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  • Membership
  • Candidates: June 2018

    The following is a list of applicants for RSNA membership, published according to the bylaws of the Society. RSNA members are asked to review these names. If a member has a question concerning the eligibility of an applicant, the member should request that the applicant's membership be withheld pending investigation and reconsideration within 30 days of the publication of this list. Please mark your signed letter of protest "Confidential" and address it to: Secretary-Treasurer, RSNA, 820 Jorie Blvd, Oak Brook, IL 60523.

    Name   State   Country
    Samy Afalah Sr, MD       Egypt
    Hind S. Alsaif, MD, PhD   Eastern Province   Saudi Arabia
    Sadeer Alzubaidi, MD   AZ   United States
    Bo Arys, MD       Australia
    Geena Benjamin, DMRD, FRCR   Kerala   India
    Eithne T. Burke, MBBCh   NC   United States
    Guillaume J. Chabin, MS   NJ   United States
    Samir V. Chheda, MD   MD   United States
    Sean K. Choice, MD   OH   United States
    Howard K. Christianson, MD   FL   United States
    Juan Pablo Cruz, MD   RM   Chile
    Arthur Daire, FRANZCR, FFRAD(D)SA   WA   Australia
    Anirban De, MBBS, FRCR       United Kingdom
    Constance E. De Haan, DVM   CA   United States
    Ricardo C. Dellai, MD   SP   Brazil
    Robert T. Diamond, MD   AB   Canada
    Julia Eberenz, MD       Germany
    Christian T. Evans, MD   MD   United States
    Cesar M. Garcia, MD       Chile
    Jaime Garcia Gomez, MD   CX   Mexico
    Michael A. Gass, MD   WA   United States
    Sifrash M. Gelaw, MD, MPH   Metro Manila   Philippines
    Monjari C. Gillian, MD   VA   United States
    Susan D. Gottlieb, MD   NY   United States
    Viktors Hadunkins, MD       Latvia
    Audrey L. Hartman, MD, MS   MA   United States
    Paramita Hota, MBBS, MD   Karnataka   India
    Benjamin Hudson, MBBS, FRCR   Somerset   United Kingdom
    Sajida Ishtiaq, MBBS   BC   Canada
    Alexandre Jadoul, MD   Liege   Belgium
    Dhruv D. Jain, MBBS, MD   Satara   India
    Meade B. Johnson, MD   CA   United States
    Erica D. Kar, MD, MPH   PA   UNITED STATES
    Kinga Karlinger, MD, PhD       Hungary
    Hyo-Cheol Kim, MD       Korea, Republic of
    Roshini M. Koshy, MD, DMRD   UAE   United Arab Emirates
    Bharat M. Kumar, DMRD, MBBS   Telangana   India
    Ajay Kumar, MD       India
    Justin W. Kung, MD   MA   United States
    Viacheslav Lipskyi, MD       Ukraine
    Andrew W. Long, MD   MD   United States
    Todd M. Loper, MD   FL   United States
    Pierre Lovinfosse, MD       Belgium
    Terry C. Lynch, MD   CA   United States
    Manuel Machado, MD, PhD   Canary Islands   Spain
    Abril E. Maciel, MD   CX   Mexico
    Ajay Maliyakkal, FRCR, MBBS       United Kingdom
    Narek Matinyan, MD       Armenia
    Shibani Mehra, MBBS       India
    Estefania Mendez Jotale, MD   CF   Argentina
    Ninki Minderhoud, MD, MSc       Netherlands
    Margaret Moreland, MD, FRCR   Berkshire   United Kingdom
    Katherine A. O'Connor, MBChB       New Zealand
    Sang Joon Park, PhD       Korea, Republic of
    Halyna Pokhylevych, MD       Ukraine
    Seth H. Roberts, MD   TX   United States
    Pranshu Sharma, MD   PA   United States
    Marcelo R. Silva, MD   SP   Brazil
    William A. Simoens, MD       Belgium
    Brian T. Sinclair, MD   HI   United States
    Anne Marie Sullivan, MD   NY   United States
    Justin Sutherland, PhD   ON   Canada
    Jeffrey K. Thompson, MD   VA   United States
    Matthew M. Thrall, MD   NY   United States
    Minh T. Truong, MBBS   MA   United States
    David H. Turkel, MD, MBA   FL   United States
    Pien van Deurzen - van Dijk, MD       Netherlands
    Inna Varaganov, MD       Israel
    Sandeep Velicheti, MD   Andhra Pradesh   India
    Navdeep Walia, MD   Punjab   India
    Emily V. Ward, MD   IL   United States
    Barbara A. White, MD   ID   United States
    David M. Wilson, MD, PhD   CA   United States
    Braian Yampolsky, MD   CF   Argentina
    Elaine Yanata, MD   SP   Brazil
    Jane M. Young, MD       United Kingdom
    Yaqin Zhang, MD, PhD   Guangdong   China
    Jason M. Zicherman, MD   PA   United States