• Derek Harwood-Nash International Fellowship

    • Recognizing that there are instances when the educational needs of an international institution are best served by having an individual faculty member study at a North American institution, the RSNA Committee on International Radiology Education (CIRE), established the RSNA Derek Harwood-Nash International Fellowship.

      Eligibility criteria: Interested candidates must be promising international radiology scholars who have completed their radiology training, are embarking on a career in academic radiology (i.e. have held a faculty position for 3 to 10 years), and who demonstrate that their specific educational goals can be met most appropriately by a course of study in a North American institution. Qualified candidates must also specify how the knowledge and experience gained from this fellowship will benefit and improve the practice of radiology in both the home institution and the radiological community. Proficiency in English is required.

      The CIRE has developed a roster of host academic centers in North America where fellows may observe procedures and participate in conferences relating to their area(s) of special interest.

      All travel and living arrangements must be made directly by the fellow and the host academic center. The RSNA will provide a stipend to cover travel and modest living expenses for a 6- to 12-week period, and education materials. In addition, each fellow will receive a 1-year complimentary subscription to the RSNA journals Radiology and RadioGraphics, on return to his or her home country.

       2016 Application »

      The application deadline for the 2016 program is July 1, 2015.

      Testimony from past participants:

      “In behalf of the women of my country, my family and my own I am deeply grateful for this fellowship that has taught me more than just radiology, the members of the department at Lee Bell center showed me to be more than a doctor treating a patient, that persons with such great minds and knowledge can be humble and extremely dedicated to patients. That kind of commitment cannot be learned by reading a book, it can only be transmitted by action and perseveration.”

      Celeste Amabel García de Rodríguez MD, El Salvador

       “My experience at Boston Children’s proved that a combined inter- disciplinary meeting is more beneficial than isolated clinical meetings and the merits of the combined meeting has already shown, making a positive impact towards improving patient care and registrar training in my home institution.”

       -Nasreen Mahomed, MBBCH, South Africa  

      Derek Harwood-Nash International Fellowship Program History 

    • Year Country Year Country
      2015 India, Nepal, Uganda 2006 India and Russia
      2014 Sri Lanka, Kenya, Malaysia 2005 Pakistan and China
      2013 El Salvador, Venezuela, South Africa 2004 Nepal and Romania
      2012 Bhutan and Chile 2003 Georgia
      2011 Jamaica and Egypt 2002 Nigeria
      2010 Iraq and Nigeria 2001 Egypt
      2009 Turkey and Brazil 2000 Nigeria
      2008 Nigeria and India 1999 Ethiopia
      2007 Nigeria and South Africa 1998 Kenya


    2015 RSNA Derek Harwood-Nash Fellows

    Dr. Aruna Patil of India, Dr. Kamal Subedi of Nepal and Dr. Jimmy Okello of Uganda were appointed as the 2015 RSNA Derek Harwood-Nash International Fellows. The three participants will study at a differnet institutions, each focusing in their subspecialty of interest. Dr. Patil will study musculoskeletal radiology and abdominal imaging at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Dr. Subedi will study musculoskeletal radiology and MRI at Case Western Reserve University & University Hospitals and Dr. Okello will study breast imaging at John Hopkins Hospital. 

    2014 RSNA Derek Harwood-Nash Fellows

    Dr. Aruna Pallewatte of Sri Lanka, Dr. Callen Onyambu of Kenya and Dr. Radhika Sridharan of Malaysia were appointed as the 2014 RSNA Derek Harwood-Nash International Fellows. This year's participants will participate in fellowships at three different institutions. Dr. Pallewatte will be at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Dr. Onyambu will be at the University of Maryland Medical Center, and Dr. Sridharan will be at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.


    Aruna Pallewatte, MBBS, MD, FRCR, Sri Lanka
    Callen Onyambu, MBChB, Mmed, Kenya
    Radhika Sridharan, MBBS, FRCR, Mmed, RAD, Malaysia
    Aruna R. Patil, MD, DNB, FRCR, India
    Jimmy Okello, MBCHB, MMED, Uganda
    Kamal Subedi, MBBS, MD, Nepal