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  • Roentgen Research Award

  • Nomination Procedure

    This nomination form below is completed by the program director or department chair.
    Nominations are limited to one resident or fellow per ACGME-approved program (or equivalent) of radiology, radiation oncology or nuclear medicine per year. Nominations must be made by April 2.


    Enter information exactly as it is to appear on the award/wall plaque.

    Nominee Name, Degree(s)*
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    RSNA Membership Number
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    Nominee Qualifications*

    Provide a description of the nominee's contributions to the department's research activities during the past year that led to the selection of the individual for this award. (Limit 4,000 characters)

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    Shipping Address

    Award and wall plaque (if needed) will be sent directly to the nominator.

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    Wall Plaque

    Determine which nameplate style is on your department's existing plaque. The two styles are not interchangeable. Alternatively, indicate if your existing plaque is full, or you do not have a departmental wall plaque (first-time participant).

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    Roentgen Award Plaque Types

    When the form is complete, click the button below to send the nomination data to the RSNA R&E Foundation.
    You will receive a confirmation email within 15 minutes; if you do not receive the confirmation email,
    check your spam or junk folders - if the problem is not resolved, contact Foundation staff. 

    Please direct questions to:

     Brittni Cartalino, Administrative Assistant, R&E Administration & Corporate Relations
    bcartalino@rsna.org | 630-590-7789

    Scott Walter, Assistant Director, Grant Adminsitration
    swalter@rsna.org | 630-571-7816

  • The nomination deadline for the Roentgen Research Award is April 2, 2018; nominations will not be accepted after the deadline date.