Exhibitor Service Kit

The RSNA Exhibitor Service Kit helps with all your exhibit needs prior to and during the show. In the tables below, you’ll find forms related to services and guidelines of RSNA and McCormick Place, as well as forms and information concerning marketing, promotion, registration, hotel and travel.

If you have any questions regarding the Service Kit, please contact RSNA Exhibition Services team at exhibits@rsna.org.

Freeman Exhibitor Service Kit 
Official contractor forms, including booth furniture rental, electrical, lead management, floral, photography and more can all be found on Freeman’s website

RSNA guidelines

Due date
2020 technical exhibit priority point system
Exhibitor function space
Meeting suite request Sept. 27, 2019
Rules and regulations
RSNA ASUV Policy  
Safety program
Technical exhibits schedule
Violations and penalties
Booth approval forms
     Island booth
Aug. 30, 2019
     Peninsula booth Aug. 30, 2019
     Mobile booth
Aug. 30, 2019
Booth Activity Forms  
     Booth presentation request form Oct. 25, 2019
     Giveaway request form Oct. 25, 2019
     Press conference form Oct. 25, 2019
          Newsroom guidelines for exhibitors   
     Raffle notification form  Oct. 25, 2019
     Ultrasound scanning request form Oct. 25, 2019
     VIP morning meeting request form 4 p.m. prior to morning meeting
Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC)
     EAC online registration
Oct. 11, 2019
     EAC registration form  
     EAC FAQs  
Marketing and promotional tools

Contractor Due date
Marketing tools - Free RSNA
Newsroom guidelines RSNA
Online exhibitor login - Free RSNA  
Premium exhibitor listing information    
Registration list request form RSNA
Sponsorship opportunities
Technical exhibit focus announcement - Free RSNA Oct. 3, 2019
Virtual press office VPO/Cision PR Newswire  


Contractor Due date
5k Fun Run team registration RSNA
Bistro RSNA lunch reservations Bistro Tickets
Childcare - Camp RSNA RSNA/ACCENT Nov. 22, 2019
Concierge services / Chicago dining and entertainment Choose Chicago
Hotel and travel    
Registration, exhibitor badge RSNA  
McCormick Place facility information

McCormick Place ASUV program  McCormick Place
McCormick Place exhibitor bill of rights McCormick Place
McCormick Place BEEP program McCormick Palce
McCormick Place reserved parking McCormick Place
Printing and shipping at McCormick Place FedEx Office
Wheelchair and scooter rental Scootaround
McCormick Place facility rules & regulations McCormick Place

During RSNA 2019

Here you'll find resources to ensure your onsite experience runs smoothly. For additional information about RSNA 2019, pick up a copy of our Meeting Guide or contact our Exhibition Services team.

Technical exhibition hours and booth numbers

The RSNA 2019 technical exhibition is open from:

  • Sunday, December 1- Wednesday, December 4: 10 AM– 5 PM
  • Thursday, December 5: 10 AM – 2 PM

Exhibits are located in one of three halls:

  • South Building Hall A: Booths 1000-5999
  • North Building Hall B: Booths 6000-8699
  • AI Showcase, North Building-Level 2: Booths 10000-11999
Exhibitor registration

Name badges are produced using only the company name submitted on the application/contract. The official RSNA badge must be worn at all times while in the exhibit hall.

Each exhibiting company will receive five (5) complimentary badges for each 100 square feet of exhibit space or kiosk purchased. Exhibitors in the Startup Showcase receive two (2) complimentary badges. There will be a $50 fee assessed for each badge produced over the complimentary allotment. There are no refunds for badges purchased but not used. It is the representative's responsibility to distribute badges to the appropriate individuals in the organization.

Exhibitor badges requested by November 8 at 5 PM Central Time will be mailed in November only if the exhibitor qualifies for the mail option (50+ badges), requests this option and supplies their FedEx or UPS account number. Register for exhibitor badges.

Badges requested after November 8 will not be mailed and must be picked up onsite at any registration location. Exhibitor staff can register onsite for any remaining allocation of badges for no fee. One (1) badge reprint is allowed per exhibitor onsite. If you have reached your allocation, a $50 per badge fee will be assessed for any reprints. All exhibitor staff picking up badges onsite will be required to show a business card with the exhibiting company name and a photo ID.

Exhibitor registration locations

All attendees, professional or exhibitor personnel that registered in advance can print badges at any of the three designated registration locations. New registrants can also complete their registration at these locations. A valid photo ID and business card including company name is required.

North Building, Level 2 (closest to exhibit halls)

Date Hours of operation Exhibit hall hours
Friday, November 29 - Saturday, November 30 7 AM – 5 PM Closed
Sunday, December 1 - Wednesday, December 4 7 AM – 5 PM 10 AM – 5 PM
Thursday, December 5 7 AM – 5 PM 10 AM – 2 PM


Lakeside Center East, Level 2

Date Hours of operation Exhibit hall hours
Saturday, November 30 11:30 AM – 5 PM Closed
Sunday, December 1 - Wednesday, December 4 7 AM – 5 PM 10 AM – 5 PM
Thursday, December 5 7 AM – 5 PM 10 AM – 2 PM
Friday, December 6* 7 AM – 12 PM Closed

*Lakeside information desk only


South Building, Level 1

Date Hours of operation Exhibit hall hours
Saturday, November 30 11:30 AM – 5 PM Closed
Sunday, December 1 - Wednesday, December 4 7 AM – 5 PM 10 AM – 5 PM
Thursday, December 5 7 AM – 5 PM 10 AM – 2 PM


It is a violation to admit a person eligible for general registration (radiologists, physicians, hospital support personnel, etc.) as exhibitor personnel. Violation of this rule will result in a priority point violation against the existing company.

Exhibitor representatives must remain in your booth and are not admitted to the exhibit floor for the purpose of viewing other exhibits. Exhibitor personnel may not enter another exhibitor's booth space without obtaining permission.

Onsite contacts

Beginning November 25 you can find the RSNA Exhibition Services team at McCormick Place in our onsite Exhibition Services Office. Our office is located in the front of the South Building, Hall A, behind booth 4705.

If you need to reach our team November 25 – December 5, call 1-312-791-6630 or email exhibits@rsna.org.

RSNA has contracted with a team of floor managers to oversee the installation, operation and dismantling of the technical exhibits. The floor managers are not affiliated with any union or contractor providing labor or services during RSNA 2019.

  • South Building, Hall A, floor managers: Claude Adomaitis and Tom Duffy
  • North Building, Hall B, floor manager: Joe Henry
  • AI Showcase, North Building-Level 2, floor manager: Sharon Vojtek
Exhibitor Services Locations

Exhibitor Service Center

  • South Building, Hall A, beneath Café A1 and A2
  • North Building, Hall B, near booth 6460

Representatives from all official RSNA contractors are on hand to assist you with all of your exhibit needs, including:

  • Freeman, General Contractor: freight, rigging, furniture, custom cleaning, decorating
  • Freeman AV: AV equipment rental
  • Freeman Electric: electrical service and labor
  • Datasis: computer equipment rental
  • Experient*: lead management service
  • Floral Exhibits: plant/floral rental
  • ETS (McCormick Place): telephone, internet installation
  • Oscar & Associates: photography and video services
  • Rogers Worldwide: international freight forwarder

*Experient's lead retrieval reader distribution area for the South Hall is located near booth 3716.

Booth installation and dismantling

To assist with a smooth installation, all booth set-up times will be based on the RSNA target assignment schedule. Target assignments are based on exhibit size and complexity, proximity to freight doors, impact on surrounding exhibitors, and the overall movement of freight within the exhibit hall. Every effort is made to provide the maximum allowable time to install larger exhibits (20'x20' or larger). These exhibits have been assigned a target move-in date between Thursday, November 21 – Wednesday, November 27. General installation will take place on Friday, November 29 – Saturday, November 30.

All booths must be show ready by 9 AM Sunday, December 1.

Target installation

  • Thursday, November 21: 8 AM – 4:30 PM (target move-in)
  • Friday, November 22: 8 AM – 4:30 PM (target move-in)
  • Saturday, November 23: 8 AM – 4:30 PM (set-up only; no freight)
  • Sunday, November 24: exhibit halls will be closed
  • Monday, November 25 – Wednesday, November 27: 8 AM – 4:30 PM (target move-in)
  • Thursday, November 28: exhibit halls will be closed

General installation

  • Friday, November 29 – Saturday, November 30: 8 AM – 4:30 PM

Final installation

  • Sunday, December 1: 6 – 8 AM

Dismantling hours

  • Thursday, December 5: 2 – 10 PM
  • Friday, December 6 – Saturday, December 7: 8 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Sunday, December 8: exhibit halls will be closed
  • Monday, December 9: 8 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Tuesday, December 10: 8 AM – 12 PM

Review Rules 5 and 6 in the RSNA 2019 Rules and Regulations regarding specific installation and dismantling requirements. If you have any questions onsite, contact your floor manager or the RSNA Exhibition Services Office.

Exhibit installation procedures
  • Break down and flatten all corrugated boxes and place them at the edge of your booth—NOT in the aisles.
  • Place all metal banding and wood separate from other trash at the edge of your booth.
  • Trim out all visqueen by 4 PM on Saturday, November 30.
  • Break down corrugated cardboard containers and place them at the edge of your booth.
  • Each garbage can located by columns in the aisles will be paired with a co-mingled recycling container.
Exhibit dismantle procedures
  • Break down and flatten all corrugated boxes.
  • Roll up any carpet and padding and leave at edge of your booth. Do not throw these items in open dumpsters.
  • Remove any double-faced carpet tape.
  • Separate wood, carpet, padding and metal banding from other waste in your booth.
  • Call Freeman at 1-773-473-7080 for assistance or questions.
Early and late hall access procedures

If required, permission to work at 6 AM and/or extend work to MIDNIGHT will be considered. Your floor manager or the RSNA Exhibition Services Office should be notified of your request by 2:30 PM. Crew size, times and booth location will be needed for security purposes.

Freight, drayage and ASUV
  • Freight receiving

    Trucks can begin checking in at the Marshalling Yard two hours prior to your target move-in assignment. Your drivers will be directed to the McCormick Place Truck Marshalling Yard upon arrival. A dock location and number in line will be assigned to each shipment as it arrives, based on target assignment. Numbers are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Your shipment will be unloaded as dock space becomes available based on your driver's number in line.

    Due to the large amount of freight received, the time between arriving at the Marshalling Yard and unloading may be several hours but is often much less.

    7:00 AM targets will begin to be unloaded by 11:00 AM

    11:00 AM targets will begin to be unloaded by 3:00 PM

  • Automobile and Small Utility Vehicles Policy (ASUV)

    Exhibitors can load/unload materials from automobiles and small utility vehicles at designated McCormick Place docks using exhibitor-owned, non-motorized, non-hydraulic hand trucks and dollies. This service will be available during move-in on Saturday, November 30 from 8 AM to 4 PM and move-out on Thursday, December 5 from 2 PM to 5:30 PM. Complete guidelines on this policy can be found in the RSNA 2019 ASUV Policy.

  • Freight security

    All freight deliveries (including cars and vans) will be checked at the Marshalling Yard and checked again before entering the McCormick Place complex. You can verify at the Freight Desk, located at the nearest Exhibitor Service Center, whether or not your shipment is in line.

  • Crates and cartons

    Please be considerate of your neighboring exhibitors by limiting the amount of freight left in the aisles during setup. If you must move your crates into the aisle to lay carpet, return the crates to your booth after the carpet is laid until you are ready to have them removed. As you empty your crates, immediately label them with "empty" stickers so that they may be removed from the floor. Empty stickers can be obtained from the Freeman Services Area or any floor manager. We ask that all crates be removed from the exhibit floor by 6 PM on Saturday, November 30. If, at this time, you are still working from some crates, special arrangements must be made with your floor manager so the crates may remain in your exhibit space. No crates will be allowed in the aisles at this time.

    At the close of the meeting, your crates will be returned to your booth as soon as possible after all aisle carpet has been removed. This may take up to four or five hours.

    When you have finished packing your exhibit for shipping, you must submit a complete, legible Material Handling Agreement (MHA) at the Freight Desk in the Exhibitor Services Area. All invoices must be paid prior to receiving an MHA. Do not leave the MHA with your freight. If you have arranged for a specific carrier to handle your materials for outbound shipment, you must indicate the name of that carrier on the outbound MHA. If no specific carrier is indicated, the official drayage contractor (Freeman) will designate the most convenient carrier available. If your carrier does not show up, freight will be loaded at the contractor's discretion.

  • Accessible storage area

    Freeman may store your surplus of company literature or other items that may need to be accessed during the RSNA annual meeting in an accessible storage area. Please contact the Freeman Service Desk to make arrangements for storage and delivery of these materials.

  • Exhibitor property passes

    Exhibitor property passes must be used when taking anything, except purses and briefcases, out of the exhibit hall during setup, meeting dates and tear down. Passes may be obtained from either security room or the RSNA Exhibition Services Office.

  • If you have questions regarding your freight, visit the Freeman Freight Desk or contact your floor manager for assistance.
RSNA green initiative and recycling

RSNA is committed to hosting one of the greenest and cleanest meetings in the industry. As a result, all exhibitors and Exhibitor Appointed Contractors (EACs) are strongly urged to work with our general contractor, Freeman, to remove waste and help with recycling efforts. The effectiveness of this recycling program relies upon maintaining separate streams for materials that can be reused and recycled.

Labor services

Labor and/or service orders placed in advance should be confirmed at your contractor's service desk immediately upon your arrival at the exhibit hall. Only labor orders scheduled for 8 AM starts can be guaranteed. All other orders will be filled on an availability basis.

Onsite orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. If you will need labor at 8 AM or before, your order must be placed by 2:30 PM the day before the work is required. If you require labor beyond 4:30 PM, arrangements must be made prior to 2:30 PM that day.

As in the past, RSNA will not allow Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) service desks in the lobby areas or in the no freight/fire safety aisles in Halls A, B and the AI Showcase. All EACs must confine operations to the booth space of their clients.

No service desks, storage areas or other work facilities can be staged anywhere else in the building, unless a written request has been approved by RSNA and the official contractor prior to move-in.

McCormick Place labor observes straight time (ST), overtime (OT) and double time (DT) work window. Actual hours and rates for straight time, overtime and double time vary by trade. For specific hours and rates, inquire at the Exhibitor Services Area in your hall at McCormick Place.

Be sure to read and sign all bills for labor prior to the close of the meeting. Make sure all bills are legible and understandable before leaving McCormick Place. In cases where there appears to be a discrepancy, do not voice your objections directly to the craft personnel. Bring any such work orders to the appropriate service desk and address your concerns with the contractor's supervisory staff.

McCormick Place and labor management request the cooperation of everyone to inform McCormick Place security of any attempts to intimidate, steal, bribe or solicit a gratuity. These practices are strictly forbidden.

Holiday schedule (Thanksgiving Day)

There is no set-up or freight for Thursday, November 28 (Thanksgiving Day). Exhibit halls will be closed.

Exhibitor bill of rights

Exhibitors may perform work in a booth of any size. You can work within your booth using your own ladders or hand tools, cordless tools, power tools and other tools designated by McCormick Place. In addition to the work currently performed, you may also perform the following work within your booth:

Setting up and dismantling exhibits;

Assembling and disassembling materials, machinery or equipment;

Installing all signs, graphics, props, other decorative items and exhibitor drapery, including the skirting of exhibitor tables;

Delivering, setting up, plugging in, interconnecting and operating the exhibitor's electrical equipment, computers, audio-visual devices and other equipment;

Skidding, positioning and re-skidding all exhibitor materials, machinery and equipment using non-motorized hand trucks and dollies;

An exhibitor and exhibitor employees are prohibited at any time from using scooters, forklifts, pallet jacks, condors, scissor lifts, scaffolding, motorized dollies, or similar motorized or hydraulic equipment on McCormick Place premises. Review the complete McCormick Place Exhibitor Bill of Rights.

Call 1-312-791-7299 if you have questions or need clarification regarding the Exhibitor Bill of Rights. Leave a detailed message including your name, company name, telephone number and the date and time of your call. Your call will be promptly returned between the hours of 7 AM — 6:30 PM.

Exhibitor safety guidelines

RSNA is firmly committed to the safety of their exhibitors/meeting contractors and will do everything possible to prevent workplace accidents. RSNA is committed to providing a safe working environment.

During RSNA 2019, floor managers who represent RSNA are encouraged to report any unsafe work practices or safety hazards encountered. All accidents/incidents (no matter how slight) are to be immediately reported to their supervisor on duty. This includes all meeting contractors (official and exhibitor-appointed) or senior staff person of the exhibiting company.

View the complete details on the RSNA safety program.

  • Electrical Installation

    Electrical work during RSNA 2019 must be performed by one of Freeman's electricians. However, exhibitors may deliver, set-up, plug-in, interconnect and operate their own electrical equipment, computers, audio-visual devices and other equipment. Freeman electrical order forms can be found in Freeman's Exhibitor Service Kit.

  • Power and Lights

    Basic floor power and overhead lighting will be provided during standard move-in hours, 8 AM – 5 PM. For show days (Sunday, December 1 – Thursday, December 5), power and lights will be provided from 8 AM to 5:30 PM.

  • Extended Power

    Should you require power outside of the hours listed above during install/dismantle, extended power can be ordered for flat fee per day in addition to the outlet price.  Orders must be placed at the Freeman Electrical Desk in each building at the Exhibitor Service Center prior to 2 PM.

  • 24-Hour Service

    Should you require power at times other than the show hours listed above, special arrangements must be made prior to 2 PM on the day you will require 24-hour power. This service may be ordered for just one circuit or for the entire booth. Order only what you need, as 24-hour service will be billed at twice the unit price. You can place new orders or confirm your electrical orders at the Freeman Electrical Desk in each building at the Exhibitor Service Center.

  • Telephone service

    McCormick Place Exhibitor and Technical Service (ETS) provides dial tone and telephone instruments at one flat rate on a rental basis. You can place orders onsite at the ETS Desk in the Exhibitor Service Center. Advance order forms can be found in Freeman's Exhibitor Service Kit.

    Note: You can reach any number within McCormick Place by dialing the last four digits of the number. However, calling from outside will require dialing the full number:

    South Building, Hall A.........................1-312-791-xxxx

    North Building, Hall B and AI Showcase.........................1-312-808-xxxx

  • Internet Services (RSNAnet)

    Exhibitors who ordered internet service in advance of move-in will find their connection at the location indicated on the submitted drop diagram. All connections will be installed/activated by Friday, November 29. RSNAnet staff will test the cables at that time and tag them with the technical information specific to each company. New orders may be placed onsite at the RSNA Exhibition Services office in the South Building, Hall A behind booth 4705. Exhibitors are responsible for providing/renting the required equipment to complete your network connection. Network hubs or routers can be rented through Datasis. If you require networking/fanning out of CAT 5 cables, you must place a labor order through McCormick Place Exhibitor and Technical Services. Please visit the Exhibitor Services Center to place an order for equipment or labor.

    In spite of our best efforts, problems may occur with your connection. If you suspect that there may be a problem, first determine if the source of the problem is inside the booth. If you have done this and still feel there is a problem, report the concern to the RSNAnet Help Desk at 1-312-949-3214.

Fire and Safety
  • Fire/Safety inspections

    Complete electrical and fire regulations have been included in the McCormick Place Guide found in Freeman's Exhibitor Service Kit. Inspectors from the City of Chicago Bureau of Fire Prevention will conduct inspections of exhibits during the installation period. These inspectors are completely independent of McCormick Place.

  • Electrical Inspections

    Electrical inspectors will verify that all wiring and electrical apparatus are in compliance with the Chicago Electrical Code. If an inspector finds a violation, the apparatus will be marked with a red tag indicating the specific violation. Should a piece of equipment or display component be tagged, you must visit the Freeman Electrical Desk to arrange for electricians to correct the violation(s) indicated. Compliance with the electrical inspector's recommendation(s) is required by law.

  • Fire Inspections

    It is advisable to review the fire regulations in the McCormick Place Facility Guide to verify that you are not in violation.

    Fire inspectors will pay particular attention to exhibits:

    • containing large enclosures such as false ceilings, second decks, etc.
    • requiring extensive electrical service
    • with storage areas and/or computer rooms
    • with cartons stored behind booth drape (which are a violation of fire regulations and must be removed)
    • multi-level booths (which must have prior approval)

    Fire guards are required during exhibit hours when the enclosed area is more than 1,000 square feet (93 square meters). You will receive a notification from RSNA should this occur. If arrangements are not made, RSNA will provide fire guards and you will receive an invoice after the meeting.

Security and lost and found

In an effort to enhance the experience of each exhibiting company, review the following security precautions to protect your property before, during and after the meeting. RSNA will provide perimeter security of the exhibit floor during setup, meeting and move-out. It is each individual exhibitor's responsibility to safeguard items of a compact or valuable nature. Security guards are available for hire. Booth guards can be ordered at the Security Office in either exhibit hall located near booths 1000 and 8100. Any precautions that you take are in your best interest. RSNA, Freeman and McCormick Place are not responsible for any loss or damage of merchandise. Nor are they responsible for personal injury to any exhibitor, respective employees, representatives or agents at any time.

  • Prior to the meeting:

    Never ship electronic equipment in the manufacturer's carton. Either place the carton inside a larger crate or have a special container built. Do not list the contents on the outside of your crates. Number and manifest each crate prior to shipment.

    Arrange for insurance to protect your exhibit and product against damage or loss from the time it leaves your premises until it returns. In most cases, a rider can be added to your present policies for a nominal cost.

  • During setup and move-out:

    Freight shipments are the responsibility of the exhibitor. If someone from your company cannot oversee the exhibit until it is loaded onto outbound carriers, items of a desirable nature should be brought to the security room. Arrangements for pickup can be made through Freeman or the security supervisor.

    Keep in mind that items of a compact or valuable nature should never be left unattended. A security room is available free of charge for exhibitors to store these items overnight. This service is available from the beginning of move-in to the end of move-out.

    Complete an accurate bill of lading for your shipper.

  • During the meeting:

    Exhibitors and their representatives must wear their official identification badges at all times while on the exhibit floor and in meeting rooms. These badges are issued for your protection and identification. Badges must not be loaned or given to other individuals.

    No one will be admitted to the show floor without the proper credentials. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to obtain badges for each person working in the booth.

  • Overnight storage room

    North Building: Level 3, near booth 8100
    South Building: Level 3, near booth 1000

    To assist exhibitors in securing sensitive booth materials, RSNA and RSNA Security provides an overnight storage room to exhibitors at no charge. The rooms are located in each hall's Security Office.

    This room is intended for overnight storage of valuable items such as small electronics (laptop computers, monitors, etc.) and proto-type merchandise. This service is available during all days of move-in, move-out and meeting dates. Exhibitors must be able to hand-carry the item each night and pick-up the next morning.

    At the close of the exhibition, this service is again available for exhibitors' product and "pallet loads" of highly sensitive merchandise. While there would be a charge for the contractor to transport such pallets to the storage room, such cost would certainly be offset by the security provided.

  • Lost and Found

    North Building: Level 3, Hall B, 1-312-808-2004

    Lost articles may be picked up at the North Building RSNA Security Office near booth 8100.

Photography and recording guidelines
  • Professional Attendee

    Exhibitors may not deny a reasonable request from an attendee to photograph or videotape an exhibit from the aisle.

  • Exhibitor

    Exhibitors are allowed to photograph, videotape or mechanically record their company's booth during regular floor access hours. This must be done without the use of electrical lighting.

    Exhibitors will be asked to refrain from photographing, videotaping or mechanically recording if such activity interferes with setup, show activities or teardown. Each exhibitor has control over the space it has rented and may prevent others (including exhibitors) from gaining access to, photographing, videotaping or otherwise mechanically recording its exhibit or presentations from within its rented space. Contact an RSNA floor manager or the RSNA Exhibition Services Office if you experience problems with another exhibitor videotaping your exhibit (if possible, photograph or videotape inappropriate activity for proof and ease of reference). See the RSNA 2019 Rules and Regulations for photography guidelines and violation penalties.

  • Newsroom

    South Building: Level 3, Hall A (Northwest Corner)

    RSNA will designate an area for the display of exhibitor news materials within the RSNA Newsroom. Exhibitor representatives are to check in at the Newsroom main registration desk and leave materials with the receptionist. Exhibitors are encouraged to periodically check with the receptionist to determine the supply of news materials remaining.

    Exhibitors must retrieve leftover materials from the Newsroom by 2 PM Thursday, December 5, or they will be discarded.

    Pick up a copy of our RSNA 2019 Meeting Guide for Newsroom hours of operation.

  • RSNA Press Releases

    Information about RSNA 2019 presented to the news media can be found here.

Interactive floor plans and exhibitor list

The interactive floor plan previews over 450,000 sq. ft. of booth space split between the North and South Buildings of McCormick Place. Attendees use the interactive floor plan and the online exhibitor list to plan their time at RSNA.

Booth numbers 1000-5999 are located in the South Building Level 3 (Hall A), booths 6000-8599 are located in the North Building (Hall B), and booths 10100-11799 are located in the North Building Level 2, AI Showcase.

View the interactive floor plan.

Exhibitors have the opportunity to update and upgrade their online exhibitor listing to provide pertinent information about products and services they will be promoting at RSNA 2019.

Update your online exhibitor listing.


Learn more about transportation to and from McCormick Place on Meeting Central. You can also download our RSNA 2019 Meeting Guide (PDF) or pick up a copy on-site for more information.

McCormick Place amenities

McCormick Place offers amenities to enhance your visit, including the McCormick Place Business Center and a variety of dining options.

For more information, pick up our RSNA 2019 Meeting Guide on-site, or download a copy of the Meeting Guide (PDF).