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    Jaclyn Kelly
    Director, Corporate Relations 

    Nate Wicks
    Sales Manager, Corporate Relations

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    Escalators E9-E12

    Glass graphics available for an additional cost.
    Contact Judy Kapicak for additional information.

    Escalator Runners - Level 2.5

    E9, E10, E11, E12

    Price: $15,000


    Your company message appears alongside the handrails of the escalators throughout the convention halls. Attendees will view them all day long as they go up and down these heavily traveled areas.

    Section 3
    Level 2.5 up to Level 3
    Level 2 up to Level 2.5

    Section 3 Map


    Material Deadline - 11/2

    Available Surfaces:
    (4) Single Sided

    Freeman Graphic Guidelines