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    • Fall 2017 Foundation Focus Header
      Machine Learning Grant Applications Rise as Interest in AI Grows

      Over the last four years, the number of grant applications involving artificial intelligence has increased significantly—and with experts in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) anticipating rapid growth in applications of machine learning (ML) to diagnostic imaging over the next several years, it is highly likely that this trend will continue.

      The R&E Foundation is funding projects that will help guide the way for humans and machines to work in mutually beneficial ways, thereby leading to a future in which this technology continues to serve the needs of expert radiologists, referring clinicians, and most importantly, patients.

      Karen & Glendon G. Cox Show Support as Silver Centennial Pathfinders

      Longtime supporters of the RSNA R&E Foundation, Dr. Cox and his wife Karen E. Cox recently made a commitment to the Inspire-Innovate-Invest Campaign as Silver Centennial Pathfinders.

      “Participation in research instills patterns of thinking and behavior that improve the clinical performance of practicing radiologists and trainees,” Dr. Cox says. “Research in medical imaging has provided us with a steady flow of innovative clinical technologies that have kept us, as a profession, at the leading edge of patient care.

      “In the future, it will be research—particularly clinical outcomes, cost-effectiveness and performance efficacy research—that will allow us to remain at the table in the emerging era of population health care delivery and value-based reimbursement.”

      Truly VIP: Private Practice Groups Boost Foundation’s Campaign
      Over a dozen years ago, the R&E Foundation debuted its Visionaries in Practice (VIP) Program as a mechanism for private practice groups to support the Foundation. What began with 10 practice groups donating a total of $190,000 in 2005 has grown into a vital source of research and education grant funding with upwards of 35 practice groups donating a total of $500,000 annually.

      With VIP donors demonstrating an incredible level of donor loyalty and new private practice groups coming forward each year to support the specialty, VIP giving is now an essential source of fundraising for the Foundation. Thank you to the private practice group donors leading the way in support of radiology’s future!

      Latest Award Brings Subsequent Funding ROI to $50 Million

      When donors gave to the R&E Foundation in the 1990s, would they have ever contemplated that a Research Seed Grant would result in $50 million in subsequent funding twenty years later? This is the kind of return on investment being realized by those early supporters who funded the research efforts of Zahi A. Fayad, PhD.

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