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  • Exporting Cases from TFS

  • MIRC TFS is designed to give you flexibility in maintaining and moving the cases you create. It allows you to export cases from your TFS site:

    • as zip files that can be imported to another TFS site
    • as presentation files that can be opened and edited in MS-PowerPoint
    • to your myRSNA account

    To export cases, you must be a logged into the TFS site you are using, with permissions to export the desired cases. (Click here for information on how to create accounts and set user permissions.)

    Download as a .zip File

    To download a single case you are viewing, click on the Document tab and click the Download Document button. The case will be exported as a .zip file you can save to a local hard drive and upload to another TFS site using the Submit Service on the main TFS page.

    Basic case export - thumbnail 

    Download as MS-Powerpoint-compatible Presentation Slides

    To download the case as a set of presentation slides, click the Download Slides button. The case is exported in the Open Office presentation format (.odp), which can be opened and edited with presentation software including MS-Powerpoint (version 2010 and later).

    MIRC slide presentation - thumbnail - TFS export 

    Export to your myRSNA Account

    To export the case to your myRSNA account, you first need to associate your myRSNA account with your TFS account. On the main TFS page, click My Account to open the Preferences page.

    Export to myRSNA select - TFS Export - THUMBNAIL 

    Preferences myRSNA - TFS Export - THUMBNAIL 

    On the Preferences page, check the box to Enable export to myRSNA and add your myRSNA username and password. Then click Save these preferences.

    Now on the Document tab of any case to which you have export rights you’ll see the Export to myRSNA Files button. Click it and a moment later you should see the success message.

    Successfully stored - TFS Export - THUMBNAIL

    The next time you log in to your myRSNA account, you will see the case in your list of files.

    myRSNA - TFS Export - THUMBNAIL 

    myRSNA has built in MIRC TFS viewing capabilities. You can also export the case as a zip file. You cannot use myRSNA to edit the case.

    Exporting Multiple Cases to myRSNA

    You can also export multiple cases to your myRSNA account at once. Again, be sure to enable export to myRSNA and add your myRSNA account information to your TFS account, as described above.

    When you have done this set up, return to your TFS library's query page, using the left-hand navigation menu (My Cases or Completed Cases). At the top of the list of available cases, you will see a myRSNA icon displayed [myRSNA ICON IMAGE]. Using the checkbox to the left of the Title column, select the cases you want to export. Then click the myRSNA icon.

    Export to myRSNA select - TFS Export - THUMBNAIL 

    After you click the button, an alert box will appear to let you know that the transfer is taking place. Once again, you will only be able to export cases to which you have the appropriate access privileges.

    myRSNA Alert - TFS Export 

    The next time you log in to your myRSNA account, the exported MIRC documents will be included in your News Feed and your myFiles & Bookmarks.