3D Printing Special Interest Group Research Grant

The RSNA 3D Printing Special Interest Group (SIG) Research Grant is a seed grant program for investigator-initiated research of broad importance and is available to active members of the SIG. Research funding allows for members to advance their research and demonstrate the positive impact of 3D printing in patient care. 

This grant program provides a unique opportunity for investigators to build collaboration between individuals and institutions, increase the impact of 3D printing research and enable innovation in medical 3D printing. This program also encourages interdisciplinary research and/or educational efforts between hospital-based 3D printing laboratories, physicians and surgeons. Collaboration supported by this grant program may potentially lead to larger research and educational innovation in the future.

The application deadline for the 2024-2025 grant cycle is Sept. 30, 2024.


About the grant

The RSNA 3D Printing Special Interest Group Research Grant offers one $2,500 award per year.

Areas of interest

  • Novel clinical applications
  • Clinical outcomes research
  • Development of best practices
  • Quality assurance methods

Allowable uses

  • Hardware and materials (e.g., printer, printing material, software)
  • Testing (e.g., material properties, mechanical properties, biocompatibility)
  • Funds are not expected to support investigator time or conference travel
  • Educational Materials


  • Principal investigator(s) must be active members of the RSNA 3D Printing SIG.
  • Awardees are expected to:
    • Submit an abstract to the RSNA annual meeting, either as an educational or scientific abstract
    • Present at the annual 3D Printing SIG business meeting, held during the RSNA annual meeting
    • Publish at least one manuscript from the project
  • Applications must be for projects not currently funded by grant awards from the RSNA 3D Printing SIG or other organizations.

Award criteria

The committee will determine award winners based on the following criteria:

  • Importance of topic and relevance to 3D Printing
  • Project design
  • Innovation
  • Applicant credentials
  • Letter of support


All applicants must submit the following information to 3dsig@rsna.org:

  1. Curriculum vitae (CV) of each investigator
  2. Applicant(s) with departmental affiliation(s):
    1. Principal investigator
    2. Co-investigator
  3. Project title
  4. Budget
  5. Summary of research proposal, including the following information:
    1. Hypothesis
    2. Specific aims
    3. Background and significance
    4. Research design and methods
    5. References
  6. Letter of support

Please note: The research proposal summary must be attached as a separate document (with a maximum of two pages) and formatted in 12-point, Times New Roman font, single spaced with one-inch margins. Investigator CVs and letters of support must also be attached as separate documents.

Applicant names/departmental affiliations, project title and budget information may be submitted together in one document.

Please submit all documents in one email to 3dsig@rsna.org.


Contact us

For questions, please email 3dsig@rsna.org