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  • R&E Foundation Seed The Future
    R&E Foundation Seed The Future
  • R&E Grant Recipients Play Integral Role in RSNA 2013 Programming

    When RSNA meeting attendees peruse the course offerings for this year’s assembly in Chicago, they will see the R&E Foundation logo throughout the program book. The familiar logo is placed beside current and past grant recipients presenting at the annual meeting.
    paulNearly 300 R&E grant recipients continue to support and lead our specialty by sharing their knowledge through programming. From session authors, presenters, and moderators to scientific paper and poster presenters, the impact of grant recipients is evident in so many of the lecture rooms in McCormick Place. Notably, on Wednesday, December 4, 1993 Research Scholar Grant recipient Paul M. Harari, M.D. will deliver the prestigious Annual Oration in Radiation Oncology – Beneficial Liaisons: Imaging and Therapy. Additional sessions featuring R&E grants recipient include:
    Sunday, December 1
    Maturation of White Matter and Grey Matter is “Out-Of-Sync” in Premature Born Infants

    Ashok Panigrahy, M.D.

    Monday, December 2
    Association of ACL and Anterior Horn Lateral Meniscus Root Ligament Anatomy and Pathology: 11.7 T MRI Anatomic Study with Retrospective Review of 500 Knee MRIs

    Christine B. Chung, M.D.

    Tuesday, December 3
    Axonal Degeneration in Alzheimer Disease: Functional Investigation with Dynamic Manganese-enhanced MR Imaging

    Christopher A. Potter, M.D. 
    Wednesday, December 4
    SSK20-09 Analysis of Treatment Response of Bladder Cancers on CT Scans: Comparison of Computerized Volume Estimation with WHO and RECIST Criteria

    Elaine M. Caoili, M.D., M.S.

    Thursday, December 5 LL-ROS-TH2B Neurocognitive Outcomes following Total Body Irradiation and a Cranial or Craniospinal Boost Prior to Stem Cell Transplantation in Pediatric Leukemia Patients with CNS Involvement

    Susan M. Hiniker, M.D.