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  • Membership
  • Candidates: September 2016

  • The following is a list of applicants for RSNA membership, published according to the bylaws of the Society. RSNA members are asked to review these names. If a member has a question concerning the eligibility of an applicant, the member should request that the applicant's membership be withheld pending investigation and reconsideration within 30 days of the publication of this list. Please mark your signed letter of protest "Confidential" and address it to: Secretary-Treasurer, RSNA, 820 Jorie Blvd, Oak Brook, IL 60523


    Richard R. Abello, MD   CA   United States
    Marcelo R. Abreu, MD   RS   Brazil
    Thiago G. Abud, MD   SP   Brazil
    Catalina M. Acosta, MD   Antioquia   Colombia
    Charles D. Allison, MBChB   MA   United States
    Ali Attieh, MD, PhD       Italy
    Nadine Blineau, MD, PhD       France
    Nabil Bouaziz, MD       Tunisia
    Maria Francesca Castoldi, MD   Region Metropolitana   Chile
    Oscar A. Chavez Barba, MD   JA   Mexico
    Soo Yoon Chung, MD   Kyunggi-do   Korea, Republic of
    An L. Church, MD   MN   United States
    Philippe Cognet, MD       France
    Benjamin G. Covington Jr, MD   CA   United States
    Criana Cristache, MD       France
    Samer Dannawi, MD       Lebanon
    Christina E. Darville, MBBS, FRCPC   NP   Bahamas
    Valerie Devaussuzenet, MD       France
    Juan C. Diez, MD   FL   United States
    Wouter Dinkelaar, MD   Zuid Holland   Netherlands
    Miriam Donohue, PhD   NM   United States
    Katie Dorn, BS   PA   United States
    Thomas S. Dziedzic, MD   MD   United States
    Paola Anna Erba, MD, PhD       Italy
    Tamara A. Ezzeddine, MD   SP   Brazil
    Valentina Garibotto, MD       Switzerland
    Dimitrios Giannakidis, MD   MN   United States
    Buhrmann D. Gilbert, BS, ARRT   TX   United States
    Yogesh Gohil, MD, FRCR       United Arab Emirates
    Konstantin Gourevich, MD       Israel
    Ranee Guard, PhD   TN   United States
    Wayne V. Gulston, MD   NY   United States
    Rashmi Hande, MD   VA   United States
    Yoshiko Hayashida, MD       Japan
    Steven G. Heiss, MD   CO   United States
    Fei-Ting Hsu, PhD       Taiwan
    Nneka I. Iloanusi, MBBS   Enugu State   Nigeria
    Sridhar S. Iyengar, MD   Tamilnadu   India
    Simone Jap-A-Joe, MD       Netherlands
    Woo Kyoung Jeong, MD   Seoul   Korea, Republic of
    Connie P. Jones, MD   AZ   United States
    Mark Kammerer, MD   Tirol   Austria
    Woo Young Kang, MD   Chungcheongbuk-do   Korea, Republic of
    Claire Kawski, MD       France
    Maria A. Keller-Lopez, MD       Switzerland
    Amol P. Khandelwal II, MBBS       India
    Saquib Khawar, MD, MBBS   GA   United States
    Gyoung Ju Kim, MD       Korea, Republic of
    Michael S. Kobayashi, MD   CA   United States
    Kimmo Kolehmainen, MD       Sweden
    Stephane Kremer, MD, PhD       France
    Thomas J. Kroencke, MD       Germany
    Ashley R. Lawrence, MS   IN   United States
    Johnson B. Lightfoote, MD, MBA   CA   United States
    Hsiou-chun Lin, MD       Taiwan
    Denis F. Matter, MD       France
    Ahmed M. Mayat, MBChB, FRANZCR   NSW   Australia
    Waseem Mazrani, MBBS   West Sussex   United Kingdom
    Anuar Mena Balan, MD   YU   Mexico
    Urmilla Mereigh, BSc   BC   Canada
    Somkiat Meteveravong, MD   Chonburi   Thailand
    Oana M. Mischiu, MD   CA   United States
    James W. Mooney, ARRT   NY   United States
    Luc Mortelmans, MD       Germany
    Thapelo M. Motshudi, MBBCh   Gauteng   South Africa
    Dirk Mueller, MD       Switzerland
    Selma M. Murakami, MD   SP   Brazil
    Binh T. Nguyen, MD   MD   United States
    Lauren B. Noble, RT   NC   United States
    Mayur Pankhania, MBBS, DMRD   Gujarat   India
    Eun-Joo Park, PhD       Korea, Republic of
    Richie Pilapil, MD       Philippines
    Alain Quemar, MD       France
    Ivan E. Ramirez, MD   GA   United States
    Stephane Renaud, MD       France
    Daniel A. Rodgers, MD   WV   United States
    Don Rueschhoff, BA   CO   United States
    Silvia M. Sabino, MD   SP   Brazil
    Muhammad Sanaullah, MBBS, FFRRCSI       Saudi Arabia
    Genevere S. Santos, MD   Bulacan   Philippines
    Sana Sayeed, MBBS       Pakistan
    Prakash Sharma, MD   Pokhara   Nepal
    Matthew G. Shutske, MD   WA   United States
    Elisabeth Skalla, MD   Tirol   Austria
    Riemer Slart, MD, PhD   Groningen   Netherlands
    Gauri Sreeram, MD       India
    Daniel Steinberger, MD   MN   United States
    Dan Stoutamire, MD   MI   United States
    Patrick M. Strong, DMD, FRCR       United Kingdom
    Ayako Taketomi-Takahashi, MD   Gunma   Japan
    Isabelle Thomassin-Naggara, MD       France
    Naomi R. Vandermissen, MD   MI   United States
    Vanessa S. Vilar, MD   SP   Brazil
    Thuy L. Vu, MD   TN   United States
    Matthew G. Wallis, MD   Cambs   United Kingdom
    Annick C. Weustink, MD, PhD       Netherlands
    Brent M. Williams, DO   TN   United States
    Youzhi Zhang, MD   Shaanxi   China
    Bill L. Ziemke, JD, MBA   NJ   United States