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    • Save The Date. We'll See You in November!
    • Hall Assignments, Exhibitor Welcome Program and Evaluation

    • Hall Assignments

      Please email your choices (2 or 3) for hall assignments to jjaworski@rsna.org.

      South Building,
      Hall A
          North Building,
      Hall B
        10:00AM - 1:30PM 1:30PM - 5PM   10:00AM - 1:30PM 1:30PM - 5PM
      Sunday, Nov 26 1. 


      1. Benjamin Yeh, MD

      2. Julie Franz, MD

      Sunday, Nov 27 1. Davide Bova, MD

      2. Jay Korach, MD

      1. David Alleva, MD

      2. Jennifer Lim-Dunham, MD

      3. Ozkan Orhan, MD
      Monday, Nov 28 1. Ryan Braun, MD

      2. Meri Chen, MD

      3. James Kofler, MD
      1. Himanshu Shah, MD

      2. David Alleva, MD

      3. Ozkan Orhan, MD
      Monday, Nov 28 1. Jeffrey Peterson, MD

      2. David Glazer, MD

      3. Winnie Marr, MD
      1. Ryan Braun, MD

      2. Ed Yang, MD

      3. S. Renee Wood, MD
      Tuesday, Nov 29 1. Jay Korach, MD


      1. Jeffrey Peterson, MD

      2. Carina Yang, MD

      3. Davide Bova, MD
      Tuesday, Nov 29 1. Julie Franz, MD

      2. James Kofler, MD


      1. Himanshu Shah, MD

      2. S. Renee Wood, MD

      Wednesday, Nov 30 1. Erin Neuschler, MD

      2. Dorothy Lam, MD

      3. Daniel Glazer
      1. Jennifer Lim-Dunham, MD

      2. Kathleen Gundry, MD

      3. Anthony Zelazny, MD
      Wednesday, Nov 30 1. Bojan Petrovic, MD

      2. Ian Fisher, MS, MD

      3. Stephanie Shors, MD
      1. Erin Neuschler, MD

      2. Dorothy Lam, MD

      3. Carina Yang, MD
      Thursday, Dec 1 1. Bojan Petrovic, MD

      2. Edward Yang, MD

      Hall closes at 2pm Thursday, Dec 1 1. Kathleen Gundry, MD


      Hall closes at 2pm

      Exhibit Floor Coverage Checklist
      All committee members are asked to review this checklist before the start of your monitor hall assignment.
      1. Check Aisle for hazards (loose carpeting, electrical cords, etc.).
      2. Check housekeeping in aisles, lounges, & all food areas.
      3. Solicit opinions of exhibitor personnel & attendees regarding the exhibit floor & services.
      4. Check areas where exhibitors are making special presentations. Presentations must be straightforward and professional.
      5. Notify a floor manager or alert the exhibitor help center of any congestion caused by attendees or exhibitor personnel.
      6. Check Placement of signs throughout each hall for any inconsistencies.
      Rule 1
      a. Exhibitors may not sponsor any educational or marketing activities to RSNA meeting professional registrants other than the ones that have been specifically authorized by RSNA (such as an approved Non-RSNA Satellite Symposia event).
      Rule 12
      a. Booth left unattended.
      b. exhibitors working aisles
      c. Badges must not be defaced such as inserting stick-on cards or applying stick-on novelty items
      Rule 14
      a. Drawings, raffles, and lotteries are permitted
      b. If equipment has energy beams that might be potentially hazardous, such energy beams must be deactivated, or made non-operative before installation.
      c. Live imaging of any kind is prohibited except approved live ultrasound scanning on phantoms and models.
      d. If video is used to demonstrate equipment by simultaneously using a live model and a video tape, a sign must be posted, clearly visible, signifying this simulation.
      e. Products must be approved by the FDA or properly labeled and referenced as investigational devices.
      f. Audiovisual devices too loud - bothering other exhibitors (sound levels not to exceed 80 dB).

      Rule 16
      a. Inviting registrants to hospitality suites to view equipment.
      Committee Office Location
           North Building MAP
                Hall B
                Level 3
                Northwest Corner
      Exhibitor Evaluation Form
      Each Technical Exhibit Committee member is asked to complete the Technical Exhibit Evaluation Form so we can review our hall activities and the behavior and practices of the exhibitors. he best time to complete your evaluation is right after your last monitoring assignment. You can get a copy in any TE Committee Office. Once you are finished, drop it in the box in the office or email it to sgendel@rsna.org.