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  • RadLex Playbook and the LOINC/RSNA Radiology Playbook

    • Today radiology facilities generally make up their own codes and names for radiology exams. The absence of an agreed set of names for radiology procedures hampers information sharing and data analysis.

    • A special portion of RSNA’s RadLex ontology, the RadLex Playbook, was developed as a standard system for naming radiology procedures based on the elements which define an imaging exam (such as modality and body part).

    • Playbook supports operational and quality improvement efforts, including workflow optimization, chargemaster management, radiation dose tracking, enterprise integration and image exchange.

    • Each Playbook exam name includes a unique numerical code (Radlex Playbook identifier, or RPID) and a set of procedure names of varying length and readability for use in different applications.

    • Playbook has now been fully incorporated into the LOINC terminology for clinical observations. RSNA worked with the Regenstrief Institute, the publishers of LOINC, to harmonize the two terminologies, under a project funded by the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) and the Department of Defense (DoD). This work was completed in September 2017. The full set of LOINC codes, including the LOINC/RSNA Radiology Playbook, is available for download here.


    A graphical search interface for users to be able to preview this project, available here.


    • Promotes interoperability of imaging exams

    • Facilitates quality improvement, outcomes research and data analysis

    • Enables integration of radiology with enterprise systems

    • Simplifies participation in data registries


    How does a healthcare facility utilize RadLex Playbook and the LOINC/RSNA Radiology Playbook?
    The task of implementing standard codes and procedure names in departmental systems will vary depending on local configurations and practice needs, but is generally a process which is likely to require collaboration between clinical leaders, vendors, and IT staff or consultants with knowledge of system capabilities. You can browse RadLex Playbook by using the term browser. Also on the site is a free, downloadable version of RadLex Playbook in spreadsheet format as well as a User Guide, licensing terms and other information resources. Visit the LOINC site to download LOINC table files, which incorporate the RSNA/LOINC Radiology Playbook

    In what languages is RadLex Playbook available?
    RadLex Playbook is currently available only in English.

    What is the status of adoption of RadLex Playbook?
    Playbook is used to create consistent procedure names for data submitted to the American College of Radiology’s CT Dose Index Registry. It has also been incorporated into Epic Corporation’s Foundation System, which provides customers up-to-date features and content. 

    Who can I contact regarding questions about Playbook?
    Please visit the RadLex Discussion Forum to post any comments or questions.