Technical exhibit priority points - RSNA 2019

A priority point system has been developed to recognize a company’s support of RSNA and reward exhibitors for upholding meeting policies during their previous exhibit participation. RSNA 2018 contracted exhibitors will have the opportunity to select their booth position for the RSNA 2019 Annual Meeting between the dates of November 26 and 28 at McCormick Place during RSNA 2018. The order of space selection will be determined by each exhibitor’s cumulative number of points via the following criteria as of November 2, 2018:

  • Four (4) historical points for each year of participation as an RSNA technical exhibitor since 1996.
  • Five (5) housing points for reserving RSNA 2018 hotel rooms by Friday, December 1, 2017.
  • Five (5) housing points for reserving RSNA 2018 hotel rooms for at least 70% of badged exhibitor personnel (RG41) through the RSNA housing system for RSNA 2017 by November 2, 2018. Distributors are not included in this formula.
  • Five (5) payment points for paying RSNA 2018 technical exhibit space rental fees in full by July 1, 2018.
  • One (1) Corporate Partners point for every $1,000 spent on RSNA’s Corporate Partners program initiatives, which include meeting sponsorships, subscriptions, and more. (Includes payments and contracts for RSNA 2018, made between November 1, 2017 and October 31, 2018.)
  • One (1) booth size point for each 100 square feet of paid technical exhibit space at RSNA 2018.
  • One (1) ancillary space point for each Headquarter Office and Meeting Suite rental at RSNA 2018.

Exhibitors will be ranked based on cumulative priority points earned using the above point system. Tie-breaker procedures will be enforced when multiple companies have earned the same number of priority points. The tied companies’ points will be analyzed in the following order until one organization clearly outranks the other(s).

The sequence for analysis will be: (1) historical points, (2) housing points, (3) housing points–70%, (4) payment points, (5) Corporate Partners points, (6) booth size points, (7) ancillary space points, and (8) alphabetical order of contracted company name.


When exhibitors have merged with, have been purchased by, or have purchased another company; provided that only one company continues to exhibit, the most favorable priority points earned by a single company, among all companies involved, will apply. During subsequent years of participation, the most favorable historical points earned by a single company among all companies involved, will be the prevailing number of historical points considered for the merged company. RSNA Exhibition Services Department must be notified of any mergers no later than October 31, 2018, for consideration during the RSNA 2019 Exhibit Space Selection Process. After the merger/acquisition, if two or more companies continue to exhibit individually, Company Subsidiaries and Divisions guidelines would apply.

Company subsidiaries and divisions

Subsidiaries and divisions of an exhibiting company participating with their own exhibit space would complete a separate Technical Exhibits Space Application/Contract, earn its own set of exhibitor priority points, and select space according to the Technical Exhibit Priority Point System. Exhibitor priority points cannot be combined or shared among companies within the same corporate family.

Joint or co-marketing ventures

If two or more exhibiting companies wish to be located together in the Technical Exhibition, all involved companies must notify RSNA Exhibition Services in writing on company letterhead no later than October 31, 2018. Points of all companies wishing to be located together will be averaged to determine order of their collective exhibit space selection. Each exhibiting company would maintain their own company identity.

Company name change

If a company name changes since its most recent participation, please indicate the previous company name on the application to be properly awarded historical points. If a name change occurs after the space application process, please notify the RSNA Exhibition Services Department to update your record accordingly.


The RSNA Technical Exhibitors Rules and Regulations serve to protect the integrity of the exhibition; ensure compliance with laws, codes, ordinances, and contracts with the exhibition facility and ensure all exhibitors are treated fairly. If an exhibitor fails to comply with these rules and regulations, the exhibitor may be penalized, including loss of points, charged a higher exhibit space rental rate, and/or assessed a penalty fee.