Quality Improvement Award Winners


The Quality Improvement Report award recipients best illustrate the methods and results of quality improvement (QI) initiatives in the field of radiology to sustainably improve clinical care, service, costs or other important aspects of performance.

QI 106: Improving On Time Starts and Turn Around Time in a Hospital Based CT Division Using the Kaizen Method
Jonathan A. Flug, MD, MBA        
Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale

QI 111: Improving Utilization of Moderate Sedation Services for Pediatric Imaging             
Evan J. Zucker, MD         
Stanford University

QI 114: Addressing Discrepancies in I-123 Pill Counting: Structure, Process, and Outcome of Change
Domnique S. Newallo, MD     
Emory School of Medicine

QI 116: Decreasing Benign Breast Ultrasound Biopsies: Prospective Use of AI Decision Support      
Victoria L. Mango, MD  
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

QI145: Multiphasic Plan Do Study Act Interventions Continue To Improve the Appropriateness of Further Workup for Incidental Thyroid Nodules
Phillip D. Cho, MD           
Baylor College of Medicine