Quality Improvement Reports

We look to our members to provide insight on how to improve patient care in radiology. Each year, we invite members to submit abstracts on quality assessment and improvement initiatives in the field. Following a rigorous peer-review process, the abstracts are developed into quality improvement reports and unveiled at the RSNA annual meeting.

Dozens of reports are presented annually with topics such as:

  • Emergency response protocol in an outpatient imaging center
  • Order-to-scan time efficiency in emergency rooms
  • Transitioning from peer review to peer learning systems in group practice
  • Implementation of monitoring systems in academic medical centers
  • Reducing radiation dose in pediatric diagnostics
  • Improving medical imaging availability with limited resources to reduce patient wait time

We invite you to browse our collection of reports to see how radiologists are working together to improve patient care.


Taking Musculoskeletal Radiography to the Next Level - A Quality Assurance and Improvement Initiative with a Multimethodology and Multidisciplinary Approach       

Odense University Hospital         

Janni Jensen, MSc, BSc; Trine Torfing, MD; Lene Tarp


ICU Radiographs: Appropriate Radiographic Positioning with Timely Recognition of Misplaced Lines, Tubes, and Drains  

Lahey Hospital and Medical Center         

Abhishek Agrawal, MD; Ryan Wolfe, DO; Joanne Wozniak, MS; Jalil Afnan, MD; Christoph Wald, MD, PhD


Design and Impact of a Musculoskeletal (MSK) Image-Guided Procedure Curriculum for Radiology Residents  

VCU Health System        

Samarth Gola, MD; Peter J. Haar, MD, PhD; Kevin B. Hoover, MD, PhD; Josephina A. Vossen, MD, PhD


Preventing Radiology Procedural Patient Safety Events by Improving Universal Protocol Through Implementation of a Standardized Time-Out       

Mayo Clinic

James H. Boyum, MD; Anil N. Kurup, MD; Ashley Rosier; Laura Tibor, MBA, BEng; Katie Morgan, RN; Amberly Hess, RN; et al


Eliminating Radiology Specimen Labeling Errors Using a 2-Person Check             

Mayo Clinic Scottsdale  

Michael A. Schwartz, BA,BS; Howard Osborn, RN; Jennifer Palmieri, RT; Bhavika K. Patel, MD; Jonathan A. Flug, MD, MBA


Clean Reading Room Initiative: Impact of Various Interventional Processes       

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Ami V. Vakharia, MD; Ellie R. Lee, MD; Katrina A. McGinty, MD; John Campbell


Targeting the Root Causes of Dissatisfaction with Root Cause Analysis: A Project to Improve the Process Around Patient Safety Events in Radiology         

Mayo Clinic        

Ashley Rosier; Anil N. Kurup, MD; Laura Tibor, MBA, BEng; Karl N. Krecke, MD; Carrie Phillips


Ensuring MIPS/MACRA Radiation Dose Reduction Compliance: Automated Evaluation of Enterprise Radiology Reports                               

MedStar Health

Joshua Groeniger, MD; Jill Bruno, DO; Ross W. Filice, MD


TIPS Ultrasound Improvement from a Different Angle: A Web-Based Training Lecture to Provide On-going Education to Ultrasonographers

University of Kentucky  

Adonteng A. Kwakye, MD; Angela Stepp, RT; Andres R. Ayoob, MD; Halemane S. Ganesh, MD; Rashmi T. Nair, MD; Adrian A. Dawkins, MD; et al


A Collaborative Approach to Reducing Potential Cross-Contamination in Nuclear Medicine Department Restrooms               

Pennsylvania Hospital  

Moshe Grossman, MD; Sean Maratto, MD; Tanya Weston; Karen Rosenspire, MD,PhD


The Effects of a National Dissemination Project Aimed at Reducing Radiation Dose for Kidney Stone CT 

Yale School of Medicine

Melissa M. Shaw, BS; Priyadarshini Karthik; Debapriya Sengupta, MBBS,MPH; Judy Burleson; Mytheryi Chatfield; Mannudeep K. Kalra, MD; et al


Back to Basic: With Modern Technology, Personal Touch is the Brilliance of Human Connection              


Jacqueline S. Umali, RT


Quality Initiative to Improve the Transcription of Clinical Information to the Radiology Information System     

St John Health System Providence Hospital         

Michael J. Mills, MD; John X. Nguyen, MD ; Sumita Joseph, MD; Ben Himelhoch, MBA; Abdelouahid Souala, BS; Anthony Khashola, BS; et al


How to Use 5S Lean Methodology in Radiology Exam Rooms    

Mayo Clinic        

Shelly R. Champa, RT; Laura Tibor, MBA, BEng; Kristi Rindels; Jeffrey R. Leland, MA; Adam Froemming, MD; Brandon D. Stuve; et al


Impact of a Same-Day Biopsy Program on Time to Diagnosis for Patients with Suspicious Breast Findings                            

Massachusetts General Hospital

Emily L. Ebert, MD; Benjamin Wang, MD; Brian N. Dontchos, MD; Constance D. Lehman, MD,PhD


Changing from an Institution-based Resident on Call to a Federated Regional Model - Improving Quality of a Regional Radiology Service        

Royal Liverpool University Hospital         

Peter Rowlands, FRCR; John Curtis; Furhan Razzaq, MBChB; Sharron Dyce


Decreasing ED CT Interpretation Turn Around Times in an Academic Radiology Department      

Stanford University Medical Center        

Audrey R. Verde, MD, PhD; Yoan K. Kagoma, MD; Vera Mayercik, MD; Jake Mickelsen, MBA; Bryan A. Lanzman, MD; Lawrence C. Chow, MD


Interruptions During On Call Radiology in a University Teaching Hospital            

St Vincents University Hospital Dublin    

Amy C. O'Brien; Cormac E. O Brien, MRCPI, MRCP; John Duignan; Dermot E. Malone, MD; Jeffrey W. McCann, MBBCh


STAT! STAT! ... STAT?: A Multidisciplinary Collaboration To Develop and Implement a New Multi-tiered Order Priority Classification System


Nina Capiro, MD; Shahnaz Ghahremani, MD; Kambiz Motamedi, MD


Mechanical Thrombectomy Intervention Times After Implementing CT Perfusion to Stroke Triage Protocol      

Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology         

Matthew H. Jenson, MD; Jeremiah Libby, DO; Sukhwinder J. Sandhu, MD; Dinesh Rao, MD


Minimizing Patient Delays in Radiology Optimizing On - Time Starts for CT Procedures

Emory University Hospital           

Susan Reich; Gail Walls, PhD; Sadhna Nandwana, MD


Implementation of a Two Prong, PACS-based, Continuous Quality Improvement Program into Routine Daily Clinical Operation in the Radiology Department 

University of New Mexico           

Miranda J. Mares, MS,RT; Jennifer S. Weaver, MD


Improving Breast Imaging and Intervention's Staff Efficiency During an Upright Stereo Biopsy Procedure           

Mayo Clinic        

Bryana Johnson; Linda M. Chida, BS, RT; Katie Holst; Angela Majerus, BA; Rebecca Kinnetz; Marilyn J. Morton, DO; et al


Will The Real STAT Exam Please Stand Up? Reducing Inappropriately Ordered STAT Imaging Studies    

University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center   

Samer L. Soussahn, MD; Myroslav Gerasymchuk, MD; Samuel Azeze, MD; Michael Wien, MD; Sheila C. Berlin, MD


Improving Accuracy of the On-Call Radiology Worklist 

Mayo Clinic Hospital      

Kristin A. Robinson, MD; Courtney M. Tomblinson, MD; Catherine C. Roberts, MD; Jonathan A. Flug, MD, MBA; Clinton V. Wellnitz, MD


Improving MRI Inpatient Access              

University of Colorado School of Medicine           

Nancy L. Pritchard, ARRT; Julia Drose, BA; Denise Snuttjer, RT,MBA; Nancy Cheung, MPH; Christi Janzen; James P. Borgstede, MD


Confused About with and Without: Assessment of Medical Providers' Knowledge of Abdominal CT Protocol Appropriateness 

Johns Hopkins Hospital

Alice Yu, MD; Yoshimi Anzai, MD; Brandyn D. Lau, MPH; Matthew D. Alvin, MD,MBA; Elliot K. Fishman, MD; Pamela T. Johnson, MD


Decreasing Duplicative Imaging: Clinical Decision Support Intervention to Reduce Unnecessary Abdominal Ultrasound Following Abdominal CT

Johns Hopkins Hospital

Nebiyu Adenaw, MD; Karen M. Horton, MD; Pamela T. Johnson, MD


Developing a Comprehensive Prostate Imaging Service:  Getting It Right & How to Achieve Quality in a Public Sector DGHS (District General Hospital Service) Group of Hospitals      

Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust   

Shyamsunder R. Koteyar, MBBS, FRCR; Jacob Cherian; Arun Jain


Targeting the Top 5 On-Call Resident Misses with Focused Lecture Series: A Pilot Study 

Pennsylvania Hospital  

Junjian Huang, MD; Dayna Levin, MD; Jonathan Masur, MD; Alexander Boikov, MD; Hima Prabhakar, MD


Process Improvement: How Can We Reduce Radiation Exposure to the Female Breast During Routine CT Examinations of the Abdomen and Pelvis? 

Mount Sinai West           

Cherisse A. Wada, MD; Charles Hua, MD,MS; Nolan J. Kagetsu, MD


Simulation Modeling: Radiology Analytics New Partner 

Vidant Health   

Michael M. Zimmer, PhD; Sandra Sackrison, DSc,ARRT


Introducing On-Call into Medical Student Radiology Clerkship: Our Experience 


Janki Patel; Prapti Y. Shingala, MD; Connor Funsch, BS; Catherine S. King, MD; Sarah Pettyjohn, MD; Te-Jung Tsai, MD; et al


Addressing Overutilization of Inpatient Renal US Within 48 Hours of CT/MR Abdomen

University of Kentucky  

Ravi S. Jayavarapu, MPH, MD; Lindsay Clements; Audrey Yates; Halemane S. Ganesh, MD


Reliable Projectile Hazard Reduction in MRI 

Childrens Hospital Colorado       

Darwin Roth, BSN; Beth English, BA; Katherine Bushur, BS,ARRT; Jill Chuita, RN,BSN; Robert B. Lentz, MBA,ARRT; Jerrod Milton, BSC,MBA


Code Angio: A Lean Multidisciplinary Protocol to Decrease Interventional Radiologist Response Times for Trauma Patients with Acute Vascular Injury 

University of Texas HSC San Antonio      

Gautam Rao, DO; Rajeev Suri, MD; Brandon C. Lam, BS; John A. Walker, MD; Jorge E. Lopera, MD


Optimization of a Prostate MRI Value Chain to Increase Patient Access and Improve Prostate Cancer Care 

Brigham and Womens Hospital

Leslie K. Lee, MD; William W. Mayo-Smith, MD; Vera Kimbrell; Stuart Hooton, RT; Aida Faria; Andrew R. Menard, JD; et al


The Affidea MR Excellence Program: A Comprehensive MRI Optimization and Standardization Project

Affidea BV         

Nikolaos Papanikolaou; Peter Szatmari; Rowland O. Illing, BMBCh, FRCR


Improving Reporting of Lesion Location by Unifying the Acquisition Angles on Prostate MR in Our Trust - A Quality Improvement Project   

Clinical Radiology Ninewells Hospital      

Anu Kamalasanan, MBBS; Magdalena Szewczyk-Bieda, MBBS; Vilte Balcaityte, BSC, MBBS


What Are Our Blind Spots? Using Peer-Learning to Create a Case Archive of Common Diagnostic Errors 

Advanced Radiology Services    

Karen Cedeno-Kelly; Andrew K. Moriarity, MD


Implementation of TIRADS Ultrasound Reporting in a Pediatric and Adult Practice Group: What We Learned

University of Kentucky Medical Center  

Kavya Sudanagunta, MD; Kimberly E. Applegate, MD, MS; Adrian A. Dawkins, MD; Wang Xin; Leslie Anaskevich


Use of New Proforma for Pre-Procedure Documentation for Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy Guided Musculoskeletal Radiology Interventional Procedures Improves Adherence to ACR/SIR Practice Guidelines - A Quality Improvement Project Based on PDSA Cycle 

Stony Brook Medicine   

Daichi Hayashi, MD,PhD; Kwan Y. Chen, MD; Michael A. Samuel, MD; Mingqian Huang, MD; Kevin S. Baker, MD; Elaine S. Gould, MD


Reducing Extrinsic Distractions to Radiologists Under Mounting Pressure           

University Hospital Southampton            

Jonathan Dunbar, BMBS; Peter Jarvis, MBBS; Ganesh Vigneswaran, PhD, MBBS; Rania E. Zaher, BMBCh; Richard J. Hughes, MBChB; Howard D. Portess, MBBCh


Reducing Radiology Referral Form Inadequacies to Improve Patient Safety and Quality of Care 


Dinesh S. Baviskar, MD, MBBS; Ashok Kumar, MD; Sheetal Baviskar, MD


Hypnosis as an Alternative to Pharmacologic Sedation in MR: An Initial Experience with Claustrophobic Patients                               

Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale Ospedale Regionale di Lugano, Switzerland

Nicole Ferrera Espinosa; Emanuele Pravata, MD; Filippo Del Grande, MD


Impact of a Standardized Reporting Format on the Quality of MRI Reports for Rectal Cancer Staging 

Tata Memorial Centre   

Shivani R. Mahajan, MD; Akshay D. Baheti, MD; Suman Kumar; Nitin S. Shetty, MBBS, MD; Suyash Kulkarni; Avanish Saklani; et al


Streamlined Pancreatic Cyst Evaluation on MRI Abbreviated Protocol (SPaCEMAP) - Reducing Waiting Times in a General Hospital Setting

Singapore General Hospital        

Gideon Ooi, MBBS; Colin Tan, MBBS; Sook Chuei Cheong, MD; Jeffrey Fong, FRCR, MBBS


Improving Procedures Of Children MRI Under Sedation - Benefits From Quality Control Circle


Jia Xiaoqian; Jianxin Guo; Zhe Liu; Miao Li; Xiaoyu Wang; Yannan Cheng, BS,BS; et al


Tailoring Reports to Clinicians' Needs: Use of Structured Templates to Categorize Intracranial Metastases Treated with Stereotactic Radiosurgery

University of Minnesota              

John C. Benson, MD; Matthew Burgstahler; Lei Zhang, MS; Matthew Rischall, MD


A Peer-Review Tool for X-Ray Technologists to Assess Image Quality in General Radiography  

Therapy Physics, Inc.     

Petar Seslija, MSc; Annemarie Bymoen, RT; Yogesh Thakur, PhD


Initial Experience of Volume CT in Pediatrics: Can Anesthesia Be Avoided?       

University of Ottawa     

Kerri A. Highmore, MD; Elka Miller, MD


A Quality Improvement Project on Reducing Inappropriate Imaging Requests by Increasing Awareness of iRefer Guidelines        

Ninewells Hospital and Medical School  

Meedya Sharifpour, MBChB, MS; Richard Cooper, FRCR, MBChB


Improving Veterans Access to Ultrasound Clinic in VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System Within 30 Days of Order Date               

University of Michigan/VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System             

Shadi F. Azar, MBBS; Venkataramu N. Krishnamurthy, MBBS; Brett M. Arnkoff, MD; Julie A. Ruma, MD; Nghi K. Tran, MD


Development of the Diagnostic Reference Level for Plain Radiographic Exams: Results of the Nation-Wide Survey in South Korea 

University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Asan Medical Center    

Younghoon Cho, MD; Kyung-Hyun Do, MD; Hong Eo; Kwang Pyo Kim


How to Use Lead Apron to Reduce Excess Radiation Dose Caused by Over-Scan in Computed Tomography        

The first affiliated hospital of Xian Jiaotong University   

Xinyu Li; Jianxin Guo; Junjun Li; Qiang Zeng; Chunying Han; Jian Yang


Auditing an ACR-TIRADS Implementation Program - Effect on Reporting and Management of Thyroid Nodules in an Academic Ultrasound Department         

Vancouver General Hospital      

Emily Pang, MD; Mohammed M. Bukhari, MBBS; Alison C. Harris, MBChB


What Role Do Decision Making Tools Play in the Investigation of Pulmonary Emboli - an Audit into the Clinical Appropriateness of CT Pulmonary Angiogram Requests in the Investigation of Acute Pulmonary Emboli             

Barts Health NHS Trust 

David B. Annan, MBBS,MRCP


Change Management Strategies Used to Overcome Image Quality Concerns While Implementing a CT Dose Reduction Project 

Albert Einstein College of Medicine          

Amichai J. Erdfarb, MD; Judah Burns, MD; Alan H. Schoenfeld, MS; Todd S. Miller, MD; Terry L. Levin, MD


A Multifaceted Approach to Improving Radiology Resident Proficiency in Managing Acute Adverse Reactions to Intravenous Contrast Administration 

UT Health Science Center at Houston     

Sidra J. Tayyab, MD; Susanna C. Spence, MD


Reducing the Number of Knee MRIs in Patients with Severe Degenerative Change        

UT Southwestern Medical Center             

Kelly A. Tornow, BS, MD; Joseph S. Zerr, MD; Daniel S. Moore, MD; Oganes Ashikyan, MD; Avneesh Chhabra, MD; Richard B. Thropp, MD


Implementing a Fully Model Based Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm in a High Volume CT Practice   

Mayo Clinic        

Stephanie Miller, ARRT; Erik B. Sviggum, MD; Christopher P. Favazza, PhD


Evaluation of a Low Dose Technique for the Performance of CT Guided Lumbar Foraminal Nerve Blocks 

Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences           

Bharath B. Das, MD, MBBS; Prashanth Reddy, MBBS,MD; Sankar Neelakantan, MD ; Bhavana Nagabhushana Reddy, MBBS, MD; Sanjaya Viswamitra, MD


Bridging the Gap: Communicating Biopsy Recommendations to Referring Providers
University of California, San Francisco
Emily A. Edwards, MD; Zhixi Li, MD, Soonmee Cha, MD; Christopher P. Hess, MD/PhD

Call for Help! Creating an Efficient Emergency Response Protocol in an Outpatient Imaging Center
Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center
Vilert A. Loving, MD; Shay D. Dupras, RN,BSN; Brian Johnston, MD; Kristi L. Blackhurst; Joseph Rush, RT; Mariann M. Figuli, ARRT

Central Line Infections: The Beginning of the End?
St Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center
Luis G. Perez Perez, MD; Anik Patel, DO; Arkadiy Kheyfits; Charles Hua, MD,MS; Adie Friedman, MD; Ronald M. Dreifuss, MD

Change Management Methodologies and Approach to Implementation of Abdominal Tomograms: An Ultra-Low Dose CT Scan (uLDCT)
University Health Network
Tanya Spiegelberg; Ravi Menezes, PhD; Sam Sabbah; Janet Pereira-Ross; Joanna Talotta; Patrik Rogalla, MD; et al

Clinical Audit of Standardized Hand over Process in Interventional Radiology: Implementation of a New Tool for Improving Communication and Patient Safety
Yale New Haven Health Bridgeport Hospital
Ahmed S. Abdelbaki, MBBCh; Daichi Hayashi, MD,PhD; Neeraj Bhatt, MBBS, MD; Noel B. Velasco, MD; Shady Abdelbaki

Collaboration Between Radiology and Utilization Management to Reduce Inappropriate MRI Orders and Patient Wait Times
VA Loma Linda Medical Center
Arthur C. Chang, MD; Christine U. Hyun, MD; Nishant K. Mehta, MD; Susan J. Kim, MD; Matthew Grube, MD; Maureen Blair, MPH,RN; et al 

CT Protocols: Use of Web-Based Tools to Double-Check our Changes
University of California, Los Angeles 
Thomas Oshiro, PhD; Maryam Bostani, PhD; Christopher H. Cagnon, PhD; Joon S. Seo; Shiva Borgheian; Michael F. McNitt-Gray, PhD

Demonstrating Measureable Improvement in 'Care' Through the Implementation of a Structured Service-Excellence Training Program
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Monica Salama; Joseph R. Steele Jr, MD; Habib Tannir, MS

Developing a Technologist-Focused Quality Improvement Program
Univ of Southern California University Hospital
Justin Glavis-Bloom, MD; Ruth Rizzo; Amit Sura, MD

Development of a Novel Visual Display Tool to Increase Volume and Reduce Labor Costs in Outpatient Computed Tomography
Stanford University
Emir S. Sandhu, MD; Allison Faust; Darryl Costales, RT; Jake Mickelsen, BS; Franco Herrera; Paulo Castaneda; et al

Do Standardized Reporting Templates with Mandatory Reporting Fields and 'Pick-List' Options Improve Use of Prostate Imaging and Data Reporting System (PI-RADS) Version 2 In Clinical Practice? A Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Analysis
University of Ottawa
Kevin G. Moran, MBBCh; Nicola Schieda, MD

Dose Reduction In Mammographically Guided Pre-Operative Breast Radioactive Seed Localization Procedures: Minimizing Radiation Dose Without Compromising Successful Clinical Performance
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Donna D. D'Alessio, MD; Cynthia Thornton; Christopher C. Riedl, MD; Usman Mahmood, MS; Daniel J. Long, PhD

From Reactive To Proactive: Implementing a Low-Threshold Reporting System in a Large, Multisite Diagnostic Radiology Department
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Po-Hao Chen, MD, MBA; Patricia Remeis, RN; Howard Bergendahl; Mitchell D. Schnall, MD, PhD; Scott O. Trerotola, MD; Charles E. Kahn JR, MD, MS

Implementation of Lean and Six Sigma in Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Optimizing the 'End-To-End' Process to Improve the Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency in a Patient Service Center Model
Grupo Fleury
Valesca R. Dos Santos, BEng,MBA; Guilherme A. Machado, BEng; Michelle A. de Paula; Jeane Tsutsui; Galeno Jung, MBA,BEng

Implementing a Technologist Peer Review Program: Methods and Lessons Learned 
University Health Network
Jean Nash; Ravi Menezes, PhD; Paul Cornacchione, BSC; Tanya Spiegelberg; Harinder Grewal

Implementing Optimal Kidney Stone CT Protocols Using Outreach from a National Database
Yale University
Melissa M. Shaw, BS; Karrin Weisenthal; Priyadarshini Karthik; Debapriya Sengupta, MBBS,MPH; Judy Burleson; Mythreyi Bhargavan-Chatfield, PhD; et al

Improving "Order-to-Scan Time" for Emergency Department Unenhanced CT Examinations Through Auto-Protocoling and Expedited Clinical/Imaging Communication
Massachusetts General Hospital
Kristine S. Burk, MD; Tony Joseph; Jennifer Davenport, RT; Shahein H. Tajmir, MD; Renata R. Almeida; Michael H. Lev, MD; et al

Improving Clinical Value through Reducing Variability by Establishing and Monitoring Best Practice Recommendations: How We Do It
Radiology Partners
Abraham J. Bronner, MD; Syed Furqan Zaidi, MD; Upma K. Rawal, MD; Nina E. Kottler, MD, MS; Richard E. Heller III, MD; Aaron Huang, BA; et al

Improving First-Time Quality of NeuroCT Exam Protocols in the Emergency Department and Hospital Setting
Mayo Clinic, Rochester
Francis Baffour, MD; Daniel A. Adamo, MD; Michael Olson, MD; Jacob D. Waxman, MD; Julie Cravath; Karl N. Krecke, MD

Improving the Rate and Quality of Pre-Procedure Education for Patients by Standardizing the Nursing Approach
Mayo Clinic, Rochester
Amber Reps, RN; Marielle Gregoire, RN; Jessica Hearn, RN; Kari Owens, RN; Paula Murphy, RN; Angela Majerus, BA; et al

Incorporation of Color Doppler Parameters in Thyroid Ultrasound Reports Significantly Reduces Ambiguity in Reporting of Thyroiditis
Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS)
Akshaykumar N. Kamble, MBBS ; Manju Popli

Increasing Access to Musculoskeletal Ultrasound to Improve Patient and Provider Satisfaction
Penn State/Milton S Hershey Medical Center
Eric A. Walker, MD,MHA; Salvatore Larusso, MEd; Cristy Gustas-French, MD; Stephanie A. Bernard, MD; Jonelle M. Petscavage-Thomas, MD, MPH

Increasing On-Time Screening Mammogram Patient Appointments and Improving Load-Leveled Work
Mayo Clinic, Rochester
Linda M. Chida, BS, RT; Laura Tibor, MBA, BEng; Amy L. Conners, MD; Bryana Johnson; Jennie Cropp, RT; Lisa Maeder, RT; et al

Increasing the Adherence of Imaging Recommendations for Incidental Adnexal Lesions Detected on CT to ACR White Paper
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Emily C. Alper, BAAtul B. Shinagare, MD; Aijia Wang, MPH; Ivan Ip, MD, MPH; Ramin Khorasani, MD

Increasing the Number of Frontline Improvements Completed in Breast Imaging and Intervention's Improvement System by Using Lean Principles
Mayo Clinic, Rochester
Bryana Johnson; Angela Majerus, BA; Amy L. Conners, MD; Linda M. Chida, BS, RT; Kathleen Olson; Ashley Rosier; et al

Integration of a Radiology Assistant Into Daily Workflow at an Academic Radiology Department
Boston University Medical Center 
Rutuparna Sarangi, MD; Avneesh Gupta, MD

Lung Cancer: Moving Imaging to the Front of Outpatient Pathways
Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital
Andrew Nanapragasam, MBBS; Nicola Maddock; Andrea McIver; Colin Smyth; Martin Walshaw; Martin Ledson

MACRO: Laterality - Adapting Auto-population of Laterality in Musculoskeletal MRI Reports Across a Large Health System
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Thomas A. Bevilacqua, MD; Tom Slattery, MD; Ronnie A. Sebro, MD, PhD; Tessa S. Cook, MD, PhD

MRI Quality Assurance and Improvement Project in the Department Of Radiology at a Large Academic Medical Center
University of Mississippi Medical Center
Manohar Roda, MD; Charlotte Taylor, MD; Cyrillo R. Araujo, MD; Seth Lirette, MS; Ashley Jones, RT; Timothy C. McCowan, MD; et al

MRI Time-Out Protocol Helps "S.A.V.E." Patients and Staff from MR Related Accidents
Brown University, Rhode Island Hospital
Cameron Loudill, MD; James A. Webb JR, RT; Jeffrey M. Rogg, MD; Joanne Volpe, RT

Multicenter Implementation of a CT Scanner Dose Excellence Program Based on Clinical Indication, BMI and Diagnostic Image Quality Assessment
Groupe 3R
Hugues G. Brat, MD; Sima Imsand; Christophe Dias; Cyril Thouly; Stephane Montandon, MSc; Benoit Rizk, MD; et al

Port-A-Catheter Education: A Quality Improvement Project
Mayo Clinic, Rochester
Julie Cravath; David A. Woodrum, MD, PhD; Patricia L. Engel, RN; Linda Nesberg; Christina M. Carney VI; Tami J. Marsland, MS,RN; et al

Radiologists Add Value by Participating in Patient Progression and Complex Care Management Rounds
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Ammar Sarwar, MD; Jonathan B. Kruskal, MD, PhD

Radiology Peer Review: Enabling Collaborative Learning and Enhancing Practice
University Health Network
Catherine Wang, BSc; Leon Goonaratne; Lawrence M. White, MD, FRCPC; Jennifer Catton; Jisla Mathews; Tiffany Leslie

Reducing False Positives on Breast MRI: How We Improved PPV2 for Biopsy Recommendation and Maintained Desirable Cancer Detection Rates
University of Virginia Health System
Steven Hang; Jonathan Nguyen, MD; Brandi T. Nicholson, MD; Jennifer A. Harvey, MD; Carrie M. Rochman, MD

Reducing IV Contrast Extravasation in Contrast Enhanced CT Scans Using Power Injected Saline Bolus
Einstein Medical Center
Jason B. Rodulfa, MD; Ryan K. Lee, MD; Joel Y. Sun, MD; Rose Hall, RT; Lisa Griffin, RT

Reinventing Reject Analysis for Radiographic Quality Improvement
Mayo Clinic, Rochester
Jill M. Lucas, RT; Alisa Walz-Flannigan, PhD; Beth A. Schueler, PhD; Jo Dean, RT; Holly Meyer, ARRT,RT; Deborah Ritten; et al

Research on Establishing an Integrative Management System for Medical Radiation Dose
Seoul National University Bundang Hospital 
Bon Seoung Gu; Bohyoung Kim, PhD; Kyung Won Lee, MD, PhD; Tae Hyun Nam

Road Map to Culture of Patient Safety: Feasibility of Interdisciplinary Mock Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
University of Florida 
Vanishree Hegde, MBBS, MD; Kenji Kaye, MD; Rebecca J. Beyth, MD; Julie Whitney, RN; Margaret Lo, MD; Ilona M. Schmalfuss, MD

R-SCAN Increasing the Percentage of High Yield CT Pulmonary Angiograms for PE Through Educational Collaboration Between Radiology and Emergency Departments
Mayo Clinic, Rochester
Mustafa Haddad, MD; Jamie C. Williams, MD; Edwin A. Takahashi, MD; Brenda J. Hyde, MD; Michael Bold, MD; Carrie Phillips; et al

Specimen Handling Workflow Redesign Post EMR Transition: An Implementation of Classic Quality Improvement Methodology
Massachusetts General Hospital
Harshna V. Vadvala, MD; Robert L. Sheridan; Kristine S. Burk, MD; Peter R. Mueller, MD; Gloria M. Salazar, MD

Streamlining Communication of Clinical History in the Emergency Department: A Multidisciplinary Approach
University of California, Davis
Geoffrey D. McWilliams, DO; Daniel J. Goff, MD, PhD; James S. Chalfant, MD; Robert C. Benzl, MD; Jonathan B. Hargreaves, MD

Structured Thyroid Ultrasound Reports: Closing the Loop
University of California, Davis
Corey J. Hiti, MD; Thomas W. Loehfelm, MD, PhD

Trainee-Driven Quality Improvement Initiatives in the Musculoskeletal Imaging Section of a Tertiary Hospital
Hamad Medical Corporation
Alaa A. Al-Taie, MBChB; Mohamed K. Warfa, MD; Islam A. Ahmed, MBBS; Mustafa A. Mafraji, MBBS; Syed I. Alam, MBBS, MD; Nawal Al-Tamimi; et al

Transitioning from Peer Review to a Peer Learning System in a Multi-Centric Group Practice
Radiology Partners
Upma K. Rawal, MDRichard E. Heller III, MD; Abraham J. Bronner, MD; Nina E. Kottler, MD, MS; Syed Furqan Zaidi, MD; Aaron Huang, BA; et al

Using a Pareto Approach to Better Match Radiology Staffing to Inpatient Care and Service Needs
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital 
Daniel J. Mizrahi, MD; Sandeep P. Deshmukh, MD; Bhavik Patel, MD; Kristen E. McClure, MD; Christopher G. Roth, MD,MS

Using Algorithms to Educate and Optimize Appropriate Use of Cross-Sectional Imaging among First Year Radiology Residents
University of Texas Houston Medical School
Bella P. Desai, MD; Chunyan Cai; Moreko A. Griggs, MD; Joseph P. Hasapes, MD


A Clinical Decision Support Module Significantly Reduces Ambiguity in Reports of Nuclear Medicine Gastric Emptying Studies
Massachusetts General Hospital
Leslie K. Lee, MD, David Z. Chow, MD, Edwin L. Palmer, MD, James A. Scott, MD, Yingbing Wang, MD

A Comprehensive CT Radiation Dose Reduction and Protocol Standardization Program in a Complex, Tertiary Hospital System Using Iterative Phantom and Clinical Testing and a Novel Web-based Information Distribution System
Seoul St. Mary's Hospital
Prabhakar Rajiah, MD, FRCR; Jeffrey B. Guild, PhD; Travis Browning, MD; Seth Toomay, MD; Viswanathan Venkataraman, MS, MENG; Suhny Abbara, MD; et al

A Continuous Quality Improvement Process to Reduce Excessive CT Radiation Dose Events across a Large, Multi-institutional Academic Center
Emory University School of Medicine
Matthew E. Zygmont, MD; Rebecca Neill; Shalmali Dharmadhikari, PhD; Phuong-Anh T. Duong, MD

A Quality Improvement Initiative to Decrease Radiation Exposure in Pediatric Patients Suspected to have Acute Appendicitis
Winthrop University Hospital
Aderonke Ramos, MD; Patrice Villa, BS; Irene Sher, MD

Application of a Unified Database for Rejected Acquisition Analysis in Radiography
University of Chicago
Kevin Little, PhD; Lili Liu; Kateland Haas; Adrian A. Sanchez, PhD; Carmen M. Froman, ARRT, MBA; Tiffany Kinsey; et al

Applying Lean Methodology to Improve Workflow in a Growing Cross Sectional Procedure Service
University of Virginia
Aparna Baheti, MD; Arun Krishnaraj, MD, MPH; Rachita Khot, MD; Michael Hanley, MD; Drew L. Lambert, MD; Sebastian Feuerlein, MD

Assessment of Cirrhotic Liver Enhancement with Multiphasic CT using a Faster Injection Rate, Late Arterial Phase, and Weight-based Contrast Dosing
Dalhousie University
Kathleen Eddy, MD; Andreu F. Costa, MD, FRCPC

Benefits of Web-Lectures and Video Based Content on Radiologic Physics Education
Thomas Oshiro, PhD; Megan Donaghy, BS; Anita Slechta, MS, RT; Michael F. McNitt-Gray, PhD

Body Size-Based Optimization of Computed Tomography Protocols: Assessment of the Scientific Literature for Quality Improvement, Dissemination and Knowledge Translation
St. Michael's Hospital - Toronto
Erin T. Wong, MD; Iris Li, BSC; Marie K. MacGregor, MPH; Yingming Amy Chen, MD; Lianne Concepcion, BSC; Timothy R. Dowdell, MD; et al

Closing the Loop: A Radiology Follow-up Recommendation Tracking System
University of Rochester Medical Center
Ben C. Wandtke, MD; Sarah Gallagher, RN

Communication of Actionable Findings
Columbia Memorial Health
Benjamin Z. Cooper, MD; PV Viswanath, PhD; Rajwinder Singh, MD

Decreasing Patient Wait Times and Optimizing Flow at a Breast Imaging Clinic
Stanford Healthcare
Patricia L. Cowart, ARRT

Designing Imaging for Primary Care: Serving the Needs of Our Community Partners
University Health Network 
Karen Weiser, MBA; Corwin Burton; Jennifer Catton; Christina Ciapanna, MBA; Paul Cornacchione, BSC; Ravi Menezes, PhD; et al

Developing a Multidisciplinary Prostate MRI Program in a Community-based Health System - Essential Initial Activities and Clinical Outcomes
Grand Rapids Medical Education Partners/ MSU
Crystal Farrell, MD; Sabrina Noyes; Joseph Joslin; Manish K. Varma, MD; Andrew K. Moriarity, MD; Christopher M. Buchach, MD; et al

Eliminating Lost and Non-reported Imaging Exams in US Air Force Teleradiology Practice
David Grant USAF Medical Center 
Robert A. Jesinger, MD; Charles A. Tujo, MD

Frequency of Recurrent CT Examinations among Patients with High Cumulative Dose and/or High Number of CT examinations
University of California Los Angeles 
Maryam Bostani, PhD; Katrina R. Beckett, MD; Banafsheh Salehi, MD; Ali R. Sepahdari, MD; Thomas Oshiro, PhD; Christopher H. Cagnon, PhD; et al

Implementation of a Weekly Academic Day for the Improvement of Resident Didactic Education: Our Experience at a Hybrid Academic/Private Practice Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program
OSF Saint Francis Medical Center 
Timothy E. Fahey, MD, Elton Mustafaraj, DO; Kevin M. Fahey, MD; Bradley A. Johnson, MD; Sean Meagher, MD; Terry M. Brady, MD, FACR

Implementing a Process for Establishing and Sharing Standardized Imaging Protocols to Improve Cross-Enterprise Workflow and Quality
UT Southwestern Medical Center 
Viswanathan Venkataraman, MS, MENG; Travis Browning, MD; Ivan Pedrosa, MD; Suhny Abbara, MD; David T. Fetzer, MD; Seth Toomay, MD; et al

Implementing a Structured Reporting Initiative Using a Collaborative and Iterative Approach and Phased Template Rollout
Montefiore Medical Center
Shlomit Goldberg-Stein, MD; William Walter, MD; E. Stephen Amis Jr, MD; Meir H. Scheinfeld, MD, PhD

Implementing Pediatric CT Protocols throughout a Large, Diverse Multihospital Healthcare System
Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology 
James R. Duncan, MD, PhD; Sumita Markan-Aurora, MD; Timothy Street; Mandie Street, ARRT; Sonia Gor, MPH

Improvement in Clinical Decision Support Coverage and Reduction in "Unscored" Examination through a PDSA project
Olive View UCLA Medical Center 
Maitraya K. Patel, MD; John F. Brunner, MD; Orest B. Boyko, MD, PhD; Jennifer Sayles, MD

Improving "A Day in the Life" of Radiology Administrative Associates
Stanford University 
Susie Spielman; Tracy Burk; Barbara Bonini; Sergio Sousa; Jake Mickelsen, BS; Susan Kopiwoda, MS, MPH; et al

Improving Access to Pediatric MR performed under General Anesthesia- Benefits of a Rapid Improvement Event (RIE)
Penn State Hershey Medical Center 
Nabeel I. Sarwani, MD; Michael A. Bruno, MD; Steve Mrozowski

Improving Breast MRI Wait Times: A Model for Transitioning Newly Implemented Diagnostic Imaging Procedures into Routine Clinical Operation
University of Michigan 
Colleen H. Neal, MD; Glenn E. Houck Jr, MS, ARRT; Mitra Noroozian, MD; Ella A. Kazerooni, MD; Matthew S. Davenport, MD

Improving Curriculum and Patient Care: Areas of Weakness Identified Through Competency Based Assessment
University of Florida College of Medicine
Linda Lanier, MD; Chris L. Sistrom, MD; Robbie Slater, MD; Ilona M. Schmalfuss, MD; Anthony A. Mancuso, MD; Nupur Verma, MD

Improving Patient Care by Effective Communication of PICC Line Placement
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Ronald L. Eisenberg, MD, JD; Benedikt H. Heidinger, MD

Improving Patient Flow in an Outpatient General Radiology Facility
Mayo Clinic 
Katy Naumann

Improving Patient Safety by Standardizing the Pre-Procedural Time-Out Process
Emory University 
Pratik Rachh, MD; Deborah G. Walls, MS; Susan Reich; Edwin J. Herrod; Janice M. Newsome, MD; C. Matthew Hawkins, MD

Improving Pediatric Breast Ultrasound Reporting and Recommendations: A Quality Improvement Initiative
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles 
Aarti Luhar, MD; Esha A. Gupta, MD; Fariba Goodarzian, MD; Amit Sura, MD

Improving Telephone Access In Radiology
VHA San Diego HCS 
Hakan Sahin, MD; Emmily Poole, MD; Amicare Gentili

Improving the Efficiency of Patient Care in Radiology through an Educational Presentation for Surgical Interns
University of California San Diego 
Aman Khurana, MD; Sreenath Narayan, MD, PhD; Cosette M. Stahl, DO; Tudor H. Hughes, MD

Improving the Identification of Underserved Women at High Risk for Breast Cancer and Increasing the use of Breast MRI Screening in this Population
University of California San Francisco 
Heather I. Greenwood, MD; Louise Truong; Elissa R. Price, MD

Improving the Patient Experience in Breast Imaging by Using Lean Principles to Reduce Waste and Errors
Mayo Clinic 
Lyn Webb, RT, ARRT; Royce Ruter; Birgit Klinkhammer; Linda M. Chida, BS, RT; Ashley Rosier; Kathleen R. Brandt, MD; et al

Interpretation of Coronary CTA: Agreement of On-Call Radiology Residents and Cardiothoracic Radiology Faculty
University of California, San Francisco 
Kimberly G. Kallianos, MD; David M. Naeger, MD; Brett M. Elicker, MD; Michael D. Hope, MD; Travis S. Henry, MD; Javier Villanueva-Meyer, MD; et al

Managing Radiology Information System Downtimes- A Comprehensive Approach
University Health Network 
Paul Cornacchione, BSC; Catherine Wang, BSc; Tanya Spiegelberg; Barbara Mesic; Daniel Toubassy, BSC; Leon Goonaratne; et al

Manual for Chest Radiograph Dictation
Detroit Medical Center 
Mark Le, MD; Hiren Rangunwala, MD; Vasavi Paidpally, MD; Anum Aslam, MD; Ronela Hanson, MD

Pay it forward- Improving Radiology Trainee Orientation through Feedback Driven Change
UT Southwestern Medical Center 
Ankaj Khosla, MD; Jason W. Wachsmann, MD; Viswanathan Venkataraman, MS, MENG; Seth Toomay, MD; Travis Browning, MD

Pediatric Radiation Dose Reduction during Direct Radiography Exams
Keith J. Strauss, FAAPM, FACR; Emily Fiehrer, BS, RT; Wendy Bankes; Rachel Smith

Performance Monitoring for Radiographers: Developing Key Performance Indicators that Drive Quality Improvement
National University Hospital Singapore 
Siok Mei Ng; Michael Ong; Mei Chyi Kok, BSc; Swee Ling Koh

Quality and Safety Scorecard for Outpatient Imaging: Development, Implementation, Results
MedQuest Associates, Inc 
Sophia B. Peterman, MD, MPH

Radiology Driving Change in Primary Care: The Diagnostic Imaging Appropriateness (DI-APP) Project
University Health Network 
Jisla Mathews; Karen Weiser, MBA; Ravi Menezes, PhD; Jennifer Catton; Catherine Wang, BSc; Amy W. Lin, MD

Reduce Retained Foreign Object Radiology Report Turnaround Times
MD Anderson Cancer Center 
Ranganath Iyer; Tara L. Sagebiel, MD

Reducing MRI Delay Time at a Pediatric Hospital Setting through Improved MRI workflow: A Continuous Improvement Project
Nemours Childrens Hospital 
Tushar Chandra, MD; Christopher N. Alsip, RT, ARRT; Monica Epelman, MD; Sarah Kirchner; Daniel J. Podberesky, MD

Reducing Patient Time, Staff Time and Cost using the Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing (TDABC) Methodology in MRI
Mayo Clinic 
Stacy R. Schultz, BA; Laura Tibor, MBA, BEng; Ronald Menaker, MBA; Bradley A. Weber, DO; Brent Warndahl, ARRT; Jay Ness; et al

Reducing the Time to Upload Outside Images into PACS in a Radiology Department
Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center 
Laurie A. Perry, RN; Timothy OConnor, MBA; Elizabeth Ruemler; Anthony Lyttle; Sarah O'Brien; David Hulefeld; et al

Reduction of Radiation Dose of Fluoroscopic Gastrointestinal Examinations by Education to Residents and Radiographers
Seoul St. Marys Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea
Moon Hyung Choi, MD; Seung Eun Jung, MD; Jae Young Byun, MD

The Impact of QC in Multicenter Clinical Trials-The IROC Experience for NCTN Focusing on MRI
The Ohio State University 
Preethi Subramanian, MS, BEng; Shivangi Vora, BS, MS; Tim Sbory, BS; Prayna Bhatia, BS; Marc J. Gollub, MD; Michael V. Knopp, MD, PhD; et al

The Impact of QC in Multicenter Clinical Trials-The IROC Experience for NCTN Focusing on PET
The Ohio State University Medical center 
David Poon, BS; Preethi Subramanian, MS, BEng; Richard Jacko, BS; Prayna Bhatia, BS; Tim Sbory, BS; Michael V. Knopp, MD, PhD; et al

Use of Template Reporting to Improve Brain MRI Report Quality in the Setting of Multiple Sclerosis
University of Michigan
Elliot Dickerson, MD; Benjamin Segal; Matthew S. Davenport, MD; Bradley R. Foerster, MD; Faiz I. Syed, MD, MS

What is the Influence of a 50% Dose Reduction on Mammographic Image Quality?
Rijnstate Hospital Arnhem 
Wiesje Prins, MD; Hester van Hall; Marijn P. Rolf, PhD; Carla Meeuwis

Would You Pay To Wait? Our General Radiology Department's Journey to Direct Rooming of Patients
Mayo Clinic 
Michelle Nordland; Shelly R. Champa, RT


1-800-Imaging Pilot Project: Building Partnerships between Primary Care and Medical Imaging
University Health Network
Karen Weiser, MBA

A Breast MRI Audit - Are Those Who Need It Getting It?
University of Montreal Medical Center
Stephanie Tan, MD; Lucie Lalonde, MD; Julie David, MD; Mona M. El Khoury, MD; Maude Labelle, MD; Isabelle Trop, MD, MPH

A Comprehensive Quality Assurance Program for Breast Cancer Improves both Clinical Performance and Patient Outcomes
HCA International LTD
Steven C. Dixon; Nicholas M. Perry, MD, FRCR; Timothy J. Cross, MSc; Neil Buckley; Manisha Shah, MBA, RT; Sue E. Milner, BSc

A Quality Improvement Initiative: Voice Recognition Report Quality is Improved by Activating and Utilizing the Spell Check Feature
Mayo Clinic
Royce Ruter; Amy L. Kostenas, MD; Amanda Thiele; Chris Fagerlind; Jill Morrow; Dana Soland

Adapting the Universal Protocol in a Diagnostic Radiology Department to Help Prevent Wrong Patient, Wrong Site, and Wrong Examination Events
Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center
Daniel D. Droukas, MD; Adam M.Herder, MD; Alan M. Kantor, MD; Balavenkatesh Kanna, MD; Paul P. Moh, MD, MBA; Francisco Mercado, BA, CNMT, ARRT(N), LNMT

Analysis and Improvement of Written Radiology Reports: A Single Center Experience
William Beaumont Hospital
Benjamin D. Lack, MD; James Nugent, PhD; Kurt E. Tech, MD

Assessing Portable Chest Radiographs in a Trauma Hospital's Intensive Care Units: A Quality Improvement Initiative Focused on Appropriateness, Safety, and Imaging Use
Harborview Medical Center
Brian W. Bresnahan, PhD; Daniel S. Hippe, MS; Ian R. Slade, MD; Timothy H. Dellit; Catherine L. Hough, MD, MSc; Astried B. Schreuder, PhD; W. Cohen, MD; R. Pergamit; H. Roma; A. Potter; P. Calver, RN, BSN; Bruce Lehnert, MD

Decreasing Outpatient Pre-procedure Wait Times in a Pediatric Interventional Radiology (IR) Department: A Software-Solution Enabled Quality Improvement Project
Emory University
Neil Shah, MD; C. Matthew Hawkins, MD

Decreasing Time to CT in ED Walk-in Stroke Patients: Using Lean Methods and Multidisciplinary Approach to Meet the 25 Minute Guideline in a Joint Commission Certified Comprehensive Stroke Center
Stanford University Medical Center
Aleksandrs Kalnins, MD, MBA; Daisha Marsh, ARRT; Christoph Zorich; Waimei Tai; Nirali Vora; Mary Brethour, PhD; Stephanie Casal, MS, RN; Gennette Olalia, RN; Akhila Pamula, MD; Kandice Garcia, MS; David B. Larson, MD, MBA; Kevin Vantrees, MBA, ARRT; Max Wintermark, MD, MBA

Development of a Quality Assurance Program for Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging Can Significantly Decrease Defect Rates
Lahey Clinic
Sama Alshora, MD; Stacey Sullivan, RT; Cathleen M. Kim, MD; Michelle R. McSweeney, DO; Jeanette Y. Chun, MD; Meera Sekar, MD; A. Hartman, MD, MS

Direct, In-Person Communication between Subspecialty Radiologists and Acute Care Surgeons Leads to Significant Alterations in Clinical and Surgical Decision-Making
University of Michigan
Elliot Dickerson, MD; Hasan Alam; Richard K. Brown, MD; Jadranka Stojanovska,MD, MS; Matthew S. Davenport, MD

Electronic Medical Record Integration for Streamlined DEXA Reporting
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Jason W. Wachsmann, MD; Matthew O. Thompson, MD; Solomon Cherian, MD; Orhan K. Oz, MD, PhD; Travis Browning, MD

Employment of Root Cause Analysis and Lean Techniques to Improve Communication of Surgical Retained Foreign Objects
University of Chicago
David M. Paushter, MD; Gregory L. Katzman, MD; Monica Geyer, MBA; Abraham Dachman, MD

Encouraging Squeakier Wheels: Implementation and Experience with an Image Quality Assurance Reporting Tool 
University of Utah School of Medicine
Justin Cramer, MD; Matthew B. Morgan, MD; Tony Jones; George Milliner; Peter Jenkins, PhD; Ulrich A. Rassner, MD

Fostering a Culture of Safety for an Out-patient Musculoskeletal Radiology Interventional Service in a Large Urban Teaching Hospital via a Standardized Approach to Pre-procedure  Preparation
Baylor College of Medicine
Sanaz Javadi, MD; Marc H. Willis, DO

Go with the Flow: Leveraging the Electronic Medical Record to Enhance Contrast Safety
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Travis Browning, MD; Julie G. Champine, MD; Kristen Bishop, MD; Jason W. Wachsmann, MD

High Fidelity Contrast Reaction Simulation Training: A Single Department's Experience in Training all Faculty, Fellows, and Residents to Improve Patient Care and Satisfy PQI Requirements
Yale University
Daniella Asch, MD; Kyle E. Pfeifer, MD; Joseph Cavallo, MD; Liana Kappus; Jennifer Arango; Jonathan D. Kirsch, MD; J Pahade, MD

Implementation and Results from Integrated Electronic Health Record Contrast Allergy Decision Support
MetroHealth Medical Center
Jonathan K. Lee, MD; William  C. Baughman, MD; Robert Ferguson, MD; Peter Greco, MD; Jonathan Siff, MD

Implementation of a Lecture Series Based on the America College of Radiology Appropriateness Criteria for Emergency Medicine Providers
University Hospitals Case Medical Center
John P. Nazarian, MD; Jeff J. Farrell, MD; Salim E. Abboud, MD; Soham V. Shah, MD; Peter C. Young, MD; Christos Kosmas, MD

Improved Communication in Critical Cases: Practice Quality Improvement
North Shore - LIJ University
Ali Noor, MD; Helise R. Coopersmith, MD; Lawrence P. Davis, MD; Jesse Chusid, MD; Jason J. Naidich, MD

Improving Care and Education through an Assessment of the Impact of a Radiology Resident-Driven Clinical Consultation Service
New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center
Gayle R. Salama, MD; Courtney Sullivan, MS, RRA; Ashley E. Giambrone, PhD; Jessica Waltz; Daniel Holzwanger, MD; Keith D. Hentel, MD, MS

Improving Efficiency of Chest Radiographs after Placement of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICCs)
University of Kansas
Jill A. Jones, MD; Lucas J. Meek, MD; Shaun R. Best, MD; Amy E. McCann, MD; Brandon W. Weish, MD; Jacqueline Hill, MPH

Leading a Multi-Specialty Quality Improvement Project: Implementing a Standardized Radiograph and MRI Reporting System for Suspected Pedal Osteomyelitis to Guide a Clinical Management  Algorithm in a Large Teaching  Hospital
Baylor College of Medicine
Gregory H. Broering, MD; Stephen C. Liaw, MD; Andrew R. Palisch, MD; Marc H. Willis, DO

Leading Quality Improvement via Interinstitutional and Interdepartmental Collaboration in the Management of Knee Osteoarthrosis: From X-Ray to Arthroplasty
University of Texas Health Science Center at  Houston
Susanna C. Spence, MD; Wade McAlister, MD; Leslie Turlington Moore, MBA; Mohammed Zare, MD, MS; Brian C. Reed, MD; Brigid A. Bingham, MD; Jason Low; Marc H. Willis, DO

Macro Critical: Standardizing Documentation of Radiology Critical Test Results
New York University Langone Medical Center
Lindsay Griffin, MD; Joseph J. Sanger, MD; Dana Ostrow; Danny C. Kim, MD

Management of Critical Imaging Result Communication in an Academic Setting: Assuring Timely and Accurate Communication Using a PACS-Integrated Notification System
University of Mississippi Medical Center
Teddi H. Berry, MD; John T. McCarty, DO; Frederico F. Souza, MD; Wendy Howell; Cyrillo R. Araujo, MD

Multi-Disciplinary Guideline Results in Improved Magnetic Resonance Imaging Utilization for Children with Musculoskeletal Infection
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Jeannie K. Kwon, MD; Andrew Mueller, BS; Vineeta Mittal, MD; Jeffrey Steiner, DO; Neil J. Fernandes, MD; Eduardo Lindsay, MD; Chan-Hee Jo, PhD; Lawson A. Copley, MD

Multidisciplinary Interventional Radiology Simulation Day to Improve Team Communication and Patient Safety
New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center
Noy Bassik, MD, PhD; Bradley B.Pua, MD; Jessica Waltz; Richard H. Marshall, MD; Theresa Salerno, RNP; Maya E. Hartman, MD; Ellen Bridges, RN; Jimmy Ng, RT; Jamie Stern; Ronald S. Winokur, MD

Musculoskeletal Joint Injection Order Improvement
Penn State/Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
Jonelle M. Petscavage-Thomas, MD, MPH; Eric A. Walker, MD; Dennis Duryea, DO; Victor Longo III, DO

My First PQI Project - Using Storyboarding in QI Education
Nadja Kadom, MD

PACS-IntegratedSystem for Tracking Incidental Pulmonary Nodules in Order to Minimize the Number of Patients Lost to Follow-up and  Missed Diagnosis of Early Lung Cancer
University of Mississippi Medical Center
Jason H. Williams, MD; Lindsey D. Halley, MD; Dmitriy N. Kazimirko,MD; Cyrillo Araujo, MD; Frederico F. Souza, MD; Melissa Stevens

Patient-Centric Improvement Project: Streamlining Workflow Processes to Improve Efficiency of Ultrasound-Guided Procedures
Mayo Clinic
Samir Budimlic, MS; Stacy R. Schultz, BA; Royce Ruter; Ryan Karshen, ARRT; John M. Knudsen, MD

Point of Care Reprogramming of Ventricular Shunts in the MRI Department: Patient Safety and Workflow Advantages
Mayo Clinic
Patrick L. Hanson; Norbert G. Campeau, MD; Karl N. Krecke, MD; Robert E. Watson Jr., MD, PhD

Quality Control and Management of Personal Protective Equipment within a Large Health Care Region
Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
Petar Seslija, MSc; Robert Cropp, PhD; Kevin Hammerstrom; Henry Ross; Trudy Pel; Yogesh Thakur, PhD

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Decreased Reject Scan
Bumrungrad Hospital
Jaroonroj Wongnil, MSc; Uthai Wuthichai, RRT; Wilaiporn Srichauchom, RRT; Kanittha Luesakul, MBA

Quality Initiative at a Breast Imaging Center: Interventions to Reduce No-Show Rates
Nassau University Medical Center
Michael Drabkin, MD; Hyukjun Yoon, MD; Harold Hunt, MD; Alexander Martynov, MD; Asim Maher, DO; D. Guerrero; A. Grechanik; C. Mancuso; S. Lobel; N. Kanth; Steven Lev, MD

Radiology Driving Change in Primary Care: The Diagnostic Imaging Appropriateness (DI-APP) Project
University Health Network
Jisla Mathews; Lilly Whitham; Karen Weiser, MBA; Ravi Menezes, PhD

Reducing Fluoroscopic Dose of Routine Musculoskeletal Joint Related Procedures
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Mital K. Patel, MD; Pranav Chitkara, MD; Vikram A. Kinni, MD; Rati Patel, MD; Naveen Subhas, MD; Ryan F. Fischer, PhD

Reducing Functional MRI Scan Times by Optimizing Workflow
Stanford University
Wilson B. Chwang, MD, PhD; Michael Iv, MD; Darryl Costales, RT; Jason Smith; Teresa Nelson; Aleksandrs Kainins, MD, MBA; Jake Mickelson; Roland Bammer; Dominik Fleischmann; David B. Larson, MD, MBA; Max Wintermark, MD, MBA; Michael Zeineh, MD, PhD

Reducing Variability in Orthogonal Reformatted Image Quality from Long Z-axis CT Angiography Studies Using Multi-vendor 3D Post-Processing Toolkits
University of Michigan Health System
Erica B. Stein, MD; Peter S. Liu, MD; Ella A. Kazerooni, MD; Michigan Radiology Quality Collaborative; Matthew S. Davenport, MD

Reduction of Outpatient Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Wait-time at a Hospital Setting
VA San Diego Healthcare System
Shereef Ramadan, MD; Shazia Ashfaq, MBBS, MBA; Noushin Vahdat, MD; Fiona Cassidy, MD; Lejia Aganovic, MD; A. Khurana, MD; Amilcare Gentili, MD

Restructuring Radiology Resident Morbidity and Mortality Conference: A New Approach to Promote Patient Safety through Creation of a Just Culture
University of Michigan
Kelsey Flynt, MD; Tim I. Alves, MD; Matthew S. Davenport, MD; Janet E. Bailey, MD; Ella A. Kazerooni, MD 

Staffing to Workload: Finding the Perfect Balance in Radiology's Interventional Practice-Workforce Model for High Quality Patient Care Delivery
Mayo Clinic
Cindy Lehnertz; Joe Klunder; Laura Tibor, MBA, BEng; Andrew Stockland

The Discrepancy Meeting is Dead, Long Live the Educational Cases Meeting: How to Start and Run a Successful Governance Meeting Addressing Radiological Error in the Largest UK Hospital Trust in the UK
Lees Institute of Oncology
Oliver Hulson, MBChB; Jon Smith, FRCR; Catherine Parchment-Smith

The Impact of Time-of-Service Screening Results on Workflow and Patient Satisfaction in an Academic Breast Center
University of Utah
Joanna Riegert, BS; Matthew Stein, MD; Nicole S. Winkler, MD; Matthew B. Morgan, MD; Luca  Boi

The RITE Program: Use of a Team-Based, Project-Based Multidisciplinary Quality Improvement Course to Facilitate Improvement in an Academic Radiology Department
Stanford University Medical Center
David B. Larson, MD, MBA; Jake Mickelson, BS; Kandice Garcia, RN, MS

The Use of Order-Based Clinical Decision Support Alerting to Increase the Homogeneity of Premedication Regimens in Patients with Known Contrast Allergies
University of Minnesota
John C. Benson, MD; Paul Hines, BA; Zeke McKinney, MD; Alexander M. McKinney IV, MD

Use of Standardized Templates to Decrease Errors of Technique Description in Radiology Reports
Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia
Thomas J. Reilly Jr. MD; Ryan K. Lee, MD; Christopher Kim, MD

Using Fast-Track Registration Improves Start Times and Decreases Time-in-Hospital in Outpatient Subcutaneous Ports Placed in the Interventional Radiology Department
University of Louisville
David P. Duncan, MD; Michael Schacht, MD; Douglas M. Coldwell, MD, PhD

Using Lean Principles to Optimize Breast Imaging/Surgery Interface and Improve Efficiency and Workflow
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Tejas S. Metha, MD, MPH; Ross Simon; Catherine Kilroy, RN, BSN; April Isaac Jefferson,MBA; Donna Hallett; Mary Jane Houlihan, MD

What Not to Miss: Five Years' of Resident Discrepancies on Pediatric ED Exams
University of Chicago Hospital
Michael Baad, MD; David M. Kromrey, MD; Seng Ong, MD; Mario F. Zaritzky, MD; Kate A. Feinstein, MD


24/7 Attending Coverage: Fears and Surprises
Boston Medical Center
Stephanie L. Coleman, MD, MPH; Nagaraj Holalkere; Julie O'Malley; Alexander Norbash; Nadja Kadom, MD

A Comprehensive Approach to Convert a Radiology Department from ICD-9-based Coding to ICD-10-based Coding
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Alexander J. Towbin, MD; Lisa Ulland; Rebecca M. Pryor, BS, RT; Emily Mueller, BS, RT; Judy Hardin; Morgan P. McBee, MD; Christopher N. Alsip, BS, RT; Sally May

Carotid Doppler Ultrasound-Report Standardization to Improve PQRS Measure Outcome
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Travis Browning, MD; Kristen Bishop, MD; Richard C. Batz, MD; Julie G. Champine, MD

Clinical Audit of Pre-procedure Documentation for Image-guided Procedures: Implementation of a New Tool for Improving Efficiency and Patient Safety
Bridgeport Hospital
Daichi Hayashi MBBS, PhD; Francisco E. Valles, MD; Melkamu D. Adeb, MD; Nisarg A. Parikh, MBBS, MD; Terence W. Hughes, MD; Noel B. Velasco, MD

Clinically-based Imaging Algorithm for More Efficient Imaging Utilization in Suspected Appendicitis in a Pediatric Population
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Ankaj Khosla, MD; Li Ern Chen, MD; Mohammed Badawy, MD; Rodica Pop, PhD; Jeannie K. Kwon, MD

Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) as a Cause of Errors in Imaging Requests: What a Difference a Space Makes
University of California San Francisco
John Mongan, MD, PhD; Aaron Neinstein, MD; Christopher Jovais; Spencer C. Behr, MD

Evaluating the Effectiveness of On-Site Education for Improving Quality Assurance for Cancer Screening Imaging
Catholic University of Korea/Seoul St. Mary's Hospital
Moon Hyung Choi, MD; Seung Eun Jung, MD; Joon-Il Choi; Hyun Cheol Kim; Woo Kyoung Jeong, MD; Eun Hye Lee, MD; et al.

Excellence in Transcription Accuracy: Taming Voice-Recognition Errors with Radiologists as Editors
The Aga Kahn University Hospital
Muhammed Akbar Khan, BEng, MBA; Imran Ahmen; Zafar Sajjad; Rehan Baig, MBA

Focusing on Measureable Improvement in Radiology on the 'Attitude' Dimension of Service Excellence to Improve Patient/Customer Satisfaction
Bridgeport Hospital
Daichi Hayashi MBBS, PhD; Francisco E. Valles,  MD; Melkamu D. Adeb, MD; Nisarg A. Parikh, MBBS, MD; Terence W. Hughes, MD; Noel B. Velasco, MD

From the Simulation Lab to the CT Suite: A Formative Assessment
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-Shreveport
Stacey R. Massey, MD; Aaron F. Woodward, MD; David R. Wallace, MD; Kevin C. Cormier,MD; Justin M. Owens, MD; Maureen G. Heldman, MD

Full Fat or Trim? Reducing Radiation Exposure of CT Thoracic Angiograms for Aortic Dissection in the Emergency Setting: A Comparison of Two Protocols
Auckland City Hospital, University of Auckland
Amy M. Sevao, MBChB; Lucy E. Modahl, MD, PhD

High Patient Call-back Rates in Diagnostic Ultrasound
Wayne State University - Detroit Medical Center
Meghna Chadha, MD, MBBS; Nicholas A. Lewis, MD; Osama M.Ali, MD; Pinky Sharma, MD; Chaitanya Ahuja, MD

How Accurate is Self-Reported Data? Radiologic Procedure Logs at a Large Academic Medical Center
Emory University School of Medicine
Adam B. Prater, MD; Thomas W. Loehfelm, MD, PhD; Bradley S. Rostad, MD; Emily Ebert, MD; Mark E. Mullins, MD, PhD; Christopher P. Ho, MD

How to Reduce Head Computerized Tomography (CT) Orders in Children with Hydrocephalus using Lean Sigma Methodology:  Experience in a Major Academic Children's Center
Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
Aylin Tekes-Brady, MD; Eric K. Jackson; Jean K. Ogborn; Elyce Wolfgang; George Jallo; Thierry Huisman, MD

Impact of Simulator Teaching on Junior Radiology Resident Preparedness for Independent Call
Vancouver General Hospital
Kathryn Darras, MD; Bippan Sangha, MD; Kristy Cho; Silvia D. Chang, MD

Implementation of a Department Wide CT Dose Monitoring and Reporting System: Initial Experience and Results
Stanford University Medical Center
Lior Molvin, RT, CT; Jia Wang, PhD; Ken Lim, MBA; Dominik Fleischmann, MD

Implementation of a Monitoring System for ACR and Proposed Joint Commission CT Requirements
University of California Los Angeles
Thomas Oshiro, PhD; Maryam Bostani, PhD; Joon S. Seo; Shiva Borgheian; Christopher H. Cagnon, PhD; Brenda M. Izzi, RN, MBA, et al.

Implementing a Mammography Quality Assurance Programme to Improve Technical Image Quality and Reduce Technical Repeats
HCA International Ltd.
Steven C. Dixon; Rosslyn Halls, BSC, MSc; Sue E. Milner, BSC; Neil Buckley; Manisha Shah, MBA, RT

Improving Compliance with Screening Mammography Guidelines in an Insured Population by Initiating a Mobile Mammography Program to Increase Access to Screening Mammography in a Metropolitan Area
University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine
Lara A. Hardesty, MD; Deborah Glueck, PhD; Kimberly Lind, MPH; Jeffrey R. Lambert; Dana J. Knapp, BS, RT

Improving CPT Coding Accuracy for Common Musculoskeletal Interventions
Washington University, Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology
Ryan M. Schmidt, MD; Michael V. Friedman, MD; Travis J. Hillen, MD, Jonathan C. Baker, MD; Jennifer L. Demertzis, MD; Jack W. Jennings, MD; et al.

Improving Early Morning On-Time Start Rates at a Large Outpatient MRI Facility
Mayo Clinic
Stacy R. Schultz, BA; Vicki L. Knudsen, RT(R)(MR); Jennifer L. Arndt; Jean M. Heimer, RT(R)(MR); Nicole M. Jensen, RN; Hannah C. Kilen, RN; Patricia E. May RT(R)(MR); Pamela K. Strike; Kirk M. Welker, MD

Improving Quality through Integrated Program Management in a Pediatric Tertiary Care Radiology Department
The Hospital for Sick Children
Zoran Bojic, MHSc; Ellen Charkot, MRT(R), BHA; Manohar M. Shroff, MD

Improving the Pediatric MRI Experience: A Multidisciplinary Team Approach Using Lean Sigma Methodology
Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
Emily Lee; Joanne Shay, MD; Thierry Huisman, MD; Hal Shaffner, MD; Elyce Wolfgang; Cheryl Shoats; Bina Patel; Clint Morris; Peg C. Cooper, RT; Aylin Tekes-Brady, MD

Incorporating Consensus-Oriented Contemporaneous Peer-Review into a Breast Imaging Practice
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Jordana Phillips, MD; Tejas S. Mehta, MD, MPH; Shambhavi Venkataraman, MD; Richard E. Sharpe Jr., MD, MBA; Vandana M. Dialani, MD; Seema Prakash, MD; Valerie J. Fein-Zachary, MD; Priscilla J. Slanetz, MD, MPH; Chun-Shan Yam, PhD; Jonathan B. Kruskal, MD, PhD

Institution-wide Training and Education Program for CT Technologists
Stanford University Medical Center
Christoph Zorich, RT, CT; Daisha Marsh, RT, CT; Lior Molvin, RT, CT; Jia Wang, PhD; Joni Schott, MBA; Dominik Fleischmann, MD

Interdepartmental Process for Improving Intravenous (IV) Access and Turnaround Times in CT
Stanford University Medical Center
Daisha Marsh, RT, CT; Christoph Zorich, RT, CT; Dominik Fleischmann, MD

Learning from our Missed Opportunities:Initial Experience using Sonographer Report Cards to Improve the Diagnostic Accuracy of Pediatric Appendix Ultrasound and Decrease Pediatric CT Utilization
Henry Ford Hospital
Karyn A. Ledbetter, MD; Andrew K. Moriarity, MD; Safwan Halabi, MD

Lung Rapid Assessment and Management Program-Process Improvement Project (LungRAMP - PIP): Decreasing Wait Times for a Cancer Diagnosis
University Health Network
Daniel Toubassy, BSC; Lilly Whitham; Alice Tsang

Measuring Progress in Resident Education: A Pilot Study of a Report Comparator
University of Washington
Jeffrey D. Robinson, MD, MBA; Daniel S. Hippe, MS

Microembolism during Endovascular Treatment of Unruptured Cerebral Aneurysms: Successful Reduction by Modification of the Coiling Technique and Maintenance of Intraprocedural Blood Pressure 
Asan Medical Center
Joo Yeon Lee; Dae Yoon Kim; Jung Cheol Park; Yu Sub Sung; Choong Gon Choi, MD; Deok H. Lee, MD

MRI Rapid Diagnostic Pilot
University Health Network
Bradley Lang; Gabriela Penaloza; Jeffrey Zon

Multifaceted Approach to CT Dose Reduction for "Rule-out Aortic Dissection"
Montefiore Medical Center
Judah Goldschmiedt, MD; Sharon Steinberger, BA; Esther Mizrachi; David Esses; Jeffrey M. Levsky, MD, PhD; Linda B. Haramati, MD, MS


No More Wait and Delays: Streamline Work Flow to Decrease Patient Time of Stay for Image Guided Musculoskeletal Procedures
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Eric M. Goodman, MD; Anuolowatomiwa O. Osunkoya, BEng, MEM; Yvonne Y. Cheung, MD, MS

Not for Residents Only: Department-wide Training for the Management of Contrast Reactions
New York University-Hospital for Joint Diseases
Sandra L. Moore, MD; Maria C. Shiau, MD; Jill E. Jacobs, MD; Georgeann McGuinness, MD; James S. Babb, PhD

Optimization of X-ray (XR) Based Protocol for the Detection of Retained Surgical Items (RSI) in the Operating Room (OR)
Rush University Medical Center
Vicko Gluncic; Serge Kobsa, MD, PhD; Shirley Richard, MBA; Mario Moric; Gady Agam, PhD; Sameer Ansari, MD, PhD

PICC the Right Choice: Eliminating Central Line Placement Infections
Mayo Clinic
Cindy Lehnertz, RT (R, VI); Chad J. Fleming, MD; Michael J. Withers, RT (R, VI); Tiffany Craft, CST; Sherrie Yerhot, RN, BSN; Stacy R. Schultz, BA

Quality Improvement in Portable Chest Radiography: A Collaborative Approach
University of Kansas Medical Center
Trent R. James, MD; Rustain L. Morgan, MD, MS; Glendon G. Cox, MD; Shannon Philipsheck, RRT; Kimberly Smith, RRT; Patty Corkill, RRT; Jacqueline Hill, MPH, CHES


Radiology Utilization Action Team: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Utilization Management and the Development of Appropriate Imaging Practices
Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Medical Center
Diego A. Covarrubias, MD; Iqbal Kasam, MD; Julie B. Ross, MBA, MPH; Christopher T. Hsu, MD

Reducing Breast MRI Cancellations and No Shows
Emory University
Neil A. Shah, MD; Anna I. Holbrook, MD; Michael R. Aho, MD; Nathan O. Spell III, MD; Mary S. Newell, MD

Reducing Radiation Dose in Pediatric Diagnostic Fluoroscopy
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Anish Ghodadra, MD, Stefano C. Bartoletti, MD

Reducing Recall Rates for Screening Mammography: How We Achieved our Goal
University of Virginia
Carrie M. Rochman, MD; Brandi T. Nicholson, MD; Heather R. Peppard, MD; Jennifer A. Harvey, MD

Reducing the Number of Changed Orders for Radiographs in a Radiology Department
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Alexander J. Towbin, MD; Laurie A. Perry, RN; Wendy Bankes; Christopher N. Alsip, BS, RT; Erin Adkins; Rachel Smith; Emily Mueller, BS, RT

Reducing Waste and Improving Compliance with Regulatory Standards in the Ordering Process for Ultrasound Examinations from the Emergency Department
Mayo Clinic
Stacy R. Schultz, BA; Venkatesh R. Bellamkonda, MD; Deppi G. Goyal, MD; Nora J. Harer, RVT, RDMS; Karen A. Koch, MS, RN; Elizabeth C. Walter, MD; Christopher P. Wood, MD

Stroke Code CT Communication Compliance: Practice Quality Improvement
University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics
Tabassum A. Kennedy, MD; Nick L. Marinelli, MD; Stephen Quinet, MD; Sara R. Nace, MD; Jane H. Maksimovic, DO; Jason M. Huston, DO; Leslie Hartman, MD; Richard Bruce, MD

Structured Reporting of Focal Masses in the Abdomen: With a Focus on Consistent Communication and Monitoring of Follow-up Recommendations
Hospital of University of Pennsylvania
Seetharam C. Chadalavada, MD, MS; Hanna M. Zafar, MD, MHS; Darco Lalevic; Caroline Sloan; Mitchell D. Schnall, MD, PhD; Curtis P. Langlotz, MD, PhD; Tessa S. Cook, MD, PhD

Tailored Radiologist Reports Regarding Clinician Notification of Cerebral Infarct or Hemorrhage Exacerbations or Complications Improve Overall Compliance Rates
Mount Sinai Medical Center
Bradley N. Delman, MD; Amish H. Doshi, MD; Thomas P. Naidich, MD; Puneet S. Pawha, MD; Michael Sacher, MD; Aryeh Stollman, Lawrence N. Tanenbaum, MD; Burton P. Drayer, MD

The Implementation of PACS Accessible Quality Assurance Tools to Facilitate Communication Between Radiologist and Technologist
University of Pennsylvania Medical Center
Andrew S. Wilmot, MD; Woojin Kim, MD

The Ontario Provincial MRI Process Improvement Project Phase 3: Sustaining Continuous Improvement and Accountability for Better Access to Medical Imaging
University Health Network, The Joint Department of Medical Imaging
Tanya Spiegelberg; Roger Yeung; Tania Simoes

Use of a Referring Physician Survey to Direct Departmental-Wide Radiology Quality Improvement Efforts
New York University Langone Medical Center
Andrew B. Rosenkrantz, MD, MPA; John M. McMenamy, MD; Jill E. Jacobs, MD; Danny C. Kim, MD

Use of Non-Pharmacological Strategies and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Preparation Programs to Improve Workflow, Increase Patient Safety and Satisfaction, and Decrease Cost in a Tertiary Pediatric Hospital
Wolfson Children's Hospital
Laura M. McCalvin, BS, CCLS; Elizabeth P. McGraw, MD; Brooke A. Amato, BS

Using Psychometric Analysis to Improve Radiology Teaching Files and Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs)
Tan Tock Seng Hospital
Gerald J. Tan, MBBS, FACR

Using Team Audits to Improve Image Quality—Our Institution's Experience
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Lincoln L. Berland, MD; Deborah D. Flint, PE, BIE, MBA; Beth S. Winningham, BSRT, MBA

Utilizing Value Stream Mapping to Reduce Patient Lead Time in Bone Densitometry
Mayo Clinic
Laura Tibor-English, MBA, BEng; Timothy B. Valley, BS, MA, CNMT; Cathy Berg; Tracy Callahan; Darla Enright; Jeffrey Kindseth; Dawn Krisik; Bonnie Lehnertz; Brian Mullan, MD; Linda Nesberg; William Oswald, CNMT; Michelle Rank, CNMT; Jolene Stock, RT

Watching the Hours Tick By: Improving the Availability and Efficiency of Limited County MR Resources
University of Texas Medical School at Houston
Susanna C. Spence, MD; Verghese George, MD; Scott B. Serlin, MD; Eduardo J. Matta, MD


A Five-year Study on Critical Results Compliance to the Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goal 02.03.01 (Report Critical Results of Tests and Diagnostic Procedures on a Timely Basis)
Mayo Clinic
Stacy R. Schultz, BA; Robert E. Watson Jr, MD, PhD; Sherrie L. Prescott, RN; Gina K. Hesley, MD; Karl N. Krecke, MD

Accelerating Integration between Acute and Community Care
eHealth Ontario Diagnostic Imaging 
Angela Lianos, MSc

Added Value and Improved Performance Resulting from an Online Radiology Quality and Safety Reporting and Learning System
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Jonathan B. Kruskal, MD, PhD; Chun-Shan Yam, PhD; Bettina Siewert, MD; Ronald L. Eisenberg, MD, JD

An Evaluation of the X-ray Referral Practices of Advanced Nurse Practitioners in an Urban Emergency Department in Ireland 
St James Hospital 
Karen A. Billington, MBBCh

Assessment and Improvement Initiative: Maximum Benefit Safe Use of Power Injectable Implanted Ports for Enhanced Computed Tomography
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-Shreveport 
Jessica Caraway, MD; Maureen G. Heldmann, MD; Desiree Bell, RT; Lori Smith, RT

Bridging the Gap: Effects of an Imaging Network in Appalachia
West Virginia University School of Medicine
Jennifer Koay, MD, Jeffery P. Hogg, MD, John Gruzs, Alison Wilson, MD

Combining Sensitivity and Efficiency in the Detection and Localization of Pulmonary Nodules
Geisinger Medical Center 
Satre Stuelke, MD; Clara J. Chudow, MD; B. Dennis M. Go, MD; Matthew Stetler, RT

Comparison of Error Detection Rates in Mandatory vs. Voluntary Professional Peer Review
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Kevin W. McEnery, MD; Martha E. Riley; Joseph R. Steele JR, MD

CT Protocol Quality Control Program: Development, Implementation and Initial Experiences
Mayo Clinic 
Yi Zhang; Shuai Leng, PhD; Michele Powell; Emily Sheedy; Cynthia H. McCollough, PhD

CT Radiation Exposure Monitoring Committee
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Brian R. Herts, MD; Frank Dong, PhD; Bonnie Wildman; Paul Johnson; Erika Schneider, PhD; 
David W. Piraino, MD; et al

Development of a Comprehensive Resident Research Curriculum
University of Kansas Medical Center 
Jacqueline Hill; Shelby J. Fishback, MD; Philip L. Johnson, MD

Establishing First-ever Radiology Services and Interpretation at Isolated Island Hospital Talaud, Indonesia - Multinational Humanitarian Radiology Cooperation 
Naval Medical Center San Diego Dept of Diagnostic Radiology 
Tyler A. Vachon, MD

Feasibility and Sustainability of Two Patient Identification Check Documentation to Drive Patient and Radiation Safety in a Radiology Department 
National University Hospital Singapore
Siok Mei Ng; Lee Lin Loh; Chew Pheng Loh

From Monologue to Dialogue: Using an Online Feedback Tool to Improve Image Quality Through Enhanced Radiologist-Technologist Communication
Emory University School of Medicine 
Jack A. Talsma, MD; Katy L. Day, RT; Phuong-Anh T. Duong, MD

Henry Ford Hospital Radiology Order Queue (ROQ)
Henry Ford Hospital
Vanda Ametlli; Rachel Blair, BS; Brooke Wessman, MENG; Safwan Halabi, MD; James Ciarelli, MS;
Samantha Tunnecliffe

How to Avoid the Patient-induced Abortion of an MR-guided Intervention of Only MR-visible Breast Lesions
Suedharz Hospital Nordhausen 
Ansgar Malich, MD; Arnhild Kott, MD; Manuela Klima; Tino Eckert; Joachim Feger, MD

Identifying and Measuring Radiography Ordering Errors Using a Web-based Event Reporting Tool and RIS to Analyze Errors and Identify Opportunities for Improvement
Mayo Clinic
Stacy R. Schultz, BA; Karl N. Krecke, MD; Michelle Nordland; Toni Fabian; Deborah Ritten; Tamara Schmidt

Impact of Call Reforms at the University of Calgary – Foothills Medical Centre (Tertiary Care Trauma Centre)
Foothills Medical Centre/Univ of Calgary 
Gillian Shiau, MD; Andrew Lee, MD

Impact of Implementation of Appropriateness Criteria in the Ordering Algorithm of Myocardial Perfusion Imaging - Our Institutional Experience
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Padma Priya Manapragada, MD; Pradeep G. Bhambhvani, MD; Samuel E. Almodovar-Reteguis, MD; Jon A. Baldwin, DO; Eva Dubovsky, MD, PhD; Janis P. O'Malley, MD

Implementation of a Formal Scripted Post Procedure Closeout to Minimize Errors from Occurring Following Completion of the Critical Phase of Interventional Procedures
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Radiology 
Olga R. Brook, MD; Bettina Siewert, MD; Misti M. Mullins, BS, RN; Jonathan B. Kruskal, MD, PhD

Implementation of a Multidisciplinary Quality Improvement Breast Cancer Detection and Diagnosis Program in Abu Dhabi
Mafraq Hospital
Rola M. Shaheen, MBBS, MD; Jessica W. Leung, MD; Suhaila Al Ameeri, MD; Sara Booz; Tejas S. Mehta, MD, MPH

Implementation of RECIST Reads during Clinical Workflow through the Use of Standardized Structured Reporting
University of Colorado
Rebecca Hedges, BA; Kavita Garg, MD; Brian D. Petersen, MD; Manuel T. Borges III, MD; Thomas D. Suby-Long, MD; Gerald D. Dodd III, MD

Implementation of Standardized Reports within a Pediatric Health Care System with Locations across Multiple States
Nemours Children’s Hospital
Carolina V. Guimaraes, MD; Robert M. DeFlorio, MD; Lauren W. Averill, MD; Kathlene E. Walters; Ramona A. Beasley; Lane F. Donnelly, MD

Implementing a Radiographer/Technologist Screening Programme for the Detection of Incidental Pulmonary Thromboemboli (PE) on Routine Contrast Enhanced Computerised Tomography (CT) Scans Whilst the Patient Is in the Radiology Department 
Christie Hospital NHS Trust 
Alison Kilburn; Sarah J. Iddles; Bernadette M. Carrington, MD

Implementing Low Dose Principles with Fluoroscopically Guided Interventional Procedures
Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, Arizona
Thomas F. Boltz II, MS; William Pavlicek, PhD; Richard Fowl, MD; Eric A. Huettl, MD; Sailen G. Naidu, MD; Kenneth A. Fetterly, PhD; et al

Improved Monitoring of Radiation Use During Fluoroscopic Procedures
Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology 
Saman Panahipour, MD; Mandie Street, ARRT; James R. Duncan, MD, PhD

Improving Continuity of Care: A New Tool to Follow Inpatients with Radiology-Placed Catheters
Alpert Medical School of Brown University
Anna Ellermeier, MD; Robert Norigian; Jonathan S. Movson, MBChB; William W. Mayo-Smith, MD

Improving Patient Satisfaction Results: The University of Chicago Medicine Radiology Department Journey 
University of Chicago Medicine 
Monica Geyer, MBA; David M. Paushter, MD; Kate A. Feinstein, MD; Paul Mosebach, MBA, ARRT;
Brian Tymkiw, ARRT, BS; Rosalie R. Hughes; et al

Improving Team Performance During the Preprocedure Timeout
Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology
Ellen Chang, BS, MS; Mandie Street, RT(R)(MR); Melissa Alferman, RT(R); Lisa Gebhart, RN; Philip McFarland; James Naes, RT (R); Saman Panahipour, MD; Rebekah Phelan, RN; James R Duncan, MD, PhD

Innovative Radiology Communication Tool Helps To Reduce Door-To-Needle Time in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke
Rochester General Hospital
Sarah F. Ifthikharuddin, MD; Jonathan D. Broder, MD; Katia Kaplan-List, MD; Cheryl Wood, RN; 
Jenny Lana, RT

Integration of Radiology Services across a Pediatric Health Care System with Locations in Multiple States
Nemours Children’s Hospital
Lane F. Donnelly, MD; Debbie J. Merinbaum, MD; Monica Epelman, MD; Leslie E. Grissom, MD; Kathlene E. Walters; Ramona A. Beasley; et al

Managing Variance to Reduce Proportion of ED Patients Undergoing CT That Fail Report Turnaround Expectations
Integra Imaging, PS; & Swedish Medical Center
Dave Wilson, ARRT; Frederick A. Mann, MD; Kim Medaris

Musculoskeletal MRI Performance Improvement of Image Quality
Baylor College of Medicine 
Matthew J. Rose, MD; Bighnesh Satpathy, MD; Marc H. Willis, DO

Not Only for Residents-- NYU Medical Center Department-wide Training for Contrast Reaction Preparedness: Initial Results
NYU - Hospital for Joint Diseases
Sandra L. Moore, MD; Maria C. Shiau, MD; James S. Babb, PhD

Ontario’s Diagnostic Imaging Appropriateness Pilot Project
Joint Department of Medical Imaging, MountSinai Hospital; University Health Network, Women’s College Hospital.
Tania Simoes; Roger Yeung; Lilly Whitham;Lester Ly

Optimized Hospital Radiologist Staffing in a Multisite Radiology Enterprise: A Data Driven Rational Approach to Efficiently Delivering Real Time Subspecialized Radiology 
Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Lily Zou, MD; Murray Becker, MD PhD; Alberto Goldszal, PhD; Lisa Martinez, BA

Planting the Seed of Quality Care- Teaching Medical Students about the Application of the ACR Appropriateness Criteria
Baylor University Medical Center Dallas, Dept. of Diagnostic Radiology 
Shannon B. Glass, MD; Umesh D. Oza, MD

Radiology Resident IDEA System
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Elizabeth Asch, MD; Samir H. Shah, MD; Seth J. Berkowitz; Sahil V. Mehta, MD; George J. Watts, MD;
Jonathan B. Kruskal, MD, PhD; et al

Reducing Radiation Dose in CT Abdomen and Pelvis Studies: How ACR DIR Registry Data Can Be an Impetus for Quality Improvement
Rush University Medical Center/ Henry Ford Health System
Mark P. Supanich, PhD; Nicholas B. Bevins, PhD; Daniel T. Myers, MD

Reducing TAT for Head CT Reports Via CQI Methods: GOAL ACHIEVED!
Teleradiology Solutions
Stephen B. Eigles, MD, MS; Sridhar G. Panughpath, MD; Arjun Kalyanpur, MD

Reduction of Radiographers' Error Rate in Radiological Information System (RIS)
National University Hospital 
Mei Chyi Kok, BSc; Siok Mei Ng; Meng Yau Low, BSc; Kok Yew Lee, BSc

Scheduling an MRI—ASAP
Henry Ford Hospital 
Brooke Wessman; Vanda Ametlli; Michael Davis; David J. Kastan, MD; Kenneth Stickney; Milan V. Pantelic, MD

Successful Departmental Effort in Reduction of Dose Area Product (DAP) during Pediatric Upper Gastrointestinal (UGI) and Genitourinary (VCUG) Cases
Nemours/A.I. duPont Hospital for Children 
Grace W. Guo, MD; Heidi Kecskemethy; Leslie E. Grissom, MD

Successful Implementation of Electrocardiographic Guided PICC Placement with a Nurse Comprised PICC Team
Mayo Clinic 
Ashish K. Parikh, MD; Lorraine Babcock, RN; Lisa Brumble, MD; Hugh J. Williams Jr, MD; 
Barbara L. McComb, MD*

The Benefits of Same-day Pre-exam Patient Education in Breast Imaging
Emory University School of Medicine 
Daymen S. Tuscano, MD; Anna I. Holbrook, MD; Mary S. Newell, MD

The Incidentally Detected Pulmonary Nodule on MDCT: Improving Adherence to Follow-up Recommendations by Enhancing Communication between the Radiologist and the Clinician
Boston University Medical Center
Elizabeth  R. Tang, MD; Jennifer C. Broder, MD; Justine Lavoye; Shannon Gentry; Debra Clements;
Jaroslaw N. Tkacz, MD; et al


Tracking Results: A Novel Approach to Tracking Resident Miss Rates on Trauma Patients While Improving Education and Satisfying Trauma Certification Requirements for a Level 1 University Hospital
Alegent Creighton Health
Adam Stibbe, MD, Omaha, NE J Schubert MD, C Cusack BA, M Hora MD, K Cusack BA

Use of Value Stream Mapping to Improve Patient Flow in a Large Academic Interventional Radiology Practice
Cleveland Clinic Department of Radiology 
Rakhee H.Goel, MD; Ambrose Jackson; Carl Creagh; Nancy A. Obuchowski, PhD; Abraham Levitin, MD;
Amanjit S. Gill, MD

Using a Coaching Model to Rapidly and Sustainably Achieve Performance Improvement in a Large Radiography Department
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Christopher N. Alsip, BS, RT; Wendy Bankes; Emily Fiehrer, BS, RT; David B. Larson, MD

Using a Project Management Approach to Implement Quality Improvement Projects across a Large Radiology Department
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Wendy Bankes;  David B. Larson, MD; Christopher N. Alsip, BS, RT

Using The RSNA Teaching File System (TFS) in a Large Private Practice- To Enhance Sharing of Cases/Education and to Provide CME for Its Members
Austin Radiological Association 
David R. Leake, MD; Nabeel Farhataziz, MD


A Focused Follow-up Program to Increase the Retrieval Rate of Optional IVC Filters
University of Chicago
Authors:  Steven M. Zangan, MD; Brian S. Funaki, MD; Thuong G. Van Ha, MD; Jonathan M. Lorenz, MD; 
Rakesh C. Navuluri, MD; Jeffrey A. Leef, MD 

A Quality Improvement Initiative to Reduce Unnecessary Follow-up Imaging for Adnexal Lesions
Virginia Mason Medical Center
Authors: Dawna J. Kramer, MD;  Jamie Hui, MD; Beverly E. Hashimoto, MD; David L. Coy, MD, PhD; 
C. Craig Blackmore, MD, MPH  

A Standard Method to Measure the Quality of Care from the Patient’s Perspective 
UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Authors: Joseph R. Steele Jr., MD; Stowe Shoemaker, PhD; Ryan Clarke 

Connecting Care When Time Counts through the Emergency Neuro Image Transfer System (ENITS)
eHealth Ontario
Authors: Angela Lianos, MSc

Creation and Implementation of a Standard Work for Computed Tomography-guided (CT) Biopsy Procedures       
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Authors: A. K. Jones, PhD; Joe Ensor; Rodrick C. Zvavanjanja, MD, FRCR; Michael Pomares; Mohamed Abdelsalam, MD;  Keenan Harris; et al 

Critical Test Results Program in a Large Community Hospital
SUMMA Health System
Authors: Daniel  A. Finelli, MD; Terrence Creque

Decreasing the Variability in Turnaround Time for Radiography Studies from the Emergency Department
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Authors: Alex Towbin, MD; Srikant B. Iyer, MD,MPH; Kartik Varadarajan; Laurie A. Perry, RN; James Brown; David B. Larson, MD 

Effective Reporting in Cardiac CT Angiography: Improvement via Collaborative Peer Review
Massachusetts General Hospital
Authors:   Ashley M. Lee, BS; Leif-Christopher Engel; Manavjot S. Sidhu, MBBS,MD; Udo Hoffmann, MD; 
Thomas J. Brady, MD; Brian B. Ghoshhajra, MD

Effects of Structured Reporting on Report Quality including Physician Quality Reporting Systems (PQRS) Measure in an Academic Nuclear Medicine Division
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Authors: Andrea C. Itskovich, MD; Lorraine E. De Blanche, MD; Twyla B. Bartel, DO, MBA; Horace J. Spencer, MS; Patricia M. Murphy; Tracy L. Brown, MD, PhD 

Emergency Department and Radiology Image Results Discrepancy Tracking System: The Objective Was to Enhance Timely Interpretive Concurrence and to Improve Results Communication for Imaging Studies 
Fletcher Allen Health Care, FAHC
Authors: Joseph Mack, MS, BA; Kristen K. Destigter, MD; Norman V. Sturtevant, MD; Steven P. Braff, MD; Stephen M. Leffler, MD 

Evaluation of the Diagnostic Yield of Musculoskeletal Fellowship Trainee Image-guided Biopsies at Routine Intervals:  Initial Experience with a Practice Quality Improvement Project Integrated within the Musculoskeletal Radiology Fellowship Program
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Authors:Glenn C. Gaviola, MD; Stacy E. Smith, MD  

Faculty Research Pilot Program: How to Increase Research Productivity in a Community-based Teaching Hospital  
Staten Island University Hospital
Authors: Jose Morey, MD; Lorraine Fugazzi, MBA; Mary M. Salvatore, MD; David S. Sarkany, MD; 
Yelena Friedman, MA; Omar J. Arnuk, MD 

Faster than the Speed of Type: Feasibility of a High-Performance Human-Computer Search Interface for Patient-centered Radiology Ordering Based on Aggregation and Localization of the ACR Appropriateness Criteria       
Johns Hopkins
Authors:  Anthony F. Fotenos, MD, PhD ; Ryan Woods, MD, MPH; Paras Khandheria, MD; Michael Cohen; Paul G. Nagy, PhD  

Imaging Gently: Dose Reduction in Neonatal Chest Radiography through the Implementation of High-kVp Technique
Authors: Idris Elbakri, PhD; Benjamin Z. Koplewitz, MD  

Improving Educational Quality through the Assessment of Radiology Resident Preliminary Interpretations
University Hospitals Case Medical Center
Authors: Jennifer Montgomery, MD, PhD; Bonnie S. Ahn, MD; Kianoush Ansari Gilani, MD; Gerard T. Berry Jr, MD; Candice Bookwalter, MD, PhD; Nathan P. Fergus, MD; et al  

Improving Efficiency in Performance of CT of the Chest, Abdomen, and Pelvis from Order Entry to Protocol at a Safety Net Hospital
Nassau University Medical Center
Authors:  Jay P. Agrawal, MD; Nalini Kanth, MD; Saba Gilani, MD; Susan DeCosta; Prachi Anand; Dhyan Rajan; et al 

Improving Hand Hygiene Adherence in Radiology: A Programmatic Quality Improvement Initiative Based on Best Practices
University of Washington
Authors:Brian W. Bresnahan, PhD; Daniel S. Hippe, MS; Ken F. Linnau, MD,MS; Cindy L. Hokanson; Stephanie Pardee; Joseph Marotta; et al  

Improving Patient Safety in Interventional Radiology: A Multi-centered Trainee-led Approach to Increasing Compliance of the Radiology WHO Checklist
University Hospitals Aintree
Authors: Hardi Madani, MBBS; Adam S. Nelson, MBBS; Peter Logan; Nicholas Day, MBChB, FRCR; Aldo Camenzuli  

Improving the Patient Experience through the Development of a Radiology-Specific Patient and Family Advisory Council 
Authors: Stacy R. Schultz, BA; Kathleen R. Brandt, MD; Karl N. Krecke, MD; David Jasperson; Jonathan M. Morris, MD 

Improving the Quality of Breast MRI Reports with Standardized Templates and Structured Reporting
Brigham and Womens Hospital
Authors: Dorothy A. Sippo, MD; Sughra Raza, MD; Katherine P. Andriole, PhD; Robyn L. Birdwell, MD  

Mammography Positioning Checklist and Coaching: An Approach to Improve Imaging Quality 
Columbia University Medical Center/New York Presbyterian Hospital
Authors: Mariela Cantera, MD; Erica Pollack; Daniel S. Chow, MD; Joanna Uruijo; Ralph T. Wynn, MD; Jennifer R. Kohr, MD 

Management of a Quality Control Program within a Large Health Care Region 
Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
Authors: Petar Seslija, MSc,BEng; Kevin Hammerstrom; Henry Ross; Trudy Pel; Robert Cropp, PhD; Jeffrey Chabot; et al 

Managing Late Day Work in the Ultrasound Department: A Quality Improvement Project
Mayo Clinic
Authors: Karen S. Sellner, RN; Carrie L. Carlson, RT; Michael Nienow; Deborah D. Pahl, RN; Nora J. Harer; Deborah L. Nelson; et al 

Minimizing Radiation Dose in Metallic Foreign Body Screening of the Orbits Prior to Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Eastern Virginia Medical School
Authors: Mary F. Wood, MD; Kimberly Hoang, MD; Mary J. Mason, MPH; Marc L. Silverberg, MD; Sarah C. Shaves, MD 

Neuro-Interventional Ultrasound (NIR)—Improving Patient Access
UT MD  Anderson Cancer Center
Authors: Joseph R. Steele Jr., MD; Tonya Brightmon, MS,RT; Beth S. Edeiken-Monroe, MD 

Optimizing Our Practice: Skeletal Surveys for Non-accidental Injury—A Continuing Audit
Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust
Authors: Hugh Harvey, MBBS; Davide Prezzi, MBBS; Ima Moorthy, FRCR; Ian Kenney, FRCR  

Peer-to-Peer: An Integrated PACS Based Solution for Improving Compliance with the Radiology Peer Review Process 
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Authors: Adam E. Flanders, MD; Richard J. Gorniak, MD; Paras Lakhani, MD; Richard E. Sharpe Jr, MD, MBA; Christopher G. Roth, MD; Christopher R. Merritt, MD; et al  

Quality Improvement and Confirmation (QuIC) Projects: A Method for Rapid and Verifiable Improvement in Focused Aspects of Individual Performance in Radiology Departments     
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Authors: C. Matthew Hawkins, MD; Rebecca M. Pryor, BS, RT; Christopher rel="noopener noreferrer" N. Alsip, BS,RT; David B. rel="noopener noreferrer" Larson, MD

Radiation Dose Reduction Strategies in the NICU   
SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Authors: David S. Dinhofer, MD; John B. Amodio III, MD 

Screening Cervical Spine CT in the Emergency Department: A Collaborative Multi-phase 
Approach to Improving Imaging Over-Utilization

Henry Ford Hospital
Authors: Brent Griffith, MD; Mark K. Kelly, MD; Phyllis Vallee, MD; Michelle Slezak, MD; Jumana Nagarwalla, MD; Seth Krupp, MD; et al

Screening Mammography: Achieving Same Day Access
Ochsner Clinic Foundation
Authors: Dana H. Smetherman, rel="noopener noreferrer" MD, MPH; Deanna Nettles, RT 

Screening Mammography Performance Improvement Initiative
Henry Ford Hospital
Author: Brooke Wessman, MENG

SharePoint Calendar Is Vital to High Volume PET/CT Service
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Authors: James E. McDonald, MD; Jeremy L. Hightower, BS; Tracy L. Brown, MD, PhD; Hongyun J. Zhu, MD; Archana Bhat; James A. Ntambi, MD 

Simulation Center Training as a Means to Improve Resident Performance in CT-guided Fluoroscopic Procedures
Henry Ford Hospital
Authors: Hafeez Ahmed, MD; Mishal Mendiratta-Lala, MD; John W. Bonnett, MD; Vivek Mendiratta; Meredith Mahan; Todd Williams, MD 

Spinal Cord Compression: How Often Is It Really Acute?
University of Chicago Hospitals
Authors: Valeria Potigailo, MD; Gregory L. Katzman, MD

Strengthening the Feedback Loop between Radiologists and Technologists to Improve Image Quality
University of Colorado SOM
Authors: Adam D. Williams, MD; Thomas D. Suby-Long, MD; Janelle Mitton, RT; Loretta Hartten; Tara Montgomery; Pamella Heller, RT; et al 

Structured vs Nonstructured Reporting in Abdominopelvic CT Interpretation: Is Structured Reporting More Accurate than Conventional Reporting in CT Reporting of the Abdomen and  Pelvis?
The Ottawa Hospital
Authors: Ahmed M. Almuslim, MBBS; John G. Ryan, MD; Ahmad Murtaza 

The Impact of Procedural Checklist Competency Requirements on Early Chest Port Infections
University of Chicago
Authors: Steven M. Zangan, MD; Rakesh C. Navuluri, MD; Jonathan M. Lorenz, MD; Brian S. Funaki, MD; Thuong G. Van Ha, MD; Jeffrey A. Leef, MD 

The Ontario Diagnostic Imaging Appropriateness Pilot Project
Toronto Western Hospital
Authors: Nathan Doidge; Lester Ly; Roger Yeung; Lilly Whitham; Tania Simoes; Arshi Uppal  

The Ontario Provincial MRI Process Improvement Project
The Joint Department of Medical Imaging; Mount Sinai Hospital; University Health Network ; Women's College Hospital
Authors: Tanya Spiegelberg, PMP; Nathan Doidge 

Thyroid Biopsy Specialists—An Innovative Role for Radiology Assistant
Toronto General Hospital
Authors: Sangeet Ghai, MD; Mostafa Atri, MD; Patrice M. Bret, MD; Ravi Menezes, PhD; Yongheng Jia; Kulsoom A. Maan, MBBS; et al 

Timeliness of Communication of Preliminary Report Findings to the Emergency Department at a University Teaching Hospital  
The University of Saskatchewan
Authors: Nicolette R. Sinclair, MD; Haron Obaid, MBChB 

Trends in the Radiation Used for Adult CT Across the University of California Medical Centers, 2010-2012
University of California, San Francisco Medical Center
Authors: Pratik Mehta, BA; Kate MacGregor, rel="noopener noreferrer" MPH; Robert G. Gould, DSc; Diana Miglioretti, PhD; Rebecca Smith-Bindman, MD; J. Anthony Seibert, PhD; et al 

Use of Lean Principles to Improve Efficiency of Screening Mammography Workflows in an Academic Institution
Medical College of Wisconsin
Authors: Carla J. Shah, MD; Mary Beth Gonyo, MD; Anubha Wadhwa, MD; Julie R. Sullivan, MD; Katherine A. Shaffer, MD; Luis A. Sosa, MD; et al

Using the IHI’s Model for Improvement to Increase Patient Identification and Reduce Wrong Patient Errors in a Children’s Radiology Department
Cincinnati Childrens Hospital
Authors: Christopher N. Alsip, BS,RT; Matt Lilly, RT; Julie M. Dickerson, RN, BS; Mona Valentine, MBA,RT 

Weekly Testing of CR Reader and AEC Calibration Using a Commercial CR Quality Tool
Vancouver Coastal Health
Authors: Robert Cropp, PhD; Kevin Hammerstrom; Petar Seslija, MSc,BEng; Yogesh Thakur, PhD