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  • Membership
  • Candidates: May 2016

  • The following is a list of applicants for RSNA membership, published according to the bylaws of the Society. RSNA members are asked to review these names. If a member has a question concerning the eligibility of an applicant, the member should request that the applicant's membership be withheld pending investigation and reconsideration within 30 days of the publication of this list. Please mark your signed letter of protest "Confidential" and address it to: Secretary-Treasurer, RSNA, 820 Jorie Blvd, Oak Brook, IL 60523


    Mohammadreza Ahangaran, MD       Iran
    Abdullah S. Al Zreiqat, MD       Jordan
    Andrew M. Allmendinger, DO   NY   United States
    Bader M. AL-Murad, FFRRCSI, FRCR       Kuwait
    Husham J. Al-Tameemi, MD, PhD       Iraq
    Hiroshi Anai, MD, PhD   Nara   Japan
    Djamel Atek, MD   La Fleche   France
    Timothy M. Baran, PhD   NY   United States
    Rola Benayad-Cherif, MD   MA   United States
    Robert Campbell, MBBCh   Merseyside   United Kingdom
    Daniel B. Case, MD   GA   United States
    Carlos Casillas, MD, PhD       Spain
    Ivan Chaitowitz, MBBCh, FRANZCR   FL   United States
    Rodrigo C. Chate, MD   SP   Brazil
    Wan Hang K. Chiu, MBBCh, FRCR       Hong Kong
    Reuben L. Chrestman III, MD   LA   United States
    Renata de Oliveira e Silva Brenner, MD   SP   Brazil
    Aboubakar S. Diabate, PhD, MD       Cote d'Ivoire
    Morteza Fakhri, MD   Kent   United Kingdom
    Jane L. Ferguson, MBBS   Devon   United Kingdom
    Jennifer Fife, MD   ME   United States
    Argyrios Foteinos, MD       Norway
    Marcelo M. Fronza, MD   SC   Brazil
    Arun George, MBBS, MD   Karnataka   India
    Jonathan R. Glover, MBBS, FRCR   Surrey   United Kingdom
    Johannes Goerich, MD   Baden   Germany
    Rodrigo D. Gomes, MD   MA   Brazil
    Yesenia Gonzalez, RRA, ARRT   PR   United States
    Abhishek Gorlawar, MBBS   Maharashtra   India
    Marianne C. Greenbaum, MD   WA   United States
    Fernando M. Guerzovich, MD   CF   Argentina
    Kristen Harman, BS   PA   United States
    Edison F. Haro, II, MD   Pichincha   Ecuador
    Joseph Haussman, MD       France
    Felipe C. Hellwig, MD   RS   Brazil
    Edward H. Herskovits, MD, PhD   MD   United States
    Oliver C. Hunter III, MD   TX   United States
    Shari M. Jackson, MD   WA   United States
    James A. Kenney Jr, MD   MS   United States
    Azusa Kitao, MD   Ishikawa   Japan
    Xavier Kos, MD       France
    Elizabeth E. Kuntz, MD, PhD   IL   United States
    Tshikwela M. Lelo, MD, PhD       Congo, Democratic Republic of the
    Curt Littleford, MA   UT   United States
    Sharp F. Malak, MD, MPH   AR   United States
    Michael L. May, MD   HI   United States
    Alexandra Medellin-Kowalewski, MD   AB   Canada
    Jennifer A. Medley, MD   IN   United States
    Julio C. Mendez Uriburu, MD   TM   Argentina
    John R. Mireur, MD   TX   United States
    Javad Mohammadi, MD       Iran
    Richard S. Montgomery, MD   CA   United States
    Vaishali Parulekar, MBBS, DMRD   Headington   United Kingdom
    Rodrigo B. Passos, MD   SP   Brazil
    Alicia L. Picard, MD   PA   United States
    Ricardo A. Pinheiro, MD   RJ   Brazil
    Chidambaram Ranganathan, MBBS, MD   Pondicherry   India
    Paul J. Rochon, MD   CO   United States
    Srihari C. Sampath, MD, PhD   CA   United States
    Srinath C. Sampath, MD, PhD   CA   United States
    Sundeep D. Shah, MBBS, FRCR   St. Andrew   Jamaica
    Martin J. Shelly, MBBCh, FFRRCSI   Limerick   Ireland
    Eugene Shih, MD   HI   United States
    Azaria Simonovich, MD       Israel
    Leanne K. Singh, MBBS, FRCR   London   United Kingdom
    Priti Srivastava, MD   CA   United States
    John G. Stewart, MD   GA   United States
    Nuno J. Tavares, MD       Portugal
    Owen Terreblanche, MBBCh       South Africa
    Francis Tobolski, MD       France
    Kenneth R. Tomkovich, MD   NJ   United States
    Fernando Torrinha, MD       Portugal
    Louis R. Wagner, MD   MN   United States
    Suzanne L. Wakely, MBBS       United Kingdom
    Ralph E. Williams, MD   MS   United States
    John P. Wilson, MBBCh   Greater Manchester   United Kingdom
    Chih-Chun Wu, MD       Taiwan
    Bo La Yun, MD   Gyeonggi-do   Korea, Republic of
    Amir R. Zaidi, BS, RT   Sindh   Pakistan
    Lei Zhang, MD, PhD       China
    Alexander J. Zito, MD   MD   United States