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  • Informatics
  • Searching for Teaching Files

  • Instructions for Searching for Teaching Files

    MIRC TFS makes it easy to search for teaching files stored on your site and other MIRC sites that are linked to yours.

    In its default view, the main TFS query page provides a list of all available completed teaching files, with the most recently modified listed first. If you are logged in, you will also see links for cases you have created (“My Cases”) as well as Draft Cases you have access to and your Case Approval Queue (see Authoring Teaching Files with TFS>Getting Images into TFS>Patient-centric workflow). You will also have access to your lists of personal and shared conferences and file cabinets.

    Use the Search box and button in the upper right margin of your site’s main page to enter search terms and perform searches.

    TFS Search Box

    TFS Basic Search
    The basic TFS search is a free-text search that finds cases containing the search term anywhere in their content. Searches only find cases you are allowed to access (so, again, you should log in before performing a search).

    You can search on more specific criteria using the Advanced Search. Click the link beneath the Search box and the Advanced Search window will appear.

    TFS Advanced Search Window

    TFS Advanced Search
    In the Advanced Search Window you can request cases that have search terms in specific sections of a teaching file and search by title, author and keywords. You can also control the way search results are organized and presented.

    Finally, if your site has access to more than one MIRC TFS library, you can limit the scope of your search to a selection of one or more of those libraries.