes more widely established by governance structures in other departments and organizations.

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Date: August 26
Time: 11 AM–Noon Central Time (CT)
Price: Free

Moderator and speakers

Moderator: Reginald Munden, MD
Additional speakers: Cheryl Petersilge, MD, MBA; William G. Way, Jr., MD; Susan J. Ackerman, MD; Janet R. Reid, MD

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