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  • Informatics
  • Creating a Teaching Conference

  • You can use MIRC TFS to combine teaching file cases into conferences and to present the cases in a way especially suited to conferences.

    Create a New Conference

    To set up a conference, first log into your MIRC site. You will see links for Shared and Personal conferences in the left hand control bar: select which kind of conference you wish to create. Shared conferences will be available for other logged in users of your site. They will be able to view only cases they have permission to see.

    Create a new conference usingthe control that appears in the body of the page (or by clicking on the word Conferences in the control bar).

    Create New Conference control

    Type the name of the conference and click ok.

    The conference should now appear under the Personal Conferences

    Add Documents to a Conference

    To add teaching cases to your conference, go to the TFS home page and select from the available files. Use preview mode to see thumbnail versions of the images in a case.

    Preview Mode

    Select a case you want to add to the conference and open it (by clicking on the title). Click on the Document tab and you will find a button to Add to Conference (along with several editing and export options).

    Add to Conference button

    (Note that if you don’t see these controls, you probably don’t have permission to use the case.)

    Select your conference from the list of available conferences in the window that pops up.

    Run a Conference

    When you have added all the cases you want in your conference, and it comes time to present it, TFS allows you to show it in a seamless way optimized for teaching. Select the conference you want to run from the left-hand control bar. Then click the movie projector icon to launch the Case Navigator.

    TFS provides simple controls to let you present the cases in order, showing only the images and skipping over any explanatory text sections.