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    Visionaries In Practice (VIP) Giving Program

  • The Visionaries in Practice (VIP) Giving Program recognizes radiology practice groups who make group donations of $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $75,000 or more to support valuable research and development that will benefit their practice, advance the field of radiology and make a difference in the lives of their patients.

    Click here to print off a VIP Giving Program contribution form to send in with your generous practice group donation. 

    "CRA committed to the Visionaries in Practice (VIP) Giving Program initially as an11-member group. Almost a decade later, we view our annual $25,000 support as aninvestment in the future of our specialty and practice. The R&E Foundation is our‘R&D department’."
    — Steven D. Harlan, M.D., President, Catawba Radiological Associates, Inc.,
    A $25,000 Silver Visionaries in Practice (VIP) Group

    How will our practice group donation make a difference? 

    • Invest in research and development. Group contributions through the VIP Giving Program develop research in several areas that impact your practice including:
      • breast/mammography
      • diagnostic radiology
      • interventional radiology
      • neuroradiology
      • quality improvement
      • and many more.
      • Learn more about the impact of group donations by visiting our searchable online grant recipient page at www.rsna.org/grant_search  

    Geoffrey D. Rubin, M.D.  Geoffry D. Rubin, M.D. used a 1994 Research Scholar Grant to fund research that led to the development and improvement of CT angiography as the principal means for assessing aortic disease.

    His team's work included refinement of MDCT techniques, invention of vessel measurement tools, and insights into aortic stent-grafts.

    • Protect the specialty. The medicine of Radiology should be done by radiologists. The R&E Foundation has awarded over 1,000 grants since its inception to do just that.

    • Receive an over $40:1 return on your investment.Surveys show that for every $1 granted by the Foundation, recipients receive $40 additional grant dollars as principal investigator or co-investigator from other sources such as the NIH, NIBIB, and NCI.

    How will my group be recognized for our support? What benefits will we receive?
    Click here for a full listing of recognition and benefits.

    • Practice group donors are recognized in the following:
        RSNA News cover thumbnail  RadioGraphics cover half-size thumbnail  Foundation Focus Newsletter HTML version 
      • RSNA publications like the RSNA News, RadioGraphics, and the Foundation's quarterly newsletter the Foundation Focus 
      • Signage at the RSNA annual meeting and during the Arie Crown presentation
    • VIP wall 350 px widePractice group donors receive benefits including:
      • RSNA annual meeting benefits like:
        • Access to the Donor Lounge
        • Invitation to Distinguished Donor Reception
        • Early meeting and hotel registration ($25,000 or more)
        • Express Boarding Pass for access to taxi and bus lines at McCormick Place ($25,000 or more)
        • Complimentary lunch at Bistro RSNA ($75,000 or more)
      • Complimentary job postings in RSNA journals and on RSNA Career Connect 
      • Plaque recognizing group support

    How can my practice group participate in the Visionaries in Practice (VIP) Giving Program? 

    • Talk to leadership at your practice group about making a group contribution of $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, or $75,000
    • Make your practice group donation by September 30 in order to receive recognition and benefits during the RSNA annual meeting

    I would like more information. Whom can I contact? 

    • Please contact Robert Leigh at 630-590-7760 and rleigh@rsna.org.
    • R&E Foundation staff can provide you with materials to aid your leadership in discussion

    VIP Practice Group donors

    Strategic Radiology logo

    A special thank you to the participating group donors of Strategic Radiology for their tremendous support! 

    Platinum VIP ($75,000 annually) 

    Portrait of Scott R. Lancaster, M.D."Contributing to RSNA R&E Foundation allows us to exponentially increase the value of our investment in the future of radiology because our donation will be combined with funding from other sources and deployed to promising programs in radiology research and education."
    — Scott R. Lancaster, M.D., President, Advanced Radiology Services Foundation

    Austin Radiological Association

    Austin Radiological Association
    Strategic Radiology
    Austin, TX 

    “Contributing to RSNA R&E Foundation allows us to exponentially increase the value of our investment in the future of radiology because our donation will be combined with funding from other sources and deployed to promising programs in radiology research and education.” - Scott R. Lancaster, M.D., President, Advanced Radiology Services Foundation

    Advanced Radiology Services Foundation
    (supported by the physicians of Advanced Radiology Services PC)
    Strategic Radiology
    Grand Rapids, MI 

    Silver VIP ($25,000 annually) 

    “My practice, Catawba Radiological Associates, has come to view the R&E Foundation’s support of grant projects as our own Research and Development department.  What greater R&D could a private practice have but a national organization dedicated to the specialty?” – William T. Thorwarth Jr., M.D.
    Catawba Radiological Associates
    Hickory, NC 


    Bronze VIP ($10,000 annually) 

    Advanced Diagnostic Imaging, P.C.

    Advanced Diagnostic Imaging, P.C.
    Nashville, TN 
    Advanced Medical Imaging Consultants
    Advanced Medical Imaging Consultants
    Fort Collins, CO 
    “Asheville Radiology Associates realizes the important role that the RSNA R&E Foundation plays in their support of research and education in radiology.  This support plays a vital role in ensuring that the future of our specialty stays in the hands of the Radiologists.  The research they provide allows our practice to stay where Radiology has always been, on the cutting edge of medical technology. ARA is proud to contribute to the RSNA R&E Foundation so we can continue to provide the high quality of care our patients expect from our practice and specialty.” – Bryon A. Dickerson, M.D., President & CEO
    Asheville Radiology Associates
    Asheville, NC 

    Atlantic Medical Imaging

    Atlantic Medical Imaging
    Galloway, NJ


    Birmingham Radiological Group 

    Birmingham Radiological Group
    Birmingham, AL


    Charlotte Radiology

    Charlotte Radiology
    Strategic Radiology
    Charlotte, NC 



    Diversified Radiology of Colorado, P.C. 

    Diversified Radiology of Colorado, P.C.
    Strategic Radiology
    Denver, CO  



    Eastern Radiologists 
    Eastern Radiologists 
    Greenville, NC 



    Foundation Radiology Group

    Foundation Radiology Group 
    Pittsburgh, PA 
    “Greensboro Radiology knows that the future of our specialty is directly tied to research that creates new and improved imaging techniques and modalities.  We and our patients have all benefited from research done previously and we must provide the support needed to sustain and accelerate new developments. Greensboro Radiology feels there is no better investment we can make to sustain our specialty.”
    Greensboro Radiology
    Greensboro, NC 


    Jefferson Radiology 
    Jefferson Radiology 
    Strategic Radiology
    East Hartford, CT


    Johns Hopkins Medicine
    Johns Hopkins Medicine
    Baltimore, MD 

    “Mecklenburg Radiology Associates is proud to support innovation, quality research, and enhanced patient care and safety through our support of the RSNA R&E Foundation Visionaries in Practice (VIP) Program.” - Robert M. Barr, M.D., President

    Mecklenburg Radiology Associates
    Charlotte, NC 


    Mountain Medical Physician Specialists 

    Mountain Medical Physician Specialists
    Strategic Radiology
    Salt Lake City, UT  

    “Northwest Radiology Network is proud to participate in the RSNA R&E Foundation Visionaries in Practice (VIP) Giving Program.  This program gives us the opportunity to support those individuals who will be leading the development of our specialty, which greatly benefits both academic and private radiology practices.”  Vincent P. Mathews, M.D., President & CEO  

    Northwest Radiology Network
    Strategic Radiology
    Indianapolis, IN 


    Quantum Radiology, P.C.   

    Quantum Radiology, P.C.
    Strategic Radiology
    Atlanta, GA 


    Radiology Associates of North Texas, P.A. 

    Radiology Associates of North Texas, P.A.
    Strategic Radiology
    Fort Worth, TX  


    Radiology Associates of South Florida 

    Radiology Associates of South Florida
    Strategic Radiology
    Miami, FL


    “Donating to the RSNA R&E Foundation plays a vital role in keeping the future of our specialty where it belongs; in the hands of radiologists.  I am pleased to be able to contribute to the Foundation and proud that my group, Radiology Associates of Little Rock, AR has chosen to be a VIP Practice donor to the future of radiology.” – Jerome J. Gehl, M.D.
    Radiology Associates, P.A.
    Little Rock, AR 

    “With imaging under siege from what seems to be all fronts, our specialty’s survival depends on the ability of radiology collectively, and radiologists individually, to demonstrate our relevance.  RIA increased its donation of the R&E foundation to the VIP Silver level to support the research that demonstrates our collective value.” - Peter Ricci, M.D., President 

    Radiology Imaging Associates
    Denver, CO


    Radiology Ltd.

    Radiology Ltd.
    Strategic Radiology
    Tucson, AZ
    Raleigh Radiology

    Raleigh Radiology 
    Raleigh, NC 
    Riverside Radiology and Interventional Associates 
    Riverside Radiology and Interventional Associates, Inc. 
    Strategic Radiology 
    Columbus, OH 
    “The future of radiology is research and education.  Southeast Radiology believes in the future of radiology.” – Richard N. Taxin, M.D., F.A.C.R., President and Chairman of the Board 
    Southeast Radiology, Ltd 
    Upland, PA 
    Southwest Diagnostic Imaging 
    Southwest Diagnostic Imaging 
    Strategic Radiology 
    Phoenix, AZ 
    “The St. Paul Radiology Foundation is proud to be a supporter of the RSNA.  We have always been impressed with the professionalism, effectiveness, and efficiency by which the RSNA realizes and achieves its mission and goals, and we appreciate the positive effects of the RSNA on St. Paul Radiology and on the entire radiology community.” – Patrick Sullivan, M.D., Chair 
    St. Paul Foundation 
    St. Paul, MN  

    “TRA Medical Imaging is proud to be a major supporter of the RSNA Research and Education Foundation.  The RSNA Foundation complements TRA Medical Imaging’s mission of providing the highest quality, safe, and technologically advanced medical imaging possible.” – Michael Dowd, M.D., President 
    TRA Medical Imaging 
    Tacoma, WA  
    “High-tech businesses invest at least 10% of their revenues in research and development.  Radiology has to do the same and our academic departments have to play, and pay, our appropriate share.” – R. Nick Bryan, M.D., Chair, Radiology 

    University of Pennsylvania 
    Health System 
    Philadelphia, PA 

    University Radiology 
    University Radiology
    Strategic Radiology
    East Brunswick, NJ

    “Wake Radiology Consultants, PA is pleased to support the RSNA R&E Foundation with a contribution thereby advancing the research and education in our field and strengthening our specialty.” - Bob Schaaf, M.D., President 
    Wake Radiology
    Raleigh, NC

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  • Bed count: 1-400
  • Associate College: Community, Technical, Further Education (UK), Tribal College
  • Community Public Library (small scale): general reference public library, museum, non-profit administration office

Tier 2

  • Bed count: 401-750
  • Baccalaureate College or University: Bachelor's is the highest degree offered
  • Master's College or University: Master's is the highest degree offered
  • Special Focus Institution: theological seminaries, Bible colleges, engineering, technological, business, management, art, music, design, law

Tier 3

  • Bedcount: 751-1,000
  • Research University: high or very high research activity without affiliated medical school
  • Health Profession School: non-medical, but health focused

Tier 4

  • Bed count: 1,001 +
  • Medical School: research universities with medical school, including medical centers

Tier 5

  • Consortia: academic, medical libraries, affiliated hospitals, regional libraries and other networks
  • Corporate
  • Government Agency and Ministry
  • Hospital System
  • Private Practice
  • Research Institute: government and non-government health research
  • State or National Public Library
  • Professional Society: trade unions, industry trade association, lobbying organization