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  • Anne G Osborn MD

  • Anne G. Osborn, M.D., Distinguished Professor of Radiology, Department of Radiology, University of Utah, is internationally recognized for her contributions to radiological education.

    Dr. Osborn's written work is both extensive and outstanding. She is the author of numerous textbooks and scientific articles in neuroradiology, and her comprehensive textbook Diagnostic Neuroradiology was named the best textbook in clinical medicine published in 1994 by the American Association of Publishers. It is the bible for residents, fellows and practitioners of radiology, neurology, and neurosurgery. Dr. Osborn's most recent book, Diagnostic Cerebral Angiography, has received rave reviews and is the internationally-acknowledged teaching text in this area of expertise.

    Dr. Osborn has served as a role model and mentor to young radiologists around the world -- teaching, encouraging and inspiring younger colleagues with her dedication and passion. In her newest venture into electronic education, Dr. Osborn is a co-founder of the electronic medical education resource group at the University of Utah. "EMERG" is now developing software and user-friendly toolkits for radiology education and databases.

    Dr. Osborn is recognized by her colleagues as a leader in her profession who exemplifies the highest goals of excellence in education. By giving Dr. Osborn this award, the RSNA recognizes her unparalleled achievements.