2017 Secretary-Treasurer report

Dr. Vijay Rao, MD
Vijay M. Rao, MD
I am pleased to report that RSNA membership is holding steady. In FY 2016-2017, the Society accepted 6,267 new members.

We annually promote membership in our Society to new radiology residents and medical students. Through this year's promotional efforts 4,639 radiology residents and medical students joined the RSNA (1,341 new Members-in-training, 2,170 new Corresponding Members-in-training, 364 Fellows, and 764 Medical Students).

We are pleased to see our specialty’s future leaders taking advantage of the great opportunities offered to them through RSNA membership. Members-in-training and medical students do not pay dues, have free access to RSNA benefits like Online Education and myRSNA, are allowed free admission to the RSNA Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, and receive access to the journals Radiology and RadioGraphics or subscribe to the printed versions of the journals at a highly subsidized rate. 

RSNA Record of Membership

  Active Assoc
Med Stu
Retired Honorary Corresp
69  6,503

Deceased RSNA Members from 11/1/16 - 10/31/17  

Michael D. Arsenault, DO, MA, Dearborn, MI (M00)
Alton J. Backs, MD, South Bend, IN (R75)
Richard L. Baron, MD, Chicago, IL (M78)
Edward A. Behnke, MD, Whittier, CA (R67)
Kelvin K. Belcher, MD, Houston, TX (M03)
Avi Ben-Ora, MD, San Francisco, CA (R74)
Gordon L. Black, MD, El Paso, TX (R84)
Erik Boijsen, MD, Lund, Sweden (H81)
Johan P. Bonk, MD, Hampstead, NC (R60)
Ernst Brauchle, MD, Achim, Germany (R87)
Ray A. Brinker, MD, Toledo, OH (R67)
Denis V. Campbell, MD, Tucson, AZ (R77)
Victor Carlson, MD, Houston, TX (R70)
Helen Carty, MBBCh, Liverpool, United Kingdom (H01)
Thomas W. Challis, MD, Kingston, ON, Canada (R65)
Zachary J. Clark, MD, MS, Madison, WI (T14)
David O. Cosgrove, MBBCh, FRCR, London, United Kingdom (R99)
Richard L. Cowen, MD, Charleston, WV (R66)
James D. Curry, MD, Mansfield, OH (R73)
Glenn V. Dalrymple, MD, Omaha, NE (R71)
Jack J. Davis, MD, Huntsville, UT (R53)
Arthur De Schepper, MD, PhD, Edegem, Belgium (R87)
Owen W. Doyle, MD, Greensboro, NC (R55)
Paul L. Dratch, MD, Cambridge, MA (M93)
Nabil N. Elgindy Sr, MBChB, Jarfalla, Stockholm, Sweden (M14)
Irwin M. Freundlich, MD, Tucson, AZ (R65)
Richard M. Friedenberg, MD, Santa Ana, CA (R63)
Paul J. Friedman, MD, San Diego, CA (R83)
Karl A. Glastad, MD, Heath, TX (M85)
Charles M. Greenwald, MD, Olmsted Falls, OH (R56)
James E. Harrell, MD, Houston, TX (R67)
Atsuko Heshiki, MD, Maebashi, Gunma, Japan (M83)
Irwin Hirshberg, MD, Cresskill, NJ (R67)
A. Everette James Jr, MD, Chapel Hill, NC (R67)
Marvin W. Johnson, MD, Rochester, MN (R72)
Richard W. Katzberg, MD, Clinton, SC (M76)
Francis M. Kelley, MD, Coral Gables, FL (R68)
James G. Kereiakes, PhD, Cincinnati, OH (R67)
Alois Knopp, MD, Sandhausen, Germany (R78)
Elinor S. Kron, MD, Bloomfield, CT (R73)
Evert E. Kuester, MD, Lodi, CA (R70)
David E. Kuhl, MD, Ann Arbor, MI (R64)
Eva M. Lebelo, MBChB, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa (G14)
Seymour H. Levitt, MD, Thousand Oaks, CA (RP62)
Kenneth W. Mackie, MD, Kingston, ON, Canada (R81)
H. Lynn Magill, MD, Germantown, TN (M81)
Andrew K. Martinolich Jr, MD, Bay Saint Louis, MS (R72)
Edward N. Maxwell, MD, Louisville, KY (R52)
William M. McCormack, MD, Bowling Green, KY (R73)
Charles E. McKay Jr, MD, Huntington, WV (R54)
Robert McLelland, MD, Durham, NC (R56)
Mark H. Miller, MD, Irvine, CA (M17)
Jonathan H. Miller, MD, Buffalo, NY (R79)
Mark M. Mishkin, MD, Philadelphia, PA (R64)
Dan Mitchell Jr, MD, Enid, OK (R65)
James R. Nellen, MD, Greendale, WI (R64)
William E. Painter, MD, Lynchburg, VA (R64)
Nargis S. Patel, MD, Chicago, IL (R83)
Charles E. Pavlik, MD, Palm Beach, FL (R63)
John F. Popken Jr, MD, Cincinnati, OH (R61)
Thurmond H. Pryor, MD, Miami, FL (R60)
Dale L. Roberson, MD, Cedar Rapids, IA (R73)
James M. Rodda, MD, Carmel, CA (R75)
Paul J. Roesler, MD, Colorado Springs, CO (R62)
David J. Rosenblum, MD, Reno, NV (R68)
James B. Rubenstein, MD, New York, NY (M80)
Sylvan H. Sarasohn, MD, Miami, FL (R63)
James H. Scatliff, MD, Chapel Hill, NC (R61)
Murry D. Schonfeld, MD, Newport Beach, CA (R62)
Roberto Seltzer, MD, CABA, Argentina (R87)
Charles M. Silverstein, MD, Atlanta, GA (R66)
Robert C. Stadalnik, MD, Gold River, CA (R70)
James R. Standen, MD, Tucson, AZ (R83)
Adele Swenson, Kindred, ND (H76)
William C. Thompson III, MD, Scottsdale, AZ (R72)
John R. Thornbury, MD, Louisville, CO (R64)
Arkom Tivorsak, MD, Atchison, KS (M79)
Sidney P. Traub, MD, Oklahoma City, OK (R58)
Renato Travelli, MD, La Crosse, WI (R69)
Rudolph W. Varesko, MD, Macomb, IL (M04)
Donald Q. Vining, MD, Naples, FL (R75)
Michael J. Wallace, MD, Bellaire, TX (M91)
William A. Weidner, MD, Prescott, AZ (R63)
Peter N. T. Wells, DSc, North Somerset, United Kingdom (R85)
Edward J. Wickman, MD, Mesa, AZ (R04)
Mary J. Wood, MD, Greenwood, LA (R77)
Jonathan J. Yobbagy, MD, Mesa, AZ (R75)
Jerome Zwanger, MD, Massapequa Park, NY (R73)

Financial Statements

The financial statements for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2017, reflect positive earnings for the Society.
The Society continues to experience financial growth. This is a result of maintaining its revenue sources and at the same time controlling its expenses. The return on investments is especially important for the Society’s Research and Education Foundation, as its ability to fund grants is directly impacted by investment earnings.
BKD LLP completed its annual audit of the Society's financial statements issuing an unmodified opinion, indicating that BKD LLP found no material differences to the financial information presented in the Society's year-end financial statements. In addition BKD LLP indicated to the Audit Committee that it did not find any material weaknesses in the Society's internal accounting procedures.
The following Balance Sheet and Statement of Activities have been condensed from the year-end audit report prepared by BKD LLP, as of June 30, 2017. The detailed audited report is kept on file at the RSNA's headquarters: Radiological Society of North America, 820 Jorie Boulevard, Oak Brook, IL 60523. It is available for review there by members of the RSNA.
Statement of Financial Position
June 30, 2017
Cash and Short-Term Investments
Receivables and Other Current Assets
Long-Term Receivable 
Long-Term Investments  
Property, Furniture and Equipment
Total Assets

Liabilities and Net Assets
Accounts Payable and Short-Term Debt
Deferred Revenue
Long-Term Debt and Other Long-Term Liabilities
Net Assets:

Designated-Research and Education Foundation
Temporarily restricted
Permanently restricted
Total net assets
Total Liabilities and Net Assets
Statement of Activities
Year ending June 30, 2017
Membership Services
Publications and Educational Materials
Annual Scientific Assembly
Investment Earnings
Total Revenue

Membership Services
Publications and Educational Materials
Annual Scientific Assembly
Research and Education Foundation
Total Expenses

Excess of operating revenue over operating expenses
Federal and state income tax expense
Non operating income
Increase in net assets before unrealized gain (loss) on investments
Unrealized gain (loss) on valuation of investments and interest rate swap

Increase in Net Assets
Net Assets at beginning of year
Net Assets at end of year