Professionalism self-assessments

RSNA's professionalism self-assessment series describe real-life scenarios that radiologists may encounter in practice. Each assessment describes a dilemma, raises questions about how to handle various aspects of the issue and provides responses that discuss the relevant principles of professionalism. References for further study are also included.

Developed by the RSNA Professionalism Committee, the objectives of the self assessments are to raise awareness about the need for radiologists to incorporate professionalism into routine practice and to help improve:

  • Communication skills with colleagues and patients
  • Knowledge and skills in managing personnel challenges
  • Ability to contribute to a professionally healthy culture in their departments and practices
  • Observance of professional norms regarding conflicts of interest

Disclaimer: The scenarios, like those in real life, are complex and multifaceted. They may not lend themselves to a single appropriate response. The answers provided are not intended as policies applicable across all contexts. They should not be interpreted as the only legally appropriate alternatives. We recommend using these scenarios as starting points to define departmental and practice policies and as catalysts for discussion about these important issues.