RSNA Staff Culture Statement

The following RSNA Staff Culture Statement is meant to clarify actions, attitudes, and behaviors that exemplify RSNA’s current staff culture and its aspirations.

Who we are:

We are dedicated to continuous improvement in serving the radiology community, with a common goal to improve patient care. 

We build relationships with our members and customers; we listen to them and work together to provide the highest quality education, research, and solutions they need to provide excellent patient care. We strive to understand their needs and gear our products and innovations to their requirements.

We respect, support and invest in our employees.

We care about our employees, we listen to them, and support them in their professional development, health and personal evolution.  We are enthusiastic about our work, and promote a positive work-life balance, including a working atmosphere that is welcoming and collegial. We work to ensure that each employee understands their important role in accomplishing the organization’s mission. We support our employees and celebrate their successes. 

What we strive toward:

Being trustworthy and accountable for our individual promises and actions.

We take personal responsibility and pride in our work and in meeting or exceeding expectations in our results. We communicate clearly and often to keep our colleagues informed.

Being inclusive, respectful, supportive of and trusting in our colleagues. 

We appreciate the differences in skillsets, talents, and work styles of our colleagues and truly value their contributions, recognizing that diversity in experience and creative solutions are key to our long-term success. We foster an environment of open, respectful and regular communication, where employees are encouraged to be curious, ask questions, and feel safe in providing honest feedback and offering new ideas. 

Being a high-performing, adaptable, innovative and team-focused organization.

We value building interdepartmental collaborative teams with shared goals and vision. We believe that our colleagues are working with the best intentions.We are accepting of mistakes and failures, promoting an environment of learning from our experiences. We are open to change and innovation, often exhibited as continuous improvement to processes and products. We empower our employees to make decisions appropriate to their job assignments.