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  • RadLex, Reporting and Image Sharing: key components in linking radiology and the EHR

    May 01, 2012

    Reporting Templates: Improve communication with concise radiology report templates

    RSNA's reporting templates, developed by recognized experts in the radiologic subspecialties, ensure that everyone in your department adheres to best practices and delivers clear, thorough and consistent reports to patients and referring physicians.

    • View and download hundreds of free, procedure-specific templates from a comprehensive library. Find templates, organized by subspecialty, body system and modality at RadReport.org. Adapt relevant templates to your own practice and work with your vendor or administrator to incorporate them as macros in your reporting system.
    • Comprehensive entry fields ensure a complete report, every time. Every radiologist dictates reports in his or her own unique way. Report entry fields provide consistent content so that all pertinent information is included and referring clinicians receive a dependable product every time.
    • RadLex™ under the hood means your whole team speaks the same language. Underlying the templates is Radlex, RSNA's electronic radiology lexicon, that helps standardize terminology in reports to improve clarity for the physicians and patients who read them—and computer systems that manage and analyze them. It make reports more useful as data for research and outcomes analysis—a critical requirement for "meaningful use" and accountable care organizations.

    Structured Reporting in Action

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