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    Imaging Findings of Congestive Hepatopathy (CH)

    CH—characterized by diverse clinical, hemodynamic, and histologic manifestations that vary with the temporal course of the underlying cardiac dysfunction—manifests with many imaging findings, including dilated hepatic veins and heterogeneous parenchymal enhancement.

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    Reduced Integrity of Right Lateralized White Matter in Patients with Primary Insomnia: A Diffusion-Tensor Imaging Study

    WM tracts related to regulation of sleep and wakefulness, and limbic cognitive and sensorimotor regions, are disrupted in the right brain in patients with primary insomnia, possibly due to loss of myelination.

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    Bariatric CT: Challenges and Solutions

    Bariatric patients present numerous unique challenges, and basic knowledge of scanner characteristics, image reconstruction, and obesity-related artifacts, both in nonenhanced and contrast-enhanced studies, is essential for acquisition of diagnostic-quality CT images.