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    Jaclyn Kelly
    Director, Corporate Relations 

    Nate Wicks
    Sales Manager, Corporate Relations

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  • Artwork Requirements


    All artwork should be high-resolution PDF format. Files created in either Windows PC or Macintosh are acceptable. Logos for artwork requirements page

    All files are reviewed by our Production department. You will be notified prior to printing if there are any problems. If necessary, a resupply may be required.


    • PDF compatibility must be set for "Acrobat 5 (PDF 1.4)". Versions 1.5 or higher are not accepted.
    • Keep live matter at least 1/4" inside final trim.
    • For full-page bleeds: Bleed elements must extend beyond the page by 1/8" (0.125") on the trim sides with crop marks. Allow a maximum of 1/2" space on all sides of the live page to accommodate the bleed and marks.
    • Color space: grayscale and CMYK are acceptable. All Pantone colors must be converted to CMYK in the original page layout program before generating the PDF.
    • All fonts and graphics must be embedded in the PDF.
    • All lines and lineart should be a minimum of 1/4 point thickness at final size to reproduce effectively on press.
    • All transparency must be flattened in the final page file before generating the PDF.
    • We may request a revised file if OPI comments and/or ICC profiles are found in your PDF.
    • Files are not to be trapped or prescreened. Be sure all white text is set to knockout in the original layout program before generating the PDF.
    • Do not merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF.
    • If your PDF is generated from Adobe Illustrator, be aware there could be issues at press. In that case, you will be required to submit an EPS file. If you need more information, please inquire.


    E-mail your ad to ads@rsna.org.

    We can receive an e-mail attachment as large as 8 MG. FTP upload is also available upon request.

    For all ads submitted, please include issue date and publication name.

    Note: It is understood that if you or your representative prepares digital files, the file specifications listed in this form will be followed. It is also understood that the quality of your ad may not be satisfactory if these specifications are not followed.

    Contact Janet Swanson at 1-630-571-7817 or jswanson@rsna.org