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    • Section 1 Radiation Quantities

    • Section 1 Radiation Quantities Questions

      1. The majority of the energy received by biologic material from x-rays is transferred by __________.
      A. Electrons.
      B. Degraded gamma photons.
      C. Protons.
      D. Spallation products.

       2. Which of the following units are SI units? (Select all that apply.)
      A. Rad
      B. Rem
      C. Sievert
      D. Curie
      E. Gray

      3. For each of the following terms related to radiation protection (1–4), match its appropriate definition (A–D).
      1. Genetically significant dose
      2. Equivalent dose
      3. Effective dose
      4. Committed equivalent dose

      A. Dosimetric term used when the source of radiation exposure is from radioactive material located within the body.
      B. The absorbed dose multiplied by a radiation weighting factor (Wr) appropriate for the type of radiation.
      C. An index of the presumed effect of gonadal irradiation on the whole population.
      D. The sum of the equivalent doses, weighted for the relative risk of cancer and hereditary effects, for all irradiated organs and tissues.

      4. For each of the following quantities (1–4), match its corresponding unit (A–D).
      1. Absorbed dose
      2. Activity
      3. Equivalent dose
      4. Collective effective dose

      A. Sievert
      B. Gray
      C. Person-sievert
      D. Becquerel