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  • Informatics
  • MIRC Clinical Trials Processor (CTP)

  • The RSNA Clinical Trials Processor (CTP) is software developed under the RSNA MIRC project that enables researchers to exchange, index and retrieve images and documents for imaging clinical trials. It is made freely available to the imaging community under an open source license.

    CTP provides a secure end-to-end solution for efficiently moving images for clinical trials research between institutions and centralized archives. CTP is designed to support industry-standard transport protocols, so it is easy to configure CTP to work with all commercial PACS systems. You can use CTP to:

    • Manage and move data securely between field centers and principal sites in multisite imaging clinical trials
    • Anonymize DICOM objects to remove protected health information, including that burned in pixel data

    Many leading research institutions use RSNA’s CTP software for multisite imaging clinical trials and to acquire and distribute research data, including:

    • The National Cancer Institute’s National Biomedical Image Archive (NBIA)
    • Clinical trials administrators from major imaging research centers and radiology sites of all sizes

    CTP offers power and simplicity for imaging research projects of any size. It can run on any recent generation PC or server.

    Get Started with CTP

    Detailed instructions and related resources are available to help you install, configure and use CTP.