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  • Charles B. Higgins, MD

  • Charles B. Higgins, MD, Department of Radiology, University of California, San Francisco, is known and respected by his colleagues and by the whole radiology community for his research and teaching in cardiovascular disease having published many of the seminal articles on cardiovascular MRI and being the single most important contributor to Cardiac MRI research for the past decade. Dr. Higgins has received numerous awards, including the RSNA Award of Honor when he presented the New Horizons lecture in 1984, and the American Heart Association distinguished scientific achievement award.

    Dr. Higgins is the radiological expert in the field of cardiac imaging. He is an outstanding lecturer eagerly recruited to speak at scientific conferences around the world, and his talks are universally admired. He is also an outstanding author - MRI of the Body, one of the many books he has edited, is one of the major texts in the field.

    In addition to publishing landmark studies and developing major research initiatives, Higgins has served as a mentor to scores of American physician-scientists in cardiovascular imaging research and research scholars from around the world. Because of his own contributions and his mentorship and training of other investigators, he is widely regarded as the most influential and important cardiac imager of his generation. Charles Higgins is recognized by his colleagues as a scholar of breadth and depth; a man of vision and tenacity; a superb mentor and role model. By giving Dr. Higgins this award, the RSNA recognizes him as the very embodiment of a physician-researcher.