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Number references consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned in the manuscript. The abbreviations used for periodicals cited in the references should follow the style of the National Library of Medicine. For journal articles, list surnames and initials of all authors when six or fewer:

1. Tyler LN, Harville TO, Blackall DP, Callegari PE, Keenan GF, Elliott M. Multiple alloantibodies after transfusion in an infant treated with infliximab. N Engl J Med 2007;357(20):2092–2093.

When seven or more authors are listed, only the first three names need to be identified, followed by “et al.”

Abstracts, editorials, and letters to the editor should be noted as such. Articles that appear in online journals should follow the same citation format as print articles, with the addition of the URL and the date the article was accessed:

1. Wilson CR, Sherritt L, Gates E, Knight JR. Are clinical impressions of adolescent substance use accurate? Pediatrics 2004;114(5):e536–e540. http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/cgi/content/full/114/5/e536. Published November 1, 2004. Accessed November 10, 2004.

In the case of books, the authors of a chapter, title of the chapter, editor(s), title of the book, edition, city and state, publisher, year, and specific pages must be provided.

1. Brown M, Gray L. Indications for hematology. In: Wintrobe MM, ed. Clinical hematology. 3rd ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Lea & Febiger, 1975; 1146–1167.

Include the complete page numbers for the citation (eg, 1537–1544 rather than 1537–44).

For Web content, the following items should be listed: author(s) (if any); title of the page or content; name or owner of the Web site; URL; and publication, update, and access dates:

1. Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise: connectathon results. Radiological Society of North America Web site. http://www.rsna.org/IHE/connectathon.shtml. Published January 10, 2003. Updated May 1, 2003. Accessed December 13, 2003.

It is the responsibility of the author(s) to ensure the accuracy of all references. This accuracy is essential for Radiology Online: In the reference section of the online article, the hyperlinks to the referenced articles will not function unless the bibliographic information matches.