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  • Annual Business Meeting
    November 27 & 29, 2016


    The annual business meeting of the Radiological Society of North America was convened at RSNA 2016 at McCormick Place in Chicago. Two sessions were held. The first was held on Sunday, November 27, at 10:15 am; the second session was held on Tuesday, November 29, at 10:00 am. Richard L. Baron, MD, president of the Society, presided throughout the sessions. Richard L. Ehman, MD, president-elect and secretary-treasurer, served as parliamentarian.

    Minutes of the business meeting held at RSNA 2015 (sessions on Sunday, November 29, andTuesday, December 1), which were published on RSNA.org, were approved.

    The secretary-treasurer reported on registration figures for the meeting. As of Saturday, November 26, 2016, a total of 48,917 individuals pre-registered for the 102nd Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting. This total includes 23,672 professionals.

    Reports were accepted from the officers, board chairs, committee chairs and editors. These reports can be found on RSNA.org. 

    Bylaws:  Dennis M. Balfe, MD, chairman of the Committee on Bylaws and Resolutions, advised the membership that the Board of Directors recommended Bylaw amendments to provide that a Corresponding member is eligible to be elected as an RSNA Vice President. The specific amendments were published in the November 2016 issue of Radiology

    The following changes to the Bylaws were approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the Society members present and voting at the Business Session.  Proposed new text is in bold.

    2.152     Rights and Privileges. Corresponding members have the same rights and privileges as defined in 2.113 for Active members except that they may not vote, hold office, except for the office of Vice-President, or serve on boards.

    3.11     Qualifications. Only Active members of the Society are eligible to hold office or to serve as members of the boards of the Society, except that Corresponding members are eligible to hold the office of Vice-President.

    5.11     Eligibility. Only Active members are eligible to hold office, except that Corresponding members may hold the office of Vice-President, or to serve on the boards of the Society.

    5.12 (B)     The Committee on Nominations shall nominate one Active member for each of the following elective offices of the Society: President-Elect/Secretary-Treasurer, one Active or Corresponding member for the offices of First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, and Third Vice-President and one Active member for each elective place to be filled on the Board of Directors. The filling of the office of President shall be governed by the relevant provisions of 3.12; the filling of the office of Chairman of the Board of Directors shall be governed by the relevant provisions of 4.10.

    Awards:  The president announced to the membership, and for the official record, that Honorary Memberships were awarded to Carlo Bartolozzi, MD, Pisa, Italy; Luis Donoso-Bach, MD, Barcelona, Spain; and Osamu Matsui, MD, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan. The president also announced that Gold Medals, the highest honor of the Society, were presented to Paul J. Chang, MD, Chicago, Illinois; Burton P. Drayer, MD, New York, New York; and Robert J. Stanley, MD, Birmingham, Alabama.

    Election:  The Committee on Nominations consisted of Ronald L. Arenson, MD, San Francisco, California and Hedvig Hricak, MD, PhD, Dr(hc), New York, New York, members; and Richard L. Ehman, MD, Rochester, Minnesota, Chairman. Dr. Ehman presented the committee’s slate of nominees for election.

    The officers elected were: President-Elect/Secretary-Treasurer Vijay M. Rao, MD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; First Vice-President David J. Lomas, MD, Cambridge, United Kingdom; Second Vice-President Paul S. Babyn, MD, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada; Third Vice-President Jihong Wang, PhD, Houston, Texas; Board Member to serve a six-year term, Curtis P. Langlotz, MD, PhD, Menlo Park, California.

    There was no new business presented and no unfinished business.


    Vijay M. Rao, MD