Education Materials and Journal Award Program Application

Only applicants representing radiology teaching institutions, hospitals or medical libraries from developing countries are eligible for this program.

1. Application Date

2. Name and Department of Teaching Institution/Hospital/Medical Library

3. Name of Department Chairman or Director

4. Is the institution a non-for-profit organization?

5. Institution Website, if Available:

If a web address is not available, please submit a copy of an informational brochure from your institution or a brief overview of your facility along with your completed application.

6. Request for Education

RSNA Journals

7. Delivery of Education

Please provide the information below, based on the education requested in question #6.

If you are requesting an online subscription to Radiology and/or RadioGraphics, provide the IP address(es) of your institution that should be granted access. This information is required.

(Note: a limited number of IP addresses can be accommodated.)

If you are requesting a print subscription to Radiology and/or RadioGraphics or education from the RSNA Education Resources Catalog:

8. Briefly describe the radiology training program, if applicable:

9. List the major educational needs of your program/institution, in order of priority

10. Type of procedures performed

11. If your application is approved, please indicate the number of faculty and residents that will have access to the requested education.

12. How do you intend to use the requested education?

13. Please provide any other information that would be helpful for the review committee.