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Diagnosis Live

A revolutionary concept in radiology education, Diagnosis Live™ is a cloud-based teaching tool that encourages active classroom participation and sharpens skills in a fun, interactive way.

Simply upload your presentation to the Diagnosis Live site and use custom tools to build multiple-choice, or image-based touch sensitive questions, or free text “word cloud” questions that you can monitor in real time.

Trainees use their mobile devices to submit answers and receive immediate feedback. You can review the results and analytics together as well as assess what content areas need more attention.

Apply for access

There is no fee to acquire a license, but institutions must complete the Diagnosis Live online application to request access.

Contact us

If you'd like to request a demonstration or have any questions, contact us at 1-630-571-7873 or


What is the cost?
There is no fee to acquire a license to use Diagnosis Live for approved radiology residency programs.
What software do presenters and students need?
No special equipment is needed. Presenters create a presentation in PowerPoint (2007 or higher), Keynote or Google Slides (save file as .pptx) and then run the course on their own device through our web interface. Trainees respond with mobile devices. View the technical requirements for more information.
How do I access Diagnosis Live?
Already a Diagnosis Live user? Access the site to log in.
How do I build a game?
Simply upload your existing presentation to the Diagnosis Live site, which supports PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides. Use the online tools to create and test your multiple choice, image-based touch sensitive or word cloud questions. For added excitement, assign point values to your questions and create teams. Institutions with an account can request support from the Diagnosis Live team.
What types of permission levels are available for users?
The designated administrator from your institution will assign your institution’s users with one of three permission levels:
  • Administrators: May assign/change permission levels, access/edit any authored game and view student results.
  • Staff: May author games, invite players and view student results for only those authored games.
  • Trainees: May play games and view their own results.
Are our institution's games private?
Diagnosis Live presentations offer three levels of privacy:
  • Private: Only you and the people you invite can see the game.
  • Institution: Anyone at your institution who is assigned access rights by an administrator can see the game.
  • Public: Everyone can see the game, including people outside your institution.
What are the next steps after I sign up?
Once you submit an online application, the Diagnosis Live team will provide your institution with a license agreement. After RSNA finalizes the agreement, invitations are sent from the Diagnosis Live system. Once invitations are accepted, the Diagnosis Live experience can begin. Administrators will also receive links to user guides and tutorial videos.
Are demonstrations available once my application is approved?
We offer one-on-one demonstrations year-round. Demonstrations average 45 minutes and are hosted through WebEx video conferencing. Other video conferencing service providers may be available upon request. Demonstrations will cover the different features of Diagnosis Live, like playing, creating and conducting a game, viewing results and managing accounts. At least two participants are recommended but an unlimited number of individuals can participate. Contact to schedule your demonstration.
How do I get added as a user if my institution is already signed up?
Notify your program’s Diagnosis Live administrator to request an invite to use the software. If you don’t know who the administrator is, contact the Diagnosis Live team for assistance.
What are the privacy policy, terms of use and technical requirements?
You can view PDFs of our policies and technical requirements before requesting access and at any time: 
How do I contact the Diagnosis Live team?
You can reach the Diagnosis Live team at:
1-877-776-2636 (U.S. and Canada only)
1-630-571-7873 (outside the U.S. and Canada)