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  • 2015 Floorplan

    We are pleased to announce the First-Round Space Assignments for RSNA 2015.  Booth numbers 1000-5999 are located in the South Building (Hall A) and booths 6000-8599 are located in the North Building (Hall B).  The point system was used as a guide when booths were assigned. Other factors that played a part were: competitor proximity, booth sizes and display configuration. All booth size changes to the original application or booth space cancellations must be made in writing via the Booth Change Form.  Prospective Exhibitors: available booths are indicated with a teal-shading. 

    Space Relocation Form

    To request a relocation of your booth assignment, complete the RSNA Exhibit Space Relocation Form.  RSNA will consider all requests and will contact you before any reassignments. 

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