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  • Ferenc A. Jolesz, MD

  • Ferenc A. Jolesz, MD, is considered one of the great innovators and leaders in radiologic research in the world and has distinguished himself by making breakthrough contributions in the domain of image-guided therapy.

    Early in his career, Dr. Jolesz recognized the potential for imaging tools to guide minimally invasive therapies. His first and best know accomplishment was the design and implementation of a "Double Donut" MR system that could be placed in an operating theatre. The instrument, now known as MRT for MR Guided Therapy is in use in sites around the world. Dr. Jolesz' contributions have been recognized not only in radiology but also in surgery and particularly in neurosurgery. He is considered a pioneer in modern image guided brain surgery.

    Dr. Jolesz also is recognized for his work to perfect the use of high intensity focused ultrasound as a tissue ablation tool and to integrate it with MR imaging guidance systems, and he is credited for developing, refining, and introducing into clinical practice the idea of direct, real time MR image guided surgical interventions.

    He has published over 100 research articles in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals and has contributed many chapters and review articles in the fields of surgery, computer science, neurology, neurosurgery and radiology. Having served with distinction on the faculty of Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women's Hospital for more than 20 years,

    Dr. Jolesz currently is the B. Leonard Holman Professor of Radiology at Harvard and Vice-Chair for Research in Radiology at Brigham and Women's Hospital.