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    A pavilion is an exhibit where an organizer/agent coordinates a group of companies together on the exhibition floor.

    Here are some pavilion guidelines that must be followed:

    • Letter of request from organizer/agent detailing requirements for a Pavilion
    • Pavilion size must be 400 sq. ft. or greater
    • Each individual company participating is required to occupy at least 100 sq. ft.
    • A signed application/contract from organizer/agent will be required indicating the pavilion size along with a 25% deposit (after June 26, full payment must be included)
    • A signed application/contract from each company in the Pavilion is also required along with product & service description for review and approval
    • Once the pavilion is assigned a hall & floor location, the organizer/agent will then need to furnish a detailed floor plan/layout for review and approval by RSNA
    • Both Pavilion organizer/agent and approved companies are required to abide by the RSNA Rules and Regulations or exhibiting at the RSNA 2012 Technical Exhibition, Nov. 25–29, Chicago McCormick Place.


    If you have questions regarding coordinating a pavilion, please contact John Jaworski at 1-630-571-7855 / jjaworski@rsna.org or Lauren Giagnorio at 1-630-571-7851 / lgiagnorio@rsna.org.