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    • Technical Exhibits Committee Roles

    • The TE Committee's role is to monitor compliance with the Rules and Regulations among the exhibiting companies, evaluate the exhibition, and make recommendations for the future. The Committee will be assisted by a team of professional floor managers and RSNA meeting staff stationed at the Exhibitor Help Center in each hall.

      Committee responsibilities: 

      • To be familiar with RSNA Rules and Regulations for technical exhibitors.
      • To take a tour of the assigned technical exhibit area during each scheduled four-hour period monitoring and reporting any violation to the Exhibitor Help Center staff.
      • To monitor housekeeping and safety of the exhibit floor and report any negligence.
      • Report violations and negligence directly to the Technical Exhibits Committee Chair or to the Director of the Technical Exhibits for enforcement. Committee members should not approach exhibitors directly.
      • To evaluate general attitudes, traffic patterns, concerns or interests of exhibitors as well as those of professional registrants.
      • To be familiar with the product information systems and to monitor their importance and effectiveness to the registrants.