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    • R&E Foundation Seed The Future
      R&E Foundation Seed The Future
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    • Sunday, November 25 

      Brain Connectivity in Subjects with Mild Cognitive Impairment: Can Graph Theory Methods Predict Future Conversion to Alzheimer’s Disease?
      -Jeffrey R. Petrella, M.D.

      Monday, November 26 

      Pediatric Chest Radiography: Dependence of Organ Dose and Effective Dose on Body Size
      -Xiang Li, Ph.D.

      Tuesday, November 27 

      Magnetic Resonance Colonography with Intestine-Absorbable Nanoparticle Contrast Agents in Evaluation of Colorectal Inflammation
      -Xiaoming Yang, M.D., Ph.D.

      Wednesday, November 28 

      Assessment of Tumor Biology by Using Multiple Time Point FDG-PET/CT Imaging of Lung Cancer through a Novel Quantitative Approach
      -Drew A. Torigian, M.D., M.A

      Thursday, November 29 

      Prior Image Constrained Compressed Sensing (PICCS) on a Flat-Panel Cone-beam CT:
      A New Method for Low Dose, 4D Human Angiography
      -Rajiv Gupta, Ph.D., M.D.


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