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  • RSNA Medical Imaging Resource Community (MIRC)

  • Since 2000, RSNA has supported the development of a set of free software tools for education and research in radiology. Those tools are now available through a user-led open source development project, the Medical Imaging Resource Community (MIRC).

    The MIRC Teaching Files System (TFS) enables any radiology site to implement a locally controlled platform for producing and managing teaching files. TFS features a robust case authoring tool that lets you create teaching files for a variety of educational settings from personal and departmental case files to quizzes and conferences. It allows authors to incorporate full DICOM data sets and control access by individuals and groups of users. It can receive images directly from PACS and keep them private to the author until the case is ready for sharing. Set up is simple and TFS runs on any standard PC or server.

    The MIRC Clinical Trials Processor (CTP) lets researchers anonymize DICOM images, add supplemental data and transmit them to clinical trials repositories. CTP is highly configurable and designed to work with all commercial PACS systems. It is used in multisite imaging clinical trials by many large research institutions including the National Cancer Institute’s National Biomedical Image Archive (NBIA).

  • RsnaProgram7

    Teaching File System (TFS)

    Author, manage and share radiology teaching files.


    Clinical Trials Processor (CTP)

    Process and transmit medical images for research, including a powerful anonymizer for DICOM data.


    User Case Studies

    Read user testimonials in RSNA News showing how radiologists are using MIRC for research and education.