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    • Space Assignment Process

    • RSNA 2015 Space Assignment Process
      RSNA Exhibitor Application will be posted online beginning February 18. RSNA will make first-round space assignments for RSNA 2015 based on completed applications received by April 24. Preference will be given to preferred exhibitors. RSNA will attempt to accommodate all exhibitor requests for specific booths/corner locations; however, RSNA does not guarantee that these requests can be granted. The exhibitor is not contracting for a specific booth(s), but rather for the right to participate as an exhibitor at RSNA. Applications received after April 24 will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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      2015 Space Assignment Point System
      Exhibitors earn priority points based on the company's participation history. Four priority points are awarded for each year a company exhibited with RSNA, beginning in 1996, for a maximum of 80 points. For companies with the same number of priority points, the date the application/payment was received by RSNA will be used to determine space assignment priority.

      New: For RSNA 2016, the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA®) is introducing an enhanced Technical Exhibit priority point system and new exhibit space selection process. Learn more » 

      First-Time Exhibitors
      First-time applicants will be reviewed by the Technical Exhibits Committee to ensure all products and services to be exhibited are appropriate for the RSNA Technical Exhibition. First-time exhibitors will be awarded four seniority points.

      Priority Point Breakdown
      To assist in determining your company's space assignment rank according to the priority point system, below you will find an exhibitor point breakdown from 2014.
      18% of exhibitors earn maximum points (19+ years)
      14% earn between 60-72 points (15-18 years)
      13% earn between 40-56 points (10-14 years)
      18% earn between 20-36 points (5-9 years)
      19% earn between 8-16 points (2-4 years)
      16% earn 4 points (first-time exhibitors)
      For companies with the same number of priority points, the date the application/payment was received by RSNA will be used to determine space assignment priority.

      At the written request of the exhibiting company, exhibitors that have either merged with, have been purchased by or have purchased another company will receive the seniority points that have been earned by the company with the most favorable exhibit history, provided only one company continues to exhibit. Where both companies continue to exhibit, no change in point status will occur. If the merger/acquisition occurred within the past 12-months, RSNA will be able to extend a one-time cross-reference listings which includes the company name of merged/acquired company with reference to the new company name.

      Company Name Change
      If your company name has changed since your prior participation, please indicate old company name on application to be properly awarded historical points earned. RSNA will extend an one-time cross-reference listing which includes old company name and reference to new company name.

      Joint or Co-Marketing Ventures
      If your company has a Joint or Co- Marketing Venture with another RSNA exhibitor, a letter on company letterhead is required from both companies at the time of space application. During the space assignment process, points of both companies will be averaged. Note: Booth sharing is not permitted. Only the company named on the application is eligible to receive exhibitor listing, hotel rooms, and name badges.

      Loss of Priority Points
      Violations, including but not limited to late payments, unauthorized giveaways, and misuse of exhibitor badges, may result in loss of priority points toward the next year's meeting. Multiple violations may result in additional point loss or status change. Please see the Rules and Regulations for complete details.

      Selecting Exhibit Space
      Keep the point system in mind as you indicate floor location preferences on your application. Preference is extended in priority point order, so newer exhibitors should request locations in multiple areas of each exhibit hall to increase the opportunity for a favorable space assignment.

      2015 Space Assignment Confirmation
      Space assignment confirmation and exhibit space invoices for the first round of space assignments will be mailed to exhibitors on or about June 23.